Urban planning and building smart cities based on the internet of things using big data analytics
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for building a smart city, and how we can use historic sensor data to perform Big Data analytics for urban We take large IoT-generated datasets from various reliable resources. The datasets include 1) the data of floods occurring all over the world, 2) smart home temperatures

Big Data Weather Analytics Using Hadoop
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We want to build a platform that is extremely flexible and scalable to be able to analyze pentabytes of data across an extremely wide increasing wealth of weather variables. Here in this paper we are working on data analysis using Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark. We supports to acquire, understand, categorize and discover information from large amounts of based applications visualize information from historical data , crop patterns and weather data . Big data analytics and ICT solutions can also support agriculture equip- ment companies The historic weather data are stored in the cloud using the service Cassandra database and Especially the European countries and United States have large number of projects implemented using A cloud-based architecture for Big – Data Analytics in Smart Grid: A Proposal

Big data analytics for logistics and transportation
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Besides, the quantity of data created every year is much bigger than that created ever before, that is why our and assure a competitive attitude, logistics and transportation companies must shift to the big data analytics to deal quickly and efficiently with today large variety of

Trends in big data analytics
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This can be achieved by explicitly using energy proportional devices, or powering only the absolutely necessary components in the course of a computation The use of datacenters with very large clusters of commodity hardware for big – data analytics and the advent of cloud

Big data analysis
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events, Call Detail Records (CDRs), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, maps, traffic patterns, weather data , mainframe logs Basic analysis is often used when you have large amounts

Environmental conditions big data management and cloud computing analytics for sustainable agriculture
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Scientists are hoping to predict environmental impacts and forecast weather is certainly one major area of investment for companies to use to solve big data needs. Companies like Facebook that have famously dealt well with large data volumes have publicly touted their Big data analysis is applied to large datasets to reveal unseen patterns and correlations for The proposed scheme is not a conventional Big Data embedded smart city as it acts upon not limited to hospital, traffic police stations, smart homes, water centers, weather and forecast Hence, we attempted to arise with at a big city data processing solution for MapReduce and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), is used to analyses large historical city authorities to make city related decision using intelligent building equipped with data analytics , tools and

Cloud computing and big data analytics : what is new from databases perspective
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5 Data Stream Management System (DSMS) We next turn our attention towards the second significant component of the Big Data story: analysis of the data in motion Thus, rather than gathering large quanti- ties of data , storing it on disk, and then analyzing it, data stream

Leveraging map reduce with hadoop for weather data analytics
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Hadoop is an open framework used for Bigdata analytics processing engine is MapReduce, which is currently one of the most popular big – data processing frameworks executing highly parallelizable and distributable algorithms across huge data sets using a large number of

Big data analytics : a survey
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data analytics , this paper gives not only a systematic description of traditional large -scale data big data analytics framework for the data scientists or researchers to focus on the big data analytics computing domains to have a basic idea to use or develop data analytics for big

Analytics in oil and gas: The big deal about big data
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In general, Big Data and analytics provide the ability to filter through large amounts of data , unlock done by a combination of industry vendors, universities, oil and gas companies, and Big Data vendors and Here are some examples: Use of Hadoop to process seismic data Description BigData analytics case Impact on value creation Analyzing patient, characteristics with The use of these types of technologies for large scale data V. Dagade, M. Lagali, S. Avadhani, P. Kalekar, Big Data Weather Analytics Using Hadoop , International Journal of

Big data framework for analytics in smart grids
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Fig. 3. The framework to deal with smart grid big data for visual analytics Flume can fulfil the function of the data acquisition. It can collect, aggregate, and transfer the large amounts of generated data from the various sources to a Hadoop master node

How to use Big Data technologies to optimize operations in Upstream Petroleum Industry
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The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across Upstream is no stranger to Big Data The data volume is coming from sensors, spatial and GPS coordinates, weather services, seismic data , and various

An initial study of predictive machine learning analytics on large volumes of historical data for power system applications
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support synchronicity Boost mutex functionality for R Myrrix Interface to Myrrix bigdata Big Data analytics pbdBASE Base OVERVIEW OF OPEN SOURCE MACHINE LEARNING TOOLS FOR BIG DATA data available in these two domains is not currently extremely large , but as Smart metering is one of the IoT application use cases that generates a large amount of data from different Smart agriculture is a beneficial use case in big IoT data analytics These data pass through an IoT gateway and the Internet to reach the analytics layer shown in Fig

Analytics on big fast data using real time stream data processing architecture
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And handling the velocity of Big Data is not an easy task Kafka has the added benefit in the case of large data that no matter how many consumers a Here using this custom Kafka consumer, Hadoop can consume data from Kafka for a given Topic

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