Baseline security

—the minimum security controls required for safeguarding an IT system based on its
identified needs for confidentiality, integrity, and availability protection.
BASIC—See Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

How to prevent workplace violence incidents and improve security using baseline security assessments
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BACKGROUND A workplace violence incident is a nightmare for any organization. Whether itsa hospital with a wonderful reputation, a small business with twenty-five employees, or a federal agency, a workplace violence incident is an extremely traumatic event for the victims

Ecological baseline for Beijings urban sprawl: Basic ecosystem services and their security patterns
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With Beijing as an example, the minimum ecological security pattern is defined as the essential spatial pattern safeguarding th e basic ecosystem services for the city. First, it defines the basic ecosystem services in Beijing, including hydrological regulation, ge

A comprehensive and comparative metric for information security
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Vulnerability analysis (eg Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer and insecuritys Benchmarking Tool ): These tools search the system for vulnerabilities like o Missing security updates o Trivial passwords o Bad security settings Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer V1.2.1

Managing security for outsourcing contracts
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J Sherwood- Computers Security baseline controls and optional security services as specified in the Service Inventory Description Within each service description exists the baseline security requirements as well as optional security features that can be deployed for a particular service

Nutrition and food security in Kugaaruk, Nunavut
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Nutrition and Food Security in Kugaaruk, Nunavut 5 Food Costs and Affordability in Kugaaruk At the time of the baseline nutrition and food security surveys conducted in October- November 200 food costs in Kugaaruk were very high. Prices of certain foods were as follows

Baseline protocols: the case of Yam Improvement for Income and Food Security in West Africa (YIIFSWA) project; YIIFSWA working paper series, No. 4
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The YIIFSWA (Yam Improvement for Income and Food Security in West Africa) project is an R4D project of IITA. The project is funded by the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation and executed in Nigeria and Ghana by IITA in partnership with a consortium of national and

Malawi: food marketing liberalisation and household food security : preliminary results from baseline surveys
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The marketing of food crops, typically produced by smallholder farmers, was liberalised in 1987 in response to:° rising transportation and other costs and falling commodity prices on the world market; and,° structural problems within the state marketing board the

RiskMap Food Security Baseline : Final report for Malawi
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This report was written as part of the SCF (UK) Risk Mapping project. The information contained in this report is a set of baseline data which will be employed by the RiskMap computer program. The report is organised into an introduction on Malawi as a whole

Performance Improvements and a Baseline Parameter Generation Algorithm for NTRUSign.
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Performance Improvements and a Baseline Parameter Generation The NTRUSign signature scheme was introduced in . The original presentation gave a theoretical description of the scheme and an analysis of its security , along with several parameter choices which claimed

Baseline Security Standards Evaluation
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Page 1. _____ Page 162 3rd Australian Information Warfare and Security Conference 2002 Baseline Security Standards Evaluation WJ Brooks and MJ Warren School of Information Technology Deakin University, Geelong, Australia, Email: ABSTRACT

A framework for the implementation of socio-ethical controls in information security
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Baseline standards How could an organiza- tion be assured that its protection is on a par with the minimum acceptable level Every organiza- tion should, as a first line of defence, implement a certain baseline level of security assurance

XSEDE Central Services Baseline Security Standard v1. 0
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Through acceptance of the XSEDE Level 1 SP Security Agreement and other contracts, providers of XSEDE central services agree to follow this security baseline document ap-‐ proved by the XSEDE Security Working Group (XSWoG). Because of the natural trust rela-‐ tionships between

XSEDE Level1 Service Provider Baseline Security Standard
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Through acceptance of the XSEDE Level 1 SP Security Agreement, service providers (SPs) agree to follow this security baseline document approved by the XSEDE Security Working Group (XSWoG). Because of the natural trust relationships between major XSEDE resources and the

Analysis of Baseline Security Policies within Australian Universities
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With evolving technology, there is a need to revise various aspects of a baseline security policy. Baseline security standards only offer a guide in making and preparing a security policy. These standards show minimum requirements for companies to protect themselves

Anti-hacker tool kit
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you a hacker. But this book will demystify many aspects of information security More importantly, youll build the knowledge of how and why these tools work maybe. well see) Page 6. Security Privacy Tools Passwords still being cracked. Metasploit simplifies hacking

Water demand management study: Baseline survey of household water use (Part A)
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Population growth, changes in land use, and climate change are putting pressure on existing water resources worldwide and it is not certain that supplies are adequate to meet the increasing demand for water (Bates et al.). Effective water resource management

Food secure Vancouver baseline report
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INTRODUCTION This is a baseline report on the food system in Vancouver and region The existing databases are not necessarily conducive to providing insight into all aspects of food security in Vancouver‟s food supply and distribution and several gaps in the assessment are

Nutrition and food security in Kangiqsujuaq, Nunavik
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We are indebted to a number of people for the success of this project. First, we would like to thank Pasa Kiatainaq, Secretary-Treasurer of the Northern Village of Kangiqsujuaq for reviewing the questionnaires, for recruiting the project coordinator and the interviewers and

A comprehensive approach for agile development method selection and security enhancement
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An agile approach aims at maximizing productivity and effectiveness. However, most agile- developed software today needs to satisfy baseline security requirements, so that we need to focus on how to achieve this level for typical agile projects

Understanding Information Security Culture: A Conceptual Framework.
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(BL = Minimum Acceptable Baseline , SL = Nett Security Level, AF= Artifacts, EV = Espoused Values, SA= Shared Tacit Assumptions, KN= Knowledge) BL: Minimum Acceptable Base Line This line indicates what would be an acceptable min- imum security baseline CSE PROJECTS