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Abstract:––The main purpose of the paper is to develop a prototype of Black Box For vehicle diagnosis that can be installed into any vehicle. This prototype can be designed with minimum number of circuits. This can contribute to construct safer vehicles, improving the 


According to the World Health Organization, more than a million people in the world die each year because of transportation-related accidents . In order to react to this situation, the black box system draws the first step to solve problem. Like flight data recorders in aircraft, “Black Box technology can now play a key role in motor vehicle crash investigations . A significant number of vehicles currently on the roads contain electronic systems that record in the event of a crash. That is why it is so important to have recorders that objectively track what goes on in vehicles before, during and after a crash as a complement to the was used. Subjective input that is taken usually from victims, eye witnesses and police reports. This system is mainly committed to two sections. The first one is how to detect and collect the information from the vehicle. The second is how to present the data to the user in a simplified way. To implement the first section many components and various types of sensors are used. While the second section was implementing by using the Embedded C programming. This programming helps in not only recording the data but also retrieving the data from microcontroller memory to an LCD to display it. In order to know which type of sensors to be installed into the vehicle various types of research are done and following ones are considered as the most important data that is needed after the accident: Belt status, Break status, Lane detection and CAN Failures. In this section we describe in section II the hard ware resources and in section III the software resources followed by the conclusion in section IV.

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