antenna research papers 2012 section 5

 Reduction of Absorption Rate in Mobile PIFA Antenna Operating at 900 MHz
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TAJM Pushpa ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract This paper presents the numerical evaluation of the electromagnetic absorption at
900 MHz in a homogeneous human head model. Specific absorption rate (SAR) reduction in
the head model is achieved by attaching nickel-zinc spinel ferrite sheet resonating at 900 

 Electro Paramagnetic Resonance Studies to Determine the Dopant site Occupancy of Dy-Sm doped Magnesium Ferrite for Micro Strip Patch Antenna Substrate
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ABSTRACT In the present study, site occupancy of Dysprosium (Dy), Samarium (Sm) doped
Magnesium ferrite were investigated by electro paramagnetic resonance (EPR). Point
charge calculations were used to predict the EPR spectrum of each lanthanide in A-and B- 

 Impact of antenna correlation on the performance of partial relay selection
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Abstract Antenna correlation is generally viewed as an obstacle to realize the desired
performance of a wireless system. In this article, we investigate the performance of partial
relay selection in the presence of antenna correlation. We consider both channel state 

 Biconical Ring Antenna Array for Wide Band Applications
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CS RAO, A SUDHAKAR ,International Journal of Engineering Science, 2012
Abstract Circular or ring arrays are conformal to the cylindrical surfaces unlike the linear
arrays and can be mounted on moving objects. Biconical antenna is simple in construction
and exhibits broad band characteristics. This antenna presents broad band radiation 

Nano dust impacts on spacecraft and boom antenna charging
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F Pantellini, S Belheouane, N Meyer-Vernet ,Astrophysics and Space , 2012 ,Springer
Abstract High rate sampling detectors measuring the potential difference between the main
body and boom antennas of interplanetary spacecraft have been shown to be efficient
means to measure the voltage pulses induced by nano dust impacts on the spacecraft 

 Evaluation of Wireless Communication based on BTS Antenna Gain
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Y Singh, M Katiyar ,International Journal, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Radio wave propagation models are extremely important in radio network
planning, design as well as in interference planning. All the models predict mean path loss
as a function of different variables such as frequency, distance between transmitting and 

Measurement of Wet Antenna Losses on 26 GHz Terrestrial Microwave Link in Malaysia
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Abstract This letter discusses the effect of antenna losses due to rain on a 26 GHz
microwave link and the technique of extracting the losses from the measured rain
attenuation. A 2-feet parabolic dish antenna with horizontal polarization has been used in 

 Reducing Mutual Coupling in Microstrip Array Antenna Using Metamaterial Spiral Resonator
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H Kondori, MA Mansouri-Birjandi, S Tavakoli ,2012
Abstract—Utilization of metamaterial structures has been becoming attractive in the
community of electromagnetic and antenna. In this paper, a metamaterial spiral resonator
(SR) is proposed as an effective solution for reducing mutual coupling in a microstrip array 

 Argos: Practical Many-Antenna Base Stations
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ABSTRACT Multi-user multiple-input multiple-output theory predicts manyfold capacity gains
by leveraging many antennas on wireless base stations to serve multiple clients
simultaneously through multi-user beamforming (MUBF). However, realizing a base 

 Bandwidth Enhancement of Circular Micro Strip Antenna using Stub
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R Sanyal, S Rana ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT A novel circular micro strip dual band stub loaded antenna is described. The
antenna is built with a dielectric constant of (er= 2.33) with RT/5870 as the substrate material.
Due to the effect of stub loading, dual frequency is produced at 1.88 GHz and 2.73 GHz 

 A comprehensive comparative study of Bandwidth enhancement of an antenna by non contacting feed lines with Rectangular Microstrip Patch (RMP) using
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P DUBEY, SK SINGH ,International Journal of Engineering Science, 2012
Abstract: So far as this paper is concerned, this paper presents a comparative study of a
rectangular Microstrip patch antenna at Gigahertz (GHz) frequency using non contacting
microstrip feed lines of length 14 to 14.9 mm (we didn’t extend the feed line up to 15mm 

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PPE Winston, KS Shaji ,Indian Journal of Computer Science and , 2012
Abstract Wireless systems have recently been becoming faster and more intelligent.
However the high speed access and intelligence make the power consumption of wireless
systems high. In the WiMAX system, the MS transmission power is controlled in order to 

 Artificial Neural Network Employed To Design Annular Ring Microstrip Antenna
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A Kumar, CK Shukla ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract-Neural network computational modules have recently gained as an unconventional
and useful tool for RF and microwave modeling and design. Neural network is trained to
learn the behavior of Annular Ring Microstrip Antenna’s equivalent circuit parameters. A 

 Performance Evaluation of MAC Protocols for Ad-hoc Networks using Directional Antenna
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A Kumar, R Tripathi ,International Journal, 2012
ABSTRACT An Ad-hoc network is a dynamic network farmed on demand by a group of
nodes without any pre-existing network infrastructure. Self configurability and easy
deployment feature of the Mobile Ad-hoc network (MANET) resulted in numerous 

 A Prototype Simple Reconfigurable Antenna for the Multiband LMR Antenna System
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M Harun, S Ellingson ,2012 ,
In this report we document some initial measurements of a simple reconfigurable monopole
antenna designed for use in a multiband land mobile radio (LMR) antenna system. The
concept of the antenna is described in [1]. The idea is to use the monopole with an 

Wireless structural sensor made with frequency selective surface antenna
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SD Jang, J Kim ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Nondestructive Structural health monitoring (SHM) system using wireless
sensor network is the one of important issue for aerospace and civil engineering. Chipless
passive wireless sensor system is one of novel methods for SHM which uses the 

 Effective Degree-of-Freedom of a Compact Six-Port MIMO Antenna
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Abstract—In this paper, we confirm that angle and polarization diversities are indeed the
dominant diversity mechanisms of a recently proposed compact six-port MIMO antenna
array, as it exhibits similar effective degree-of-freedom (EDOF) performance as that of the 

Aperture Coupled Microstrip Short Backfire Antenna
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GS Kirov, GT Chervenkov, CD Kalchev ,Journal of Electrical Engineering, 2012 ,Versita
A broadband aperture coupled microstrip short backfire antenna is described herein. It
consists of a feed part (a microstrip feed line and a coupling slot in a metal ground) and a
radiating part with two radiators: a patch antenna and a backfire antenna. The bandwidth 

 A Novel Design of a Microstrip Patch Antenna with an EndFire Radiation for SAR Applications
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MV Narayana, A Vikranth , Journal of Science , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT The major disadvantage of microstrip antennas is its low gain and the
rectangular or circular patch antennas do not have an endfire radiation. In this paper a
design of microstrip antenna with four circular patches is presented. The model when 

 Design of Modified Sierpinski Gasket Fractal Antenna
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S Budhauliya, S Yadav, PK Singhal ,2012 ,
Abstract—In this paper, the design and fabrication of modified sierpinski gasket fractal
antenna is studied. The analysis took place between ranges of 0.5 GHz to 4GHz. In
particular, multiband frequencies of the modified sierpinski gasket fractal antenna are 

 Printed Anchor Shaped Monopole Antenna
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R Seetharaman, EG Raj, P Geethanjali ,International , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT This paper presents a printed anchor shaped antenna with a rectangular
ground plane which belongs to the class of printed monopole antenna and is small (20.25
cm2), compact, conformal and provides an ultra wide band performance giving very good 

 Design of inscribed circle Apollo UWB fractal antenna with modified groundplane
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TRMR Kumar ,Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 2012
Abstract In this paper, we have achieved two ultra wideband antennas by applying fractal
geometry with co-planar waveguide (CPW) feeding technique. These antennasare designed
on dielectric substrate er= 4.3 and thickness h= 1.53 mm. The return loss of first antenna 

 Design of Dual Feed Dual Polarization Printed Slot Antenna
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AR Mallahzadeh, MH Amini ,2012 ,
Abstract—A dual polarized printed slot antenna is proposed. By means of dual feed one in
the form of coplanar waveguide (CPW) and another microstrip transmission line, dual
orthogonal linear polarizations are achieved. The radiator consists of a square ring patch