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Guest editorial learning automata : theory , paradigms, and applications
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LEARNING automata have attracted a considerable in-terest in the last three decades. They are adaptive decision making devices that operate in unknown stochastic environments and progressively improve their performance via a learning process. They

Some definitional suggestions for automata theory
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There have been many new abstract machines suggested recently, and it seems like a good time to propose adopting a more uniform terminology. In particular, the socalled nondeterministic machines are very popular, and, even though the author helped contribute

Automata theory based on quantum logic: some characterizations
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Abstract Automata theory based on quantum logic (abbr. l-valued automata theory ) may be viewed as a logical approach of quantum computation. In this paper, we characterize some fundamental properties of l-valued automata theory , and discover that some properties of the

Modelling and verification of real-time systems using timed automata : theory and practice
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During the last decade, model-checking techniques for the verification of timed system have been developed based on the theory of timed automata. The practical limitation in applying these techniques to industrial-size systems is the huge amount of time and memory needed

Elements of automata theory
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5.3 K-rational series 474 6 Rational subsets in free products 476 6.1 Free product of monoids 476 6.2 Bipartite automaton over a free product 478 6.3 Bipartite deterministic automaton 482 6.4 Minimal deterministic bipartite automaton 484 7 A non-commutative

The complexity of decision problems in automata theory and logic.
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The inherent computational complexity of a variety of decision problems in mathematical logic and the theory of automata is analyzed in terms of Turing machine time and space and in terms of the comp1exity of Boolean networks. The problem of deciding whether a star-free After the set of registers comprising the operational automaton A has been fixed, the set of microoperations (internal and external) and logical conditions is defined, and the functioning of the given system of two automata A and B is determined, by the organization of the control

Mathematical foundations of automata theory
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Kleenes theorem [68] is usually considered as the starting point of automata theory . It shows that the class of recognisable languages (that is, recognised by finite automata), coincides with the class of rational languages, which are given by rational expressions. Rational expressions Page 1. FUZZY MORP~ISHMS IN AUTOMATA THEORY 1 M_.A. Arbib Computer and Information Science E~G, Manes Mathematics University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA 01002 USA A function f : A ) B generalizes to a fuzzy function F : A ~ B in a number of ways. F can be a partial function The present stage in the devel0pment of abstract automata theory is chiefly characterized by the fact that interest has shifted from finite to infinite automata. This shift is due, firstly, to the intrinsic logic of the theoretical development and the need to consider automata theory in the The last 25 years have seen the growth of an elaborate theory elucidating the connections between combinatorial properties of classes of rational languages and algebraic properties of the finite automata which recognize these languages (see for instance [Sc65, Ei74, Pi84])

Constructively formalizing automata theory .
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This article and the World Wide Web library display of computer checked proofs is an experiment in the formalization of computational mathematics. Readers are asked to judge whether this formalization adds value in comparison to a careful informal account. The topic

ACTAS: A system design for associative and commutative tree automata theory
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ACTAS is an integrated system for manipulating associative and commutative tree automata (AC-tree automata for short), that has various functions such as for Boolean operations of AC- tree automata, computing rewrite descendants, and solving emptiness and membership

Modern automata theory
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In this book we will give a survey on several topics in language and automata theory and will report on generalizations of some classical results on formal languages, formal tree languages, formal languages with finite and infinite words, automata, tree automata, etc

On minimal realizations of behavior maps in categorial automata theory
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The note has three parts* In I, we give a sufficient condition for the existence of minimal realizations in 2tym,(T), F*% *, X(see [33) In II, we apply it to the case% as QZ and solve fully this situation* In III, we give a very simple sufficient condition for the existence of free F

Panel: Automata Theory Its Relevance to Computer Science Students and Course Contents
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Page 1. Panel: Automata Theory Its Relevance to Computer Science Students and Course Contents M. Armoni S. Rodger MY Vardi R. Verma (moderator) Open University of Israel 16 Klausner St., Ramat- Aviv, PO Box 39328 Tel-Aviv, 61392, Israel Dept. of In 1965, Lotfi A. Zadeh introduced the notion of a fuzzy subset of an ordinary set as a way of representing uncertainty. Fuzzy set theory was then formulated in view of the fact that the classical sets are not appropriate in describing real-life problems. Fuzzy set theory has

Real-time and complexity problems in automata theory
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In recursive function theory, which provides an adequate basis for the description of constructive objects as well as of algorithmic processes occurring in mathematical logic and in the theory of deterministic digital computers, the attention was for a long time concentrated

Infinite games and automata theory
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Page 1. Infinite games and automata theory Christof L ding RWTH Aachen, Germany Spring School 2009 June 1 5, Bertinoro, Italy Infinite games and automata theory Bertinoro, June 2009 1 / 84 Page 2. In this tutorial 1. How can automata theory help to solve problems for

Uniformization in automata theory
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We survey some classical results on uniformizations of automaton definable relations by automaton definable functions. We consider the case of automatic relations over finite and infinite words and trees as well as rational relations over finite and infinite words. We also


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