cdma-code division multiple access research papers 2012 section 5

 Simulation of MC-DS-CDMA-System Based on: Wavelet and Slantlet Transforms over Wireless Channel
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AAH Fadhel ,
Code Division Multiple Access (MC-DS-CDMA) system in wireless channel. The
conventional MC-DS-CDMA-system is based on Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). One of the
proposed systems was based on Wavelet transform (WT). The other system was based on 

 A MAC Protocol for Multihop RP-CDMA Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
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T Mortimer, J Harms ,
Abstract—RP-CDMA is a wireless multiple access protocol that utilizes multiple spreading
codes and a multiple packet receiver to enhance link reliability and performance. We apply
RP-CDMA to a multihop wireless ad hoc network and propose two significant extensions 

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R Parulkar, R Dubey, A Hirwe ,
Abstract: In this paper, we present a study of the bit error rate (BER) performance of DS-
CDMA system over a communication channel with perfect power control. The standard
Gaussian approximation (SGA) is used to evaluate the BER performance for the DS- 

 Call Admission Control, Packet Level QOS in 4G broad band Wireless Access System withCDMA
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M Annam, MM Ramasubramanian
Abstract: Consider the problem of scheduling data in the down link of a cellular network over
parallel time-varying channels, while providing quality of service (QoS) guarantees to
multiple users in the network. I design simple and efficient admission control, resource 

 Code-Acquisition via the Projection Method for CDMA Systems in High MAI Channels
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J Kodithuwakku, N Letzepis, A Grant, R McKilliam ,
Abstract—This paper focuses on the problem of code acquisition in multiuser CDMA
systems in a near-far scenario. A new time offset estimator which iteratively cancels
interference from correctly acquired users is proposed. Interference cancellation is 

 Performance Analysis of Selective Adaptive Multiple Access Interference Cancellation for Multicarrier DS-CDMA Systems
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M Ahmed, A El-Mahdy
Abstract—In this paper, Selective Adaptive Parallel Interference Cancellation (SA-PIC)
technique is presented for Multicarrier Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access (MC
DS-CDMA) scheme. The motivation of using SA-PIC is that it gives high performance and 

 Asymptotic Outage Probability for Amplify-and-Forward CDMA Systems over Nakagami-m Fading Channels
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A Mehemed, W Hamouda ,
Abstract—In this paper, we address the performance of cooperative code-division multiple-
access (CDMA) systems using amplify-and-forward (AF) relaying over independent
nonidentical (i. ni. d) Nakagami-m fading channels. The outage probability of the system is 

 Minimum Bit-Error Rate Linear Filter Receiver for Time-Varying Frequency-Selective Fading DS-CDMA Channels
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M Zeybek, Ö Ertug ,
A minimum bit error rate (MBER) linear filter receiver is considered for Direct-Sequence
Code-Division Multiple-Access (DS-CDMA) communication systems with time-varying
frequency-selective fading channels. The MBER linear filter receiver is employed for 

 Design and Implementation of DSSS-CDMA Transmitter and Receiver for Reconfigurable Links Using FPGA
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R Sarojini, C Rambabu
Abstract-Direct sequence spread Spectrum (DSSS), is also called as direct sequence code
division multiplexing (DS-CDMA). In direct sequence spread spectrum, the stream of
information to be transmitted is divided into small pieces, each of which is allocated across 

 Designing of Co-axial Feed Y-Shaped Micro-strip Patch Antenna for CDMA Applications
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MV Narayana, M Sowmya, G Immadi, K Swetha
ABSTRACT In telecommunications, there are several types of micro strip antennas, the most
common of which is micro strip patch antenna. Patch antennas are also relatively
inexpensive to manufacture and design because of simple 2D physical geometry. In this 

 On the Benefits of Non-Uniform Signaling in Chip-Asynchronous CDMA
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SA Khan, J Bajcsy ,
Abstract- This paper explores chip-asynchronous CDMA transmission when single-user
demodulation and decoding are used at the receiver. First, a chip-level channel model is
presented to account for chip-asynchronism between different users. Using the model, the 

 A Review of Sub-Carrier Selection Techniques Employed in MC-CDMA System for 4G Networks
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H Kale, CG Dethe, MM Mushrif ,
(MC-CDMA) is becoming a very attractive multiple access technique for high-rate data
transmission in the future wireless communication systems. This paper is focused on
reviewing different sub-carrier selection techniques for MC-CDMA system. It has been 

 Impact of Channel Estimation Error on IBI Cancellation and Circular Property Restoration for Broadband DS-CDMA Combining FDE without CP Insertion
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M Zheng, W Peng, F Adachi ,
Abstract-In broadband DS-CDMA using frequency-domain equalization (FDE) without cyclic
prefix (CP) insertion, the transmission performance degrades due to inter block interference
(IBI) and circular property loss. In our previous study, we introduced the perfect IBI 

 Performance Analysis of Blind Adaptive Multi-user Detection in DS-CDMA
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D Swathi, J Ravindrababu, B Alekya, EVK Rao
ABSTRACT This paper examines the performance analysis of Linear Multi-user Detectors in
Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access (DSCDMA) system. Multiple access
interference (MAI) limits the capacity of Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access ( 

 BEP and Throughput Analysis of Incremental Selective Relaying in DS-CDMA Systems
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H Hakim, H Boujemaa, W Ajib ,
Abstract—In this paper, we derive exact form expressions for the Bit Error Probability (BEP)
and throughput of cooperative Direct Sequence-Code Division Multiple Access (DS-CDMA)
systems using incremental selective relaying which combines selective relaying with 

 Analytical Mathematical Expression for the Channel Capacity of a Power and Rate Simultaneous Adaptive Cellular DS/FFH-CDMA System in a Rayleigh Fading
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P Varzakas
Abstract—In this paper, an accurate theoretical analysis for the achievable average channel
capacity (in the Shannon sense) per user of a hybrid cellular direct-sequence/fast frequency
hopping code-division multiple-access (DS/FFH-CDMA) system operating in a Rayleigh 

 PARAFAC Receiver for Uplink Cooperative Relay-Assisted DS-CDMA Systems
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Abstract—In this paper, we consider the uplink of a multiuser cooperative DS-CDMA
communication system, where each user communicates with the base station with the help
of R relays. A cooperative DS-CDMA configuration with direct-sequence spreading at the 

 Time Delays Estimation from DS-CDMA Multipath Transmissions using Expectation Maximization
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Abstract—In this paper, we develop a new implementation of maximum likelihood (ML) time
delay estimation from directsequence CDMA (DS-CDMA) multipath transmissions. The
formulation of the problem obtained from the DS-CDMA postcorrelation model (PCM) 

 Performance Analysis of a MC-DS-CDMA Wireless Communication System with RAKE Receiver over a Rayleigh Fading Channel with Receive Diversity
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Abstract—An analytical approach is developed to derive the expression of the Multiple
Access Interference (MAI) and Bit Error Rate (BER) of a MC-DS-CDMA system using
multiple receiving antennas with Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC), considering Rayleigh 

 Performance Analysis of Modulation Techniques in GA assisted CDMA Wireless Communication System with AWGN Rayleigh Fading Channel
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J Desai, KG Maradia, NB Gohil ,
Abstract? The transmission from the base station to mobile or downlink transmission using
16-ary Quadrature Amplitude modulation (QAM), 64-ary QAM and Quadrature phase shift
keying(QPSK) modulation schemes are considered in Code Division Multiple 

 Analysis of Ambient Noise Level and its Impact on the Capacity and Coverage of CDMASystem
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CO Ohaneme, VE Idigo, OS Oguejiofor, SU Nnebe ,
Abstract Communication services have been the most intriguing things to network users in
recent times. Hence there is the need to provide adequate communication facilities such as
robust technologies in order to sustain the number of subscribers that are connected to 

 Open loop analysis of maximum-likelihood decision-directed phase estimation in CDMAcommunication systems with QPSK modulation
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Abstract: In CDMA communication systems, the received signal is the sum of contributions
from several active users. Instead of dealing with these users separately, in a parallel way,
this paper studies multiuser Maximum-Likelihood ML phase estimation for a Decision- 

 Performance of Power Decentralized Detection in Wireless Sensor System With DS-CDMA
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AM Fadhil, HM AlSabbagh, TY Abdallah ,International Journal
ABSTRACT Wireless sensor networks take great importance in recent years according to
their potential applications in different areas like health monitoring, military applications,
tactile system and industrial applications. In this paper the decentralized sensing with 

 Performance Evaluation of a Multi Antenna MC-CDMA System on Color Image Transmission under Implementation of Various Signal Detection Techniques
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MA Faisal, M Hossain, SE Ullah ,Networks (BRANs)
Abstract In this paper, we made a comprehensive study to evaluate the performance of a
multi antenna supported multi carrier Code Division Multiple Access (MC-CDMA) system on
color image transmission. The 2-by-2 spatially multiplexed ½-rated Convolutinally 

 Performance Enhancement of MC-CDMA Systems through MAP based Multiuser Detection
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K Rasadurai, J Dhanancheziyan, K Pushpakodi
he joint Multiuser Detection (MUD) and turbo coding are the two powerful
techniques for enhancing the performance of the MC-CDMA systems. The Multiple Access 

 Removal of Multiple Access Interference in DS-CDMA System
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SJ Honade, PV Ingole ,
Abstract-Multiple access interference (MAI) is a factor which limits the capacity and
performance of DS-CDMA systems. MAI refers to the interference between direct-sequence
users. This interference is the result of the random time offsets between signals, which 

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CO Ohaneme, VE Idigo, SU Nnebe, EN Ifeagwu
Abstract There had been astronomical increase in the number of mobile users in recent
times. Investigation had shown that these increased numbers of mobile users contribute
high percentage of interferences that degrades the Quality of Services (QoS) in wireless 

 BER Performance of Linear Multi-user Detectors in DS-CDMA
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D Swathi, J Ravindrababu, B Alekya, EVK Rao
Abstract:-This paper examines the Bit Error Rate (BER) performance of Linear Multi-user
Detectors in Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access (DS-CDMA) system. Multiple
access interference (MAI) limits the capacity of Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple 

 Comparison between MC-CDMA and CDMA-OFDM/OQAM systems in presence of MIMO channel
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Abstract In this paper, we present a comparison between MCCDMA and CDMA-
OFDM/OQAM systems in the case of MIMO channel. The advanced Multi Carrier CDMA
OFDM/OQAM modulation is a combination of CDMA and OFDM/OQAM. This combination 

 Comparative study of SLM and PTS techniques for PAPR Reduction of an MC-CDMA system
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G Kaur, R Kaur
ABSTRACT Multicarrier Code Division Multiple Access (MC-CDMA) is the most promising
technique for high speed data transmission. However, the MC-CDMA signals are
characterized by large peak-to-average power ratios (PAPR), which can reduce the