Smart Phone Based Robot for Domestic purpose using Bluetooth .
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ABSTRACT -Robot is a reprogrammable, multifunctional gadget which is basically intended to do work like human, for example, pick and place, stacking and emptying, observation, social insurance, modern, aviation application. Robots can perform hazardous and precise work to

Bluetooth Technology: An Overview
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ABSTRACT Present paper describes the Bluetooth wireless technology which is a widely used standard for the replacement of cables. Simply stated, Bluetooth is a wireless communication protocol. Since its a communication protocol, you can use Bluetooth to

Wireless Voice Transmission using WIFI and Bluetooth on Android Platform
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we propose a Smartphonebased hearing assistive system to facilitate speech recognition for various target users, who could benefit from enhanced listening clarity in the classroom. The system consists of transmitter and receiver devices

Simultaneous Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connections
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ABSTRACT -Connection for data transfer between mobile or desktop devices is conventionally done using Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity IEEE 802.11 connections) or Bluetooth technology. In this paper we attempt to present a scheme to provide data transfer using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Comparison of Different Sensors using ARM Controller and Bluetooth
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ABSTRACT Now-a-days, the advantages in wireless communicationelectronics has accelerated to develop many wireless network solutions to replace existing wired network. A wireless network solution can support mobilityflexibility of nodes in network. Similarly

Review Paper on IEEE 802.11 b and Bluetooth Interference: Co-existence and Simulation
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ABSTRACT The advancements in the wireless networks provide realistic distant communication in different areas of the world. This paper deals with the simulation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems coexistence. The emergence of several radio technologies

Evaluating Bluetooth Low Energy for IoT
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ABSTRACT Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the short-range, single-hop protocol of choice for the edge of the IoT. Despite its growing significance for phone-to-peripheral communication, BLEs smartphone system performance characteristics are not well understood. As others

A secure BluetoothZigBee gateway for IoT
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ABSTRACT : The inescapability of savvy remote gadgets is quickly developing independent to the innovation and applications. All these shrewd gadgets are associated with web for checking, breaking down and controlling. There are such a large number of remote

Algorithms and Simulation set-up for realizing Bluetooth Low Energy based ranging
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ABSTRACT With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) era and the adoption of gigantic architectural structures, indoor ranging techniques have gained a new-found importance in consumer electronics field. These ranging techniques need to be developed on a platform

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ABSTRACT : In India due to a dramatic increase in road traffic, there has been an annual increase of 17.4% in the total number of road accidents during the period of 2011-2020. This dubious growth rate in accidents demanded immediate attention and caught the attention of

Remote Temperature Sensing Line Following Robot with Bluetooth Data Sending Capability
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ABSTRACT Line following robot is an electronic system that can detect and follow the line drawn on the floor or surface. Generally, this line is specified a predefined path like a black line on a white surface or white line on a black surface with a high contrasted color. In this CSE PROJECTS