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Arduino based led street light auto intensity control system
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The main aim of this project is to utilize the application of the Arduino board to control the intensity of street light. As the traffic decreases slowly during late-night hours, the intensity gets reduced progressively till morning to save energy and so, the street lights switch on at

Solar powered led street light with auto intensity control
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The System is designed for LED based street lights with an auto intensity control that uses solar power from photovoltaic cells. Photovoltaic panels are used for charging batteries by converting the sunlight into electricity. It is interfaced with LDR for precise switching

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The display systems with the human eye features like automatic intensity control (AIC) under varying background luminance conditions add more challenge to design of display systems. The AIC can be achieved by varying the display intensity according to the background

Solar based Auto Intensity Control Street Light using Arduino
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This project plays vital role in for saving of energy. Solar energy generation is the best option to replace conventional energy, which was responsible for energy saving. This paper presents a SOLAR BASED STREET LIGHT WITH AUTO INTENSITY CONTROL is the

Auto Intensity Control of Street Light with Solar Tracker using Microcontroller
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Energy has become the important factor in our day to day life, in order to save energy and use it wisely and in an efficient way we have come up with this project. In normal case turning on and off the street light would require manual operation which is time consuming

Solar Powered Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights
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In the present system, mostly lightning up of highways is done through High Intensity Discharge Lamps (HID), whose energy consumption is high. Its intensity cannot be controlled according to the requirement so there is a need to switch on to alternative method

Hardware implementation of auto switching and light intensity control of LED lamps
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This paper presents energy efficient lighting control architecture for street lights. The system utilizes auto intensity control technology to be implemented on street lights to make it a smart street lighting system. The proposed system consists of LED Lamps, infrared transmitter and

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