BotRevealer: Behavioral Detection of Botnets based on Botnet Life-cycle
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ABSTRACT Nowadays, botnets are considered as essential tools for planning serious cyber attacks. Botnets are used to perform various malicious activities such as DDoS attacks and sending spam emails. Different approaches are presented to detect botnets; however most

A Survey Paper on Botnet Attacks and Defenses in Software Defined Networking
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ABSTRACT This paper present review of Software Defined Networking (SDN) security and potential threat, especially against botnet Attack. A botnet is a collection of computer controlled by hackers to run various network threats. In other hand SDN system work in a

Botnet Detection Based on Passive network traffic monitoring
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ABSTRACT : Botnets have become one of the main threats to Network security. Botnets have been used to stage denial of service attacks, spam campaigns, stealing user passwords and other malicious activities. Detecting botnets has become an important priority for network

Themis: Data Driven Approach to Botnet Detection
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ABSTRACT The detection of hosts infected with botnet malware in a timely manner is an important task, since botnets are responsible for many recent security incidents. We propose Themis, an approach based on inferring the structure of time varying IP-to-IP communication

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