breaking system of vehicles

Hydraulic brake systems and components for off-highway vehicles and equipment
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This paper will identify some prerequisites for brake actuation circuit design, describe three basic types of brake actuation circuitry, and will point out some common problems to be avoided in brake actuation circuit design for off-highway vehicles and equipment. It will deal

Rail vehicles wheels and brake blocks wear laboratory test stand utilization
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The new RAILBCOT test stand building reasons explanation. A project features definition. Railway wheel tread profiles wear research under the rail vehicle in operation conditions simulation on the test bench and the equivalent conicity change. Stand operation principles

Development of a self-energizing electro-hydraulic brake (SEHB) for rail vehicles
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This paper presents the innovative concept of a Self-energising Electro-Hydraulic Brake (SEHB) which is developed at IFAS for a railway application. Its advantages over conventional air brakes are high dynamics, the possibility to control the actual retarding

An analysis of transient processes in pneumatic brake system with automatic regulator of brake forces of automotive vehicles
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The method of computer identification of dynamic conductivity of automatic regulator of brake force of automotive vehicle is presented in the paper. The obtained results were used in calculations of brake circuit dynamic of a truck with automatic regulator of brake force

Evolution of materials for motor vehicles brake discs
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At the end of the 19th century appearance of the first automotive assembly required development of different components of their braking systems. Historically, the first material used in the production of automotive brake discs were gray cast iron with the following

Frictional couplings of wheel with a rail in a brake control system of rail vehicles
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Purpose: Discussion on use of frictional coupling of wheel with a rail for detection of surface condition of track ways in coal mine undergrounds is the paper objective. Design/methodology/approach: The method for detection of surface condition of track ways

Harmonised methods for brake testing on heavy commercial vehicles
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A large proportion of heavy vehicles brakes fail to pass the yearly vehicle tests. The vehicle testing methods used in periodic technical inspections should be improved in order to make tests more repeatable and improve assessment of the technical condition of brakes. In orderThe automotive industry takes part in an exciting development of technical innovations coming along with digitalization and increasing computing power. Thereby the innovation cycles are shortening continuously and are creating new opportunities. In the last decade

Full power hydraulic brake actuation, circuit design considerations for off-highway vehicles and equipment
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The intent of this paper is to create a clear understanding of full power hydraulic brake actuation system design as it relates to off-highway vehicles and equipment. The paper is divided into four main sections. The first section outlines six design prerequisites used for

Sensitivity of air-braked vehicles to maintenance underscores the need for reliable low-cost cab-display brake fault indicator lamp
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ABSTRACT A collection of information on the regulation, design, performance, operation and maintenance of air-braked vehicles was reviewed. These data indicate that performance decrements arising from the sensitivity of air-braked vehicles to maintenance

Design of redundant brake -by-wire architecture for commercial vehicles based on qualitative reliability approach
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This paper deals with the design problematic of the safety critical systems of future commercial vehicles . The development of these systems is mainly driven by that social demand, that the societies wants to see safer, more reliable vehicles on the roads, which

Acoustic Specification of Composite Brake -Blocks for Railway vehicles
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The reduction of the rolling noise produced by freight wagons is one of the major challenges of the railway sector to develop the freight traffic. In that context, the development of new types of brake blocks (made of composite material) which tend to smooth the wheel tread

On improvement of cast iron brake discs for heavy vehicles
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Disc brakes are commonly used in motorcycles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles , heavy-duty vehicles , passenger trains and landing gears of airplanes. Depending on the application, a wide variety of brake discs have been developed, with a multitude of designs

On improvement of brake discs for heavy vehicles -Experimental testing and material modelling
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Disc brakes are commonly used in motorcycles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles , heavy-duty vehicles , passenger trains and landing gear of airplanes. Depending on the application, different types of brake discs can be found on the market with numerous

Lightweight design of a torque plate of Z-cam drum brake for heavy duty vehicles
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Reducing vehicle weight without compromising performance becomes an area which is important to improve fuel economy and reduce vehicle emissions. The possibility of reducing unsprung mass in a vehicle has led to many investigations of weight optimization studies of

Retarders for heavy vehicles : phase III experimentation and analysis; performance, brake savings, and vehicle stability. Final report
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This document presents the results and findings from the third phase of a research project entitled Retarders for Heavy Vehicles : Evaluation of Performance Characteristics and In- Service Costs conducted by The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute