artificial intelligence research papers 6 year 2012

AGM theory and Artificial Intelligence
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R Carnota, R Rodríguez ,
Abstract A very influential work on belief change is based on the seminal paper ‘On the
Logic of Theory Change: Partial Meet Contractions and Revision Functions’. In this paper
Alchourron, Gärdenfors, and Makinson investigate the properties that such a method 

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AJ Koshkouei, OCL Haas ,
This book is one of a series of Masters level texts which has been produced for taught
modules within a common course designed for Advanced Informatics and Control. The new
common course development forms a collaboration between Coventry University, United 

 Artificial Intelligence and Establish a Legal Information System
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J Lu, YH Shi, MW Shi
Abstract. This article aims of artificial intelligence and law as a research area of law, and
always focusses on the themes discussed in the general theory. In building a good legal
database, based on the application of artificial intelligence can, will help to improve 

 Artificial Intelligence Techniques Applied to Electromagnetic Interference Problems Between Power Lines and Metal Pipelines
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European ecological regulations meant to protect nature and wild life along with
construction cost reduction policies generated a set of government regulations that limit the
access to new transmission and distribution corridors. As a result, gas, water or oil supply 

 Artificial Intelligence Technique Applied to Intrusion Detection
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KP Kaliyamurthie, RM Suresh ,
Abstract–Communication network is facilitated with different protocol. Each protocol
supported to increase the network performance in a secured manner. In communication
process, user’s connectivity, violations of policy on access of information are handles 

 Managing the benefits and risks of architectural artificial intelligence (resolution)
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B Fez-Barringten ,
As I argue the benefits’ and risks’ of architectural axioms I condition one with the other even
though the risk to building design application is minimal and any consequences benign. I
present this intertwined argument because such dangers are currently on the minds of 

 Artificial intelligence based approach for Product Data Managemenet
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Z Ahmed ,
ABSTRACT: Many issues exist in the communities based on Product Data Management. To
address and solve the issues, many applications are being developed and applied. One
importnat and quite useful application develops from the Artificial Intelligence. In this 

 Fault Diagnostic of Rotating Machines Based on Artificial Intelligence: Case Studies of the Centrais Elétricas do Norte do Brazil S/A–Eletrobras-Eletronorte
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MN Moutinho ,
The efficiency of the maintenance techniques applied in energy generation power plants is
improved when expert diagnosis systems are used to analysis information provided by the
continuous monitoring systems used in these installations. There are a large number of 

 Comparison of multiple linear regressions and artificial intelligence-based modeling techniques for prediction the soil cation exchange capacity of Aridisols and
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YK Kalkhajeh, RR Arshad, H Amerikhah, M Sami ,
Abstract The cation exchange capacity (CEC) of the soil is a basic chemical property, as it
has been approved that the spatial distribution of CEC is important for decisions concerning
pollution prevention and crop management. Since laboratory procedures for estimating 

 Automatic design Managing the benefits and risks of architectural artificial intelligence(resolution)
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B Fez-Barringten ,
As I argue the benefits’ and risks’ of architectural axioms I condition one with the other even
though the risk to building design application is minimal and any consequences benign. I
present this intertwined argument because such dangers are currently on the minds of 

 Intelligent Interactions: Artificial Intelligence and Motion Capture for Negotiation of Gestural Interactions
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Q Thevenet, M Lefevre, A Cordier, M Barnachon ,
Abstract. Gesture-based interfaces allow instinctive use of applications but are often limited
by their arbitrary configuration. To overcome this problem, we propose to design adaptive
systems able to negotiate new gestures with users. For that, we want to develop an 

 Are you alive? Issues in self-awareness and personhood of organic artificial intelligence
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V Franceschi ,
Abstract: The topos of artificial intelligences–robots, cyborgs and androidshas been well-
explored extensively throughout the past century in science fiction literature and cinema,
building upon contemporary scientific developments and transcending them to fulfil man’s 

 Automatic ROI positioning in ultrasound TCS images using artificial intelligence to Parkinsons disease risk
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Abstract:-The aim of this work is semi-automatic ROI positioning in transcranial images
based on ANN module. We need to learn ANN to accurate positioning of ROI inside
substantia nigra of transcranial images. Designed approach is based on image 

 Augmenting Crowdsourcing techniques with Artificial Intelligence
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T Archer ,
Abstract In this paper I show that, based on my research with Project SCENIC, artificial
intelligence (AI) can be used to augment and enhance crowdsourcing techniques. In Project
SCENIC (SCENIC is Crowdsourcing Enhanced by Neural-nets Interested in Cell-noise) I 

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Abstract-An important part of our information-gathering behavior has always been to find out
what other people think. With the growing availability and popularity of opinion-rich
resources such as online review sites and personal blogs, new opportunities and 

Artificial Intelligence Based Surface Roughness Prediction Modeling for Three Dimensional End Milling
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CA Manufacturing, MBD Tree
Page 1. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology Vol. 45, August, 2012 vii
Table of Contents Artificial Intelligence Based Surface Roughness Prediction Modeling for Three
Dimensional End Milling 1 Md. Shahriar Jahan Hossain and Dr. Nafis Ahmad 

 An Artificial-Intelligence Based Induction Motor Speed control and Estimation using conventional MRAS with dynamic reference modal
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LAA Arunchand, KS Reddy
Abstract- The Model Reference Adaptive System (MRAS) is probably the most widely
applied speed sensor less drive control scheme. This paper gives induction motor speed
estimation using conventional MRAS and AI-based MRAS with Stator Resistance 

 Surface Roughness Prediction Modeling for AISI 4340 after Ball End Mill Operation usingArtificial Intelligence
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MSJ Hossain, N Ahmad
Abstract—Now a days a manufacturing system is oriented towards higher production rate,
quality, and reduced cost. Surface roughness is an index for determining the quality of
machined products and is influenced by the cutting parameters. In die manufacturing 

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GS Chavan, AS Patole, VH Khatawate ,Journal of Engineering Research and
ABSTRACT: The aim of this project is to AI controlling a wheelchair-mounted robotic arm by
using microcontroller. This project makes use of a micro controller, which is programmed,
with the help of embedded C instructions [3]. This microcontroller is capable of 

 Artificial General Intelligence Begins with Recognition: Evaluating the Flexibility of Recognition
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T Achler ,
 Part of the difficulty is the need of a good definition of flexibility. This chapter is dedicated to
defining and evaluating flexibility in recognition. Artificial Intelligence and even more so Artificial
General Intelligence are inseparable from the context of recognition