Applied High Tc Superconducting Electrical Machines

Superconductivity is key technology for 21st century. To suppress emission of green house effect gas, applied superconductivity is important. In this paper, the current status of superconducting power machines such as generator and motor are described. Most of all studies are the step of demonstration of idea and possibility. There are large gap between physical idea and actual apparatus. Further collaboration between scientists and engineers has been required.

Use of conventional energy fuels (such as oil, natural gas, and coal) leads to the green house effect that is responsible for global warming, and to the acid rains that greatly damage the agricultural lands. Emissions of different parts of the world to the successively increase in CO2 concentrations are shown in Applied superconductivity is one of solutions to decrease such emissions. There are many applied superconducting apparatus, such as: generator, motor, rotating condenser, transformer, reactor, SMES, power transmission cable, current lead, current limiter, magnetic bearing, magnetic separation, magnetic stirrer, magnetic brake, MRI, magnetic levitation, digital information processing device, millisubmilli-meter wave sensor, magnetic measurement for living body. In this paper the current status of superconducting power machines are summarized as shown in Table 1 especially HTS application

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