Biomedical Grid

DataGrid, Prototype of a Biomedical Grid

FREE-DOWNLOAD [PDF] V Breton, R Medina, J Montagnat, CC Pascal Methods Inf Med, 2003
On a grid, the exchange of information between computers is hidden from the user. High level
services (resource broker, distribute

br /> The Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG): pioneering an expansive network of information and tools for collaborative cancer research.
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Kerry K. Kakazu PhD, Leo WK Cheung PhD, and Lynne Wilkens DrPH he Cancer Research Center of Hawaii v as invited in the sum mu of 2003 top u ti Ipate in thc cancu Biomedical Informat ics Grid (caBIG). The project was initiated by the National Cancer Institutes

KnowARC: enabling Grid networks for the biomedical research community.
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The vast availability of medical patient data in digital format creates the opportunity to use these data in medical informatics research projects. The objective is to improve future care by providing the medical staff with methods for automated data processing, including textual

Grid and cloud computing methods in biomedical research
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High-Performance Computing (HPC), which is a buzzword for efficient computing environments. HPC covers all aspects of computing that require a lot of computing power and memory. Traditionally, computing centers as the Leibnitz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ, Munich

PORTAL-DOORS infrastructure system for translational biomedical informatics on the semantic web and grid
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The PORTAL-DOORS infrastructure system of networked registries and directories has been designed for the semantic web and grid as an extended analogue of the IRIS-DNS system for the original web. Within the PORTAL-DOORS system, BioPORT and ManRay have been

The grid and the biomedical community: Achievements and open issues
free download The Grid and the Biomedical Community: achievements and open issues EGEE User Forum, March 1st Pr. Isabelle E. Magnin Head of CREATIS laboratory CNRS-INSERM

Semantic Grid for Biomedical Ontologies
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The biomedical ontologies contain the complex distributed heterogeneous data, to analyze and process this data is the big challenge for biomedical communities. The common goal of biomedical communities is to annotate this data. These problems generated a need to use

Front-ends to biomedical data analysis on grids
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Keywords. science gateway, grid computing, biomedical research, e-science, grid user interface Introduction 4. Conclusion and Future Work In the past six years, the e-BioInfra evolved to facilitate access to grid resources for biomedical researchers

Biomedical Aplications in EELA.
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The current demand for Grid Infrastructures to bring collabarating groups between Latina America and Europe has created the EELA proyect. This e-infrastructure is used by Biomedical groups in Latina America and Europe for the studies of ocnological analisis, neglected

Semantic Grid Infrastructure for Applications in Biomedicine
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The design of the infrastructure is motivated by the needs of a biomedical grid . We provide an overview of current semantic grid technologies along with discussion of their suitability for this particular purpose 3 Biomedical Grid149 Vincent J. Carey and Victoria Stodden Page 8. x Contents 9 The Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG ‚): An Evolving Community for Cancer Research 177 J. Robert Beck Section 2 Tools and Applications

Biomedical information integration for health application with grid : a requirements perspective
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Page 1. Biomedical information integration for health applications with Grid : a requirements perspective Ilídio C. Oliveira, Jos Luís Oliveira, A. Sousa Pereira University of Aveiro/IEETA (Portugal) | { ioliv | jlo | asp} Fernando Martin-Sanchez Institute of Health

Providing dynamic virtualized access to grid resources via the web 2.0 paradigm
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My WorkSphere: Integrative Work Environment for Grid -unaware Biomedical Researchers and Applications. In Supercomputing Conference 200 SC0 2nd Grid Computing Environment

Provenance for distributed biomedical workflow execution.
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S. Madougou Provenance for distributed biomedical workflow execution (*) A. Benabdelkader, M. Santcroos, S. Madougou, A. van Kampen and S. Olabarriaga: A Provenance Approach to Trace Scientific Experiments on a Grid Infrastructure, e-Science 2011. Page 9

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understand- ing of biological processes. There is a natural fit between the problems of managing biomedical data and grid computing. Bio- medical data sets are produced locally and used glob- ally. Unique data sets are created

A RDF-base normalized model for biomedical lexical grid
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ABSTRACT The Lexical Grid (LexGrid) project is an on-going communitydriven initiative coordinated by the Mayo Clinic Division of Biomedical Statistics and Informatics. It provides a common terminology model to represent multiple vocabulary and ontology sources as well

Service oriented data integration for a biomedical research network.
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We want to share our experiences in using tools from the cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) initiative to build the system For example, caBIG the National Cancer Institutes (NCI) cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid provides tools to build a federated system

BIG: A grid portal for biomedical data and images
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Modern management of biomedical systems involves the use of many distributed resources, such as high performance computational resources to analyze biomedical data, mass storage systems to store them, medical instruments (microscopes, tomographs, etc.)

NIH cancer biomedical informatics grid (caBIG) ICR nanotechnology working group
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Page 1. NIH cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) ICR Nanotechnology Working Group Nathan Baker National Security Directorate Computational and Statistical Analytics Division 1 For more information, visit Page 2. Who we are

SRB SRBRack-components of a virtual data grid architecture
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The SRB has been used in several efforts to develop infrastructure for GRID technologies, including the Biomedical Information Research Network (NIH) Particle Physics Data Grid (NSF/DOE), Information Power Grid (NASA) and GrPhyN (NSF)

A new method to grid noisy cDNA microarray images utilizing denoising techniques
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International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 8887) Volume 63 No. February 2013 36 A New Method to Grid Noisy cDNA Microarray Images Utilizing Denoising Techniques Islam A. Fouad Biomedical Technology Dept. SALMAN BIN A.Aziz University KSA, Al-Kharj