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Understanding car parks, crime, and CCTV : evaluation lessons from safer cities
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The Home Office Police Research Group (PRG) was formed in 1992 to carry out and manage research relevant to the work of the police service and Home Office Policy Divisions. One of the major Police Department divisions which acts as customer for the PRG is the Home Office Crime

A review of CCTV evaluations: Crime reduction effects and attitudes towards its use
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This paper reviews studies that have evaluated the effectiveness of closed circuit television ( CCTV ) in reducing crime, disorder and fear of crime in a variety of sites. The guiding framework for the review is Tilleys (1993a) model for realist evaluation, which focuses on

Burnley CCTV evaluation
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This study examines the effectiveness of a closed circuit television ( CCTV ) system installed in Burnley, Lancashire in northwest England. It considers both the outcomes and mechanisms through which they were brought about. Three areas are identified: focal

Yes, it works, no, it doesnt: Comparing the effects of open-street CCTV in two adjacent Scottish town centres
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This paper reports the evaluation of two contrasting openstreet closed circuit television ( CCTV ) installations in Scotland. Twelve cameras were installed in a small town called Airdrie in 1992, and 32 cameras were installed in Glasgow, a large city, in 1994. After

One surveillance camera for every 11 people in Britain, says CCTV survey
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One surveillance camera for every 11 people

CCTV in London
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London is made up of the 32 administrative areas of the former Greater London Council together with the Corporation of the City of London. The Citys share of the global foreign exchange market is just over 32 per cent, nearly twice that of New York. The London Stock

CCTV and the social structuring of surveillance
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The installation of Closed Circuit Television Cameras ( CCTV ) on British streets has been the crime prevention initiative of the century. However, little attention has been paid to who and what the cameras actually watch and how operators select their targets. This paper draws on

CCTV in Britain
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In 1998-99, 18 per cent of the population in Great Britain lived in households on a low income(ie 60 per cent of median equivalised household disposable income). On the International Labour Organisation definition, in spring 2001 there were 539,000 unemployed

Context-specific measures of CCTV effectiveness in the retail sector
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This study reports a research project that explored the effectiveness of closed circuit television ( CCTV ) as a primary crime prevention measure directed against staff and customer theft in the retail clothing sector. It demonstrates the usefulness of a strong before

Public attitudes towards CCTV in public places
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The paper examincs public perceptions of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of Closed Circuit Television Cameras ( CCTV ) in public places. The research was conducted for the Cambridge City Council in England who sought to determine whether the public

Open-street CCTV in Australia
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In Australia open-streetor town centre CCTV refers to visual surveillance systems established in the main by local government authorities in cooperation with police to monitor public spaces such as malls and major thoroughfares. This paper is therefore not concerned

Evaluating realistic evaluation: evidence from a study of CCTV
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This paper examines a new evaluation methodology developed by Pawson and Tilley (1997) that they term realistic evaluation. A smallscale evaluation of closed circuit television ( CCTV ) in two retail stores is used to illustrate the practical use of the methodology

Vehicle localisation and classification in urban CCTV streams
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This paper presents an introduction to video analysis tools for urban traffic management. Based on a review of the limitation of current systems, a framework for localising and classifying cars in real-world coordinates is introduced as part of a project at Transport for

CCTV control room collaboration and communication: does it work
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Despite the increased usage of surveillance systems and the technological advances, there is currently no conceptual basis and little evidence to assess how well CCTV actually works for the purposes for which it is deployed. It is important to identify whether CCTV systems

Man or gorilla Performance issues with CCTV technology in security control rooms
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Despite increased usage of CCTV , and technological advances of surveillance systems, there is still relatively little understanding of how well it actually works for the many purposes for which it is deployed. Most purposes require that humans detect and respond to events in

A progress review of intelligent CCTV surveillance systems
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The installation of closed circuit television ( CCTV ) cameras in urban environments is now commonplace and well-known. Public attitudes to these systems are in two opposing categories:(a) concerns over invasion of privacy and fears of authoritarian control of the

National CCTV strategy
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Closed circuit television ( CCTV ) plays a significant role in protecting the public and assisting the police in the investigation of crime. In many ways, we have led the world from its early introduction in the 1970s to the massive growth in CCTV installation and use in the 1990s

Open standards for CCTC and CCTV radio-based communication
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Train control places high demands on effective wireless roaming due to high-speed mobility. Unlike a home or office environment, where roaming is rare and deferred communication is tolerated, Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) demands continuous