bluetooth research papers 2012 section 3

 The BlueBooster–Mobile Bluetooth Range Expansion
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KA Anil, SB Subhash, I Waghmare Arun ,
Abstract—Bluetooth is widely used technology in today’s mobile phones. It enables a device
to communicate wirelessly without being in line of site of other device, but Bluetooth has its
own shortcomings such as it is applicable between only two Bluetooth enabled mobile 

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SD Kanawat, PS Parihar, A Pandey, A Maloo, A Singh ,
ABSTRACT Bluetooth is a wireless technology, where Bluetooth devices are connected in
ad-hoc fashion to form a piconet. Through the analysis of the piconet group key generation
based on authenticated Deffie-Hellman group key generation protocol [1], each device in 

 Route Breakage Prediction Protocol for Bluetooth Network Recovery
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Abstract:-Bluetooth is low power, low cost and short range wireless technology that is
specially designed for personal area networks to replace the cables. To handle the
Bluetooth dynamic topology, several routing protocols have been proposed. In this paper, 

 Experimenting a Bluetooth-Based Positioning and Tracking Service of a Football Player
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E Basar, M Salamah, M Kizildag ,
Abstract This paper presents an application for positioning and tracking of a mobile node in
a Bluetooth-Based wireless networks. The addressed experimental real time application is
tracking a football player in a match. The places of a player are calculated using 

 Compact Dual L-slit Slotted Antenna for Spacecraft, WLAN, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Application
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MR Basar, MA Hossain, MRU Hoque, KM Morshed ,
Abstract—In this paper a compact dual L-slit slotted microstrip antenna for entire unlicensed
national information infrastructure (UNII) band (UNII low 5.15-5.25 GHz, UNII mid 5.25-5.35
GHz, UNII worldwide 5.47-5.725 GHz and UNII upper 5.725-5.825 GHz) is proposed. This 

 A Compact L-slit Microstrip antenna for GSM, Bluetooth, WiMAXWLAN Applications
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B Mazumdar ,Parameters
ABSTRACT A single feed compact microstrip antenna is proposed in this paper. L slit is
introduced on the right edge of the patch to study the effect of the slit on radiation behavior
with respect to a conventional microstrip patch. The resonant frequencies are obtained at 

 Comparative Performance Analysis of Empirical and Radio Propagation Model for BluetoothIndoor Localization
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VE Idigo, ACO Azubogu, CO Ohaneme, AN Isizoh ,
Abstract This work presents the possibility of using channel simulated results as alternative
to site measurement for RSS based indoor localization. Three reference radio maps were
generated for on-site measurement, Wall Attenuation factor (WAF) and Ray Tracer (RT) 

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PS Patheja, AA Waoo, S Nagwanshi ,
ABSTRACT Bluetooth is a recently proposed protocol for local wireless communication and
has become a de facto standard for short-range ad hoc radio connections. Security concern
is one of the most important problems delaying the mass adoption of Bluetooth. This 

 Performance Analysis of Triple DES-Tiger-RSA Vs DES-RSA algorithms for BluetoothSecurity Systems
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S Nagwanshi, AA Waoo, PS Patheja, S Sharma
ABSTRACT:-In this paper, comparison of the Hybrid Encryption algorithm (3DES-Tiger-RSA)
and Old Hybrid Method (DES-RSA, by Wuling RenZhiqian Miao)[1] for Bluetooth Security
system is done. Performance of the above security algorithm is evaluated based on the 

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K Kumar, P Sharma, AK Singh
A BSTRACT Theoretically Bluetooth range for class 1 adapter is approximately 100 meter
but it does not work well practically. It behaves differently in different environmental
conditions and situations. There are various methods to increase the range of Bluetooth 

 Design of a CPW-fed Compact Dual Band (UWB/Bluetooth) Integrated Antenna with Single Band Notched Features
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J Kishan, A Rajput, T Singh
Abstract—A compact, low-profile, and planar ultrawideband and (UWB) Bluetooth integrated
antenna with dual Band WiMAX/WLAN (3.4/5.5) notch features is presented. The antenna
works dual-band operation covering 2.4–2.484 GHz (Bluetooth) and 3.1–10.6 GHz (UWB) 

 Proposed Approach for Improving Bluetooth Networks Security through SVD Audio Watermarking
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MAM El-Bendary, A Haggag, F Shawki
Abstract—Some of applications need multi-level security. The paper proposes a novel
approach IEEE 802.15. 1 Bluetooth network to provide better secure link for essential
applications. It proposes a new approach for audio watermarking using the singular value 

 Design of Low Cost and Efficient Strip Line Band Pass Filter for Bluetooth Application.
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MBR Vidhale, MM Khanapurkar
Abstract—In this paper, low cost and efficient strip line band pass filter is implemented. The
new structure does not only reduce the size of the filters, but also provides good gain for
pass band and better attenuation for the stop band characteristics. A designed filter 

 Estimation of Average Vehicle Speeds Traveling on Heterogeneous Lanes Using BluetoothSensors
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J Zoto, RJ La, M Hamedi, A Haghani ,
Abstract—We investigate the problem of estimating the average speeds of vehicles traveling
in different types of lanes, eg, express lanes and local lanes, without knowing which lanes
individual vehicles were traveling in. In our study, we use the recordings at two spatially 

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Abstract Stethoscopes are used to listen to acoustic signals from the internal organs of the
human body. Although stethoscopes play a very important role in the diagnosis process, the
chest piece and the connecting cable are known to facilitate transmission of pathogens 

 Design and Optimization of Integrated Bluetooth and UWB Antenna With Dual Band-Notched Functions
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SS Thwin ,International Journal
ABSTRACT A compact microstrip-fed printed planar integrated Bluetooth and ultra
wideband (UWB) monopole antenna with dual band-notched characteristics in the 3.5 GHz
WiMAX and 5.2/5.8 GHz WLAN band is presented. The proposed antenna design consists 

 Application of Bluetooth Technology for Mode-Specific Travel Time Estimation on Arterial Roads: Potentials and Challenges
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BN Araghi, R Krishnan, H Lahrmann ,
Abstract The tendency to use Bluetooth Technology (BT) for travel time estimation is
increasing due to growing number of Bluetooth-enabled devices among road users,
anonymity of BT detections, flexibility of deployment and maintenance of Bluetooth 

 Performance Analysis Of Bluetooth System Using Optimized Differential GFSK Demodulator
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Abstract In this project, a simple demodulator for GFSK receivers is developed, which
averages the phase based on the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) maximizing criterion, and does
not require knowledge of the exact modulation index. Compared to demodulators with 

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S Jhare, D Singh, S Singh ,
Abstract: The PNG image is the another one basic image format in digital world that is a
enhance version of GIF, the limitation of GIF is, it is support only 256 colors and the PNG
support true color, here we are going to present an analytical study to sharing a PNG 

 Performance Analysis of Quadratic Prime Code for Modified Bluetooth FH Communication System
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M Shrivastava, S Murarka, S Narware ,
Abstract—FH communication is a branch of spread spectrum communication for its
outstanding advantages of strong anti jamming and antimultipath fading. It is widely used in
military and civilian applications for its well performances [9]. In FH communication system 

 Visualization of sports performance data on Android mobile-phone acquired through aBluetooth link
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Abstract Recent developments in mobile architecture and the need for objective
performance measurement in kayak elite sport coaching induced the opportunity for this
study. We developed an application for smartphones that will help athletes evaluate their 

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