Synthesis of Porous Fiber-like CoMn2O4 Derived from Cotton Template as Lithium Ion Battery Anodes
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Porous fiber-like CoMn2O4 has been prepared by a cotton template route. The fiber-like CoMn2O4 with hausmannite-type structure is composed of numerous nanoparticles with an average size of~ 100 nm. A Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) surface area of 12.28 m 2 g-1

A Generic Battery Model and Its Parameter Identification
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ABSTRACT A new dynamic model is developed in this paper based on the generic MATLAB battery model. The battery capacity is expressed as a function of the self-discharge rate, the discharge current, the cycling life and the temperature of the battery . The dependence of the Powered by continuous improvements in lithium-ion battery tech nology, the number of electric vehicles on roads keeps expanding at a breathtaking velocity. Yet, this stunning development obscures the technical challenges developers and scientist are facing to

A Test Battery for Inner Speech Functions
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ABSTRACT Objective: Inner speech, or the ability to talk to yourself in your head, is one of the most ubiquitous phenomena of everyday experience. Recent years have seen growing interest in the role and function of inner speech in various typical and cognitively impaired

Autonomic Management For Mobile Robot Battery Degradation
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ABSTRACT the majority of todays mobile robots are very dependent on battery power. Mobile robots can operate untethered for a number of hours but eventually they will need to recharge their batteries in-order to continue to function. While computer processing and

A Machine Learning Approach for Real-time Battery Optimal Operation Mode Prediction and Control
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ABSTRACT This paper introduces a machine learning approach for real-time battery optimal operation mode prediction in residential PV applications. First, from the historical data, the optimal battery operation mode for each operation interval is derived. Then, a best

Ultrasonic Synthesis of -MoO3 Nanobelt@ CNTs Composite for Lithium Battery and its Electrochemical Performances
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Accepted: 19 October 2017/Online Published: 1 December 2017 -MoO3 nanobelt@ CNTs composite is synthesized from -MoO3 nanobelt and multi-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) via ultrasonic mixing process. XRD and SEM measurement prove the layer structure and

Characterization of MnCo2O4 as anode material for a Sodium-Air Electric Vehicle Battery
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Among multiple next-generation rechargeable energy storage systems (eg, electric vehicle battery ), one substitution for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) is the sodium-ion battery (SIBs). However, the thermodynamic and kinetic properties of SIBs remain uncertain, considering

A High Efficiency LLC Resonant Converter-based Li-ion Battery Charger with Adaptive Turn Ratio Variable Scheme
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ABSTRACT This paper proposes an LLC resonant converter based battery charger which utilizes an adaptive turn ratio scheme to achieve a wide output voltage range and high efficiency. The high frequency transformer of the LLC converter of the proposed strategy has

Synthesis of Li [Li0. 2Mn0. 54Ni0. 13Co0. 13] O2 Cathode Material in Acetate System for Lithium-Ion Battery
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This paper adopted the co-precipitation method with acetate as raw material to prepare Li [Li0. 2Mn0. 54Ni0. 13Co0. 13] O2 in acetic acid system, which was analyzed by XRD, SEM and electrochemical testing methods, studying the performance of the cathode material

Optimal Planning of Solar PV/WTG/DG/ Battery Connected Integrated Renewable Energy Systems for Residential Applications using Hybrid Optimization
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ABSTRACT Nowadays, energy becomes the basic need of each and every human being. Most of the energy demands are met by the conventional energy sources like coal, oil, natural gas, etc., which are going to exhaust one day and cause severe energy demand in future

Range-extending Zinc-air battery for electric vehicle
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AIMS Energy, 6(1): 121 145. DOI: 10.3934/energy.2018.1.121 Received: 23 November 2017 Accepted: 15 January 2018 Published: 23 January 2018 Range-extending Zinc-air battery for electric vehicle Steven B. Sherman, Zachary P. Cano, Michael Fowler* and Zhongwei

Lithium Cobalt Oxide as Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Materials Prepared by Flame Spray Pyrolysis Method
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ABSTRACT -Lithium ion batteries are considered the most promising energy storage and conversion device candidates for use in future electric vehicle applications due to their ultrahigh energy density. In this study, a facile, ultrafast and green flame spray pyrolysis

Power and Energy Management with Battery Storage for a Hybrid Residential PV-Wind System A Case Study for Denmark
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ABSTRACT The energy generation paradigm is shifting from centralized fossil-fuel-based generation to distributed-based renewable generation. Thus, hybrid residential energy systems based on wind turbines, PV panels and/or micro-turbines are gaining more and

Preparation of Sulphur-Doped Graphene-Based Electrodes by Cyclic Voltammetry: A Potential Application for Vanadium Redox Flow Battery
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A new, simple and green method was proposed for preparation of the S-doped graphene based pencil graphite electrodes (S-GPGEs) in sulfuric acid solution by cyclic voltammetric method in this work. The obtained S-GPGEs were investigated by the measurements of

Performance Evaluation of Square Coupled Coils at Different Misalignments for Electric Vehicle Battery Charging
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ABSTRACT : Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) for electric vehicle battery charging is an advancing battery charging technology. The crucial part in the WPT system is the coupling coil structure and it plays a major role in effective power transfer. This paper describes the

Preparation of LiTi2O4 as a Lithium-ion Battery Anode by a Carbon-thermal Reduction Method
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The anode material LiTi2O4 was successfully synthesized by a carbon-thermal reduction method. The standard Gibbs free energy of formation of LiTi2O4 is estimated by bond enthalpy, and the thermodynamics of the carbon-thermal reaction are calculated. The

Vapor Growth Carbon Fiber Felt as an Efficient Interlayer for Trapping Polysulfide in Lithium-Sulfur Battery
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Lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries with high theoretical specific capacity and energy density are consider as one of the most promising electrical energy storage application. However, the practical use of Li-S batteries is hindered mainly due to the serious polysulfide shuttling ABSTRACT Skin cancer is a medical condition that is becoming more common in many countries as a result of excessive exposure of individuals to sunlight. The ultraviolet range of the electromagnetic radiation is responsible for 90% of the cases involving the development

Electrochemical Performance of Lead-Carbon Battery with Chitosan Composite Carbon/Lead Negative Plate
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In this paper, chitosan carbon material with high specific capacity for the negative electrodes of leadcarbon battery was prepared by in-situ synthesis method. The chitosan carbon material was characterized by SEM (Scanning Electron microscope), EDS (Electron

State-of-Charge Estimation of Lithium-ion Battery Based on a Novel Reduced Order Electrochemical Model
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On the basis of traditional single-particle model, an extended single-particle (ESP) electrochemical model that considers the influence of electrolyte phase potential on terminal voltage in the light of electrochemical characteristics of lithium ion battery is designed. The

Morphology Control and Cycling Stability of Sn Nanostructures and Sn/RGO Composites as Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes
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Crystalline tin (Sn) nanostructures and tin/reduced graphene oxide (Sn/RGO) composites have been synthesized with different morphologies via a facile reduction method. The effects of the morphology and particle size on the cycling stability of Sn and Sn/RGO as Li-ion

Optimizing Charging at an Electric Vehicle Battery Swap Station
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A battery swapping station (BSS) is a facility where electric vehicle (EV) owners can rapidly exchange their depleted battery for a fully charged battery . The BSS operator must make a long-term investment decision on the number of charging bays in the facility, a medium-term

Synthesis and Electrochemical Characteristics of Li3V2 (PO4) 3/C as a Novel Li-ion Battery Cathode Material
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Herein, we describe the two-step synthesis of Li3V2 (PO4) 3/C, a novelLi-ion battery cathode material, and characterize it by X-ray diffraction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, and electrochemical methods. The

Corrigendum toApplication of DC-AC Hybrid Grid and Solar Photovoltaic Generation with Battery Storage Using Smart Grid
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Page 1. Corrigendum Corrigendum toApplication of DC-AC Hybrid Grid and Solar Photovoltaic Generation with Battery Storage Using Smart GridShoaib Rauf and Nasrullah Khan Department of Electrical Engineering, Comsats Institute of Information Technology In the past decades, environmental concerns have been urging mankind to rethink its energy supply strategy from non-renewable fossil sources towards sustainable and renewable ones. Wind, solar, and tidal energy are intermittent in nature; however, the The driving range of electrical vehicles decreases significantly at low outside temperatures. In order to reduce the dependency of the driving range on the ambient conditions, the partners Denso, Fraunhofer LBF, ika of RWTH Aachen University and the Virtual Vehicle

Nano Prussian Yellow Film Modified Electrode: A Cathode Material for Aqueous Potassium Ion Secondary Battery with Zinc Anode
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ABSTRACT : Background: Demands of rechargeable energy storage devices such as batteries are increasing. Potassium is cheap and abundant contrary to Li. Prussian blue and analogues PBAs are promising cathodes materials for K-ion batteries, because of facile

Active Distribution System Planning Considering Battery Swapping Station for Low-carbon Objective using Immune Binary Firefly Algorithm
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ABSTRACT Active distribution system (ADS) considering distributed generation (DG) and electric vehicle (EV) is an effective way to cutting carbon emission and improving system benefits. ADS is an evolving, complex and uncertain system, thus comprehensive model and

Triple-Input DC-DC Converter (TIC) Design for PV- BatteryUC Hybrid Power System
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ABSTRACT The insufficiency in terms of energy density and efficient operation faced by the renewable energy sources, have resulted in the development of multiple source integrating systems which can do the needful and effectively fill the deficiency gap which are inherent to

Multi-Objective Optimal Predictive Energy Management Control of Grid-Connected Residential Wind-PV-FC- Battery Powered Charging Station for Plug-in
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ABSTRACT Electric vehicles (EV) are emerging as the future transportation vehicle reflecting their potential safe environmental advantages. Vehicle to Grid (V2G) system describes the hybrid system in which the EV can communicate with the utility grid and the energy flows

Design Wind Power Generation System Using Supercapacitor for Enlarge Battery Lifetime
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ABSTRACT -A representative dynamic model of the general system, incorporating realistic wind- speed and load power variations has been developed. An analysis is conferred of the potential improvement in battery time period thats possible by diverting short-run

Effect of Energy Management of a Grid Connected PV/ Battery /Load System on the Optimal PV Placement on a National Scale: The Case of Turkey
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ABSTRACT Photovoltaic (PV) hybrid systems and their optimal energy management are still being actively studied. PV systems must be positioned at optimal tilt and azimuth angles to obtain maximum system performance. This article presents the effect of energy management The Reading Comprehension Battery of Aphasia-2 (RCBA-2) is the most current (1998) version of a criterion-referenced measure designed to assess functional reading, reading prerequisite skills, and lexical decision making, in individuals with acquired neurologic

Positively Charged: The Emergence of Battery Energy Storage Among Electric Distribution Coops
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Battery energy storage systems are gaining momentum beyond traditional markets in Hawaii, Alaska, California and the Northeast. Growth is dominated by lithiumion (Li-ion) battery technology, spurred by increasing demand for electric vehicles and stationary uses

Analysis of Lithium Ion Battery Performance for Different Driving Patterns of an Electric Vehicle in Indian Road Conditions
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ABSTRACT The performance of battery on different driving patterns is very important in the case electric vehicles energy storage system. Usually lithium ion batteries are used in electric vehicles due to its superior parameters and lightweight. According to the driving patterns the

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ABSTRACT This paper presents IoT Based Monitoring of Generators FuelBattery Levels in Base Station Cell Sites with SMS Alert. In Telecommunication Network cell sites, generators are manually monitored by the site operators and the process of monitoring the

Coefficient Performance of Battery Running and Charging by Magnet Generator Bedini
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ABSTRACT In this research study, the performance in battery running and charging of an original circuit design is compared with the performance between the developed DC-DC boost converter running and charging replication circuit design. Bedini generators are a kind To achieve the objectives of the 2015 climate change conference of Paris one action is the reduction of greenhouse gas in the trans port sector. This can be supported by several technical measures but the accounting of greenhouse gas should be carried out with means In the lithium-ion battery module, firmly bonded joining processes are primarily used for the electrical contacting of the individual battery cells. As a consequence, cells that show a defect cannot be demounted. An alternative joining process could constitute flow-drill