cbir-content based image retrieval 2011-2012 section2

Analysis of Spatial Features in CBIR System
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M Kaushik, R Sharma, A Vidhyarthi ,International Journal, 2012
ABSTRACT Content based image retrieval from large database has become an area of wide
interest nowadays in many applications. Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) technique
use image content to search and retrieve digital images. Content-based image retrieval ( 

 Bin pixel count, mean and total of intensities extracted from Partitioned equalized Histogram for CBIR
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Abstract: In this paper we have introduced three simple feature vector extraction ideas to
retrieve the images from database of 2000 images includes 20 different classes into it. The
feature extraction process mainly based on splitting the image into three planes, for each 

 Design of Feature Extraction in Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) using Color and Texture
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SV Sakhare, VG Nasre ,International Journal of Computer Science, 2011
Abstract-Retrieval of images based on visual features such as color, texture and shape have
proven to have its own set of limitations under different conditions. Various techniques have
been implemented using these features like fuzzy color histogram, Tammura texture etc. In 

 Performance Comparison of Sectorization of DCT and DCT Wavelet Transformed Images inCBIR
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ABSTRACT This paper mainly discusses the use of discrete cosine transform and its wavelet
for feature extraction in the application of content based image retrieval. The proposed
method has been experimented based on the concept of sectorization of the transformed 

 A Proposed Framework for a Distributed CBIR System based on Salient Regions and RF Techniques
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AI ELdesoky, HA Arafat ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT Digital images databases open the way for content-based searching. Content
Based Image Retrieval occupies a well ranked position among the research areas as it
provides the practical solution for narrowing the semantic gap between the image retrieval 

Validation of a hyperspectral content-based information retrieval (RS-CBIR) system upon scarce data
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Validation of Remote Sensing Content-Based Information Retrieval (RS-CBIR) systems
requires innovative strategies due to the scarcity of labelled data. CBIR systems validation
by means of precision/recall measures based on either user feedback or a-priori known 

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PS HANWATE, UL KULKARNI ,International Journal of Engineering , 2012
ABSTRACT Image retrieval is a main part of image processing. In browsing or searching
image in the computer, retrieval concept is used. The best example is Google. In Google, we
retrieve the images related to the word or input. In this case the problem is that an 

 Image Retrieval: A State Of The Art Approach For Cbir
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A KHOKHER, DRR TALWAR ,International Journal of Engineering , 2011
Abstract: The emergence of multimedia, the availability of large image archives, and the
rapid growth of the World Wide Web Web (WWW) have attracted significant research efforts
in providing tools for effective retrieval and management of visual data. A major approach 

 Performance Efficiency of Quantization using HSV Colour Space and Intersection Distance inCBIR
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S Niranjanan, SPR Gopalan ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) is an active research field in the past
decades. Against the traditional system where the images are retrieved based on the key
word search, CBIR systems retrieve the images based on the visual content. Even though 

 CBIR using Bucketing and Histogram
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S Chaudhari, NP Kshirsagar ,IJCA Proceedings on , 2012
ABSTRACT In content based image retrieval (CBIR) system, Colour histogram is widely
used. Although colour histograms are efficient and insensitive to changes in camera
viewpoint, images with different appearance may result in similar histograms. In this paper 

 CBIR using Textural Feature
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NN Ghuge, PSA Bhalotra ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT CBIR system focuses on retrieving images from the database; the system
depends on the way the indexing is being implemented. The way or method in which an
image is stored will affect how it will be retrieved later and which can save more storage 

 Effect of Similarity Measures for CBIR Using Bins Approach
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Abstract This paper elaborates on the selection of suitable similarity measure for content
based image retrieval. It contains the analysis done after the application of similarity
measure named Minkowski Distance from order first to fifth. It also explains the effective 

 CBIR Systems using hierarchical method
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P Yadav, A Khunteta ,International Journal, 2012 ,warse.org
ABSTRACT Multimedia data is now one of the widely used information types in all the fields
as the fast development of computer techniques has been made traditional database
systems based on text information have the limitations when applied to multimedia 

 Ontology to Improve CBIR System
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AD Gudewar, LR Ragha ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT The key problem in achieving efficient and user friendly Content Based Image
Retrieval (CBIR), in domain of images is the development of a search mechanism to
guarantee delivery of minimal irrelevant information (high precision) while insuring that 

 Fractals Based Clustering for CBIR
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S Rautmare, A Bhalchandra ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract—Fractal based CBIR is based on the self similarity fundamentals of fractals.
Mathematical and natural fractals are the shapes whose roughness and fragmentation
neither tend to vanish, nor fluctuate, but remain essentially unchanged as one zooms in 

 CBIR–An analysis and suggestions for improvement
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KV Shriram, PLK Priyadarsini ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT The basic motive of the search engines lies in the fact that, it should be able to
retrieve results with utmost accuracy and efficiency. Image search engines are no where
exceptional. They should retrieve images from the database which are similar to the query 

 Feature Extraction from Rural Satellite Imagery Using Color Based CBIR Techniques
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YN Mamatha, AG Ananth ,International Journal of Software Engineering , 2011
Abstract: The ability to organize and retrieve visual information such as images is becoming
a crucial problem for specialists, because processing visual information requires perceptual
abilities not yet known to exist in computational form. Therefore the ability to retrieve visual 

 Uma Abordagem CBIR Baseada em Realimentação de Relevância e Classificação por Floresta de Caminhos Ótimos
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Abstract–More recently, some CBIR approaches have shown the use of relevance feedback
to train a pattern classifier which selects relevant images for retrieval. This paper revisits this
strategy by using an optimum-path forest (OPF) classifier. During relevance feedback 

 Low-level Features Extraction of an Image for CBIR: Techniques and Trends
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K Puja, DP Dakhole ,International Journal of Advances in , 2011 ,seekdlib.uacee.org
Abstract-Content-based Image Retrieval (CBIR) has gained much attention in the past
decades. CBIR is a technique to retrieve images from an image database such that the
retrieved images are semantically relevant to a query image provided by a user. It is