chatbot IEEE PAPER 2017


SuperAgent: A Customer ServiceChatbotfor E-commerce Websites
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Abstract Conventional customer service chatbots are usually based on human dialogue, yet significant issues in terms of data scale and privacy. In this paper, we present SuperA-gent, a customer servicechatbotthat leverages large-scale and publicly available ecommerce

Chatbotwith a Discourse Structure-Driven Dialogue Management
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Abstract We build a chat bot with iterative content exploration that leads a user through a personalized knowledge acquisition session. The chat bot is designed as an automated customer support or product recommendation agent assisting a user in learning product

CHATBOT : Architecture, Design,Development
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J Cahn - 2017 - Chatbots areonline human-computer dialog system [s] with natural language. [1] The first conceptualization of thechatbotis attributed to Alan Turing, who askedCan machines think?in 1950.[3] Since Turing,chatbottechnology has improved with advances in natural

A Tool of Conversation:Chatbot
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AbstractChatbotis widely popular now-a-days and catching speed as an application of computer communication. Some programs respond intelligently like human. This type of program is called aChatbot . This paper addresses the design and implementation of a

ChatbotDesign-Reasoning about design options using i* and process architecture
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Abstract. Software systems are often designed without considering their social intentionality and the software process changes required to accommodate them. With the rise of artificial intelligence and cognitive services-based systems, software can no longer be considered a

An Intelligent Behaviour Shown byChatbotSystem
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Abstract Chatbots are software agents used to interact between a computer and a human in natural language. Just as people use language for human communication, chatbots use natural language to communicate with human users. The main aim of their creation was to

Stimulating and sustaining interest in a language course: An experimental comparison ofChatbotand Human task partners
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Abstract Novel technology can be a powerful tool for enhancing students interest in many learning domains. However, the sustainability and overall impact of such interest is unclear. This study tests the longer-term effects of technology on students task and course interest.

Scientific Session PostersDemonstrations Utilizing Deep Learning to Develop a Conversational Support Tool for Clinicians: Creating a RadiologyChatbot
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Background Radiologists provide clinicians with significant value not directly related to the interpretation of medical images. This includes guiding the optimal imaging study for a particular clinical scenario, managing contrast administration in renal failure, determining

College EnquiryChatbotUsing ALICE
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Abstract In this paper, a proposal is carried on to explain the design of a chat bot specifically tailored as an application which is going to help new students to solve all the problems they face and the questions which arises in their mind during and after the

Online Shopping Management System with Customer Multi-Language Supported Query handling AIMLChatbot
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Abstract In the e-commerce sites, there are deal with many kind of products throughout the world. Our proposed shopping system contains different services to make user feasible in e shopping time. When user want to buy anything from these sites, he needs guideline about

BuildingChatbotwith Emotions
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Abstract This project aims at generating dialogues not only appropriate at content level, but also containing specific emotions. To tag emotion categories, we apply sentimental analysis on the dataset and pick up dialogue with strong emotion. We first adopt vanilla sequence-to-

A Conversational Workflow Model forChatbot
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Extended Abstract This paper presents the realization of a prototype of a conversational workflow for aChatbotin tires domain. The initial purpose has focused on the design of the specific model to manage communication and propose the most suitable tires for users. For

A NeuralChatbotwith Personality
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Abstract Conversational modeling is an important task in natural language processing as well as machine learning. Like most important tasks, its not easy. Previously, conversational models have been focused on specific domains, such as booking hotels or recommending

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Abstract: Today is the era of intelligence in machines. With the advances in Artificial Intelligence, machines have started to impersonate different human traits today. Artificial intelligence conversational entities, also called chatbots, are an excellent example of such

Towards achatbotfor digital counselling
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The aim of this paper is to propose the design of achatbotto be used in mental health counselling. The first section of this paper gives an overview of the background of digital interventions. The next section gives an overview of chatbots, especially within mental

Implementation of a Banglachatbot
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We propose a fully data driven retrieval based closed domainchatbotwhich can converse in Bengali with the user in a chat interface based on its knowledge base and through learning from interactions with the user. Bengali is the state language of Bangladesh and fourth most

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Concept A Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of
MASTER OF SCIENCE inPage 19. 1.1.ChatbotA Chat-bot/Bot is a restricted Instant Messaging

Chatbotfor Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service
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Abstract This work presents achatbotfor laundry and dry cleaning service. At first, achatbot on Facebook Messenger is introduced. Thischatbotwas used to acquaint interactions with users and to bring new customers. Based on the experience with the first prototype, the In- CSE PROJECTS