big data in biology

The Big Data Deluge in Biology : challenges and solutions
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Over the years, continuous efforts in understanding the complex multi-step processes at different levels have transformed biology from a qualitative to a more quantitative subject, resulting an enormous generation of information at diverse scales from molecular/genome to

Capturing full cellular regulation in silico using Big Data : a frontier for systems biology perspectives
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This perspective article offers our view on the current and future directions of the integration of big data and genome-wide engineering. In our perhaps not-so-distant view of the future, a desired phenotype can be simply envisioned and inputted into a computational algorithm

Computational Systems Biology Perspective on Tuberculosis in Big Data Era
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The major concern in this chapter is to understand the need of system biology in prediction models in studying tuberculosis infection in the big data era. The overall complexity of biological phenomenon, such as biochemical, biophysical, and other molecular processes

When Biology Gets Personal: Hidden Challenges of Privacy and Ethics in Biological Big Data
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High-throughput technologies for biological data acquisition are advancing at an increasing pace. Most prominently, the decreasing cost of DNA sequencing has led to an exponential growth of sequence information, including individual human genomes. This session of the

Penultimate draft. Final version published in the journal Philosophy of Science BIG DATA BIOLOGY BETWEEN ELIMINATIVE INDUCTION AND
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Recently, biologists have argued that data -driven biology fosters a new scientific methodology; namely, one that is irreducible to traditional methodologies of molecular biology defined as the discovery strategies elucidated by mechanistic philosophy. Here I

4D cell biology : Big data image analytics and lattice light-sheet imaging reveal dynamics of clathrin-mediated endocytosis in stem cell-derived intestinal organoids
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The anterior outer transparent part of the eye, the cornea, acts as a lens that focuses light into the eye. In addition, it serves as a barrier that protects the eye against external hazards and injury and thus maintaining its integrity and its continuous regeneration is crucial for