All Work and no Play Conversations with a Question-and-Answer Chatbot in the Wild
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ABSTRACT Many conversational agents (CAs) are developed to answer users questions in a specialized domain. In everyday use of CAs, user experience may extend beyond satisfying information needs to the enjoyment of conversations with CAs, some of which

Chatbot Using Gated End-to-End Memory Networks
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ABSTRACT -Intelligent bot systems interact with users in natural language. Existing traditional chatbot systems are rule based that stops scaling up to real world domains. While using deep learning methods, all dialogs in the chatbot system are trained from the dialogs

CORDULA: Software Requirements Extraction Utilizing Chatbot as Communication Interface
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ABSTRACT Natural language requirement descriptions are often unstructured, contradictory and incomplete and are therefore challenging for automatic processing. Although many of these deficits can be compensated by means of natural language processing, there still

Enhancing Community Interactions with Data-Driven Chatbots The DBpedia Chatbot
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ABSTRACT In this demo, we introduce the DBPEDIA CHATBOT a knowledgegraph-driven chatbot designed to optimize community interaction. The bot was designed for integration into community software to facilitate the answering of recurrent questions. Four main

Did I Say Something Wrong : Towards a Safe Collaborative Chatbot
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ABSTRACT Chatbots have been a core measure of AI since Turing has presented his test for intelligence, and are also widely used for entertainment purposes. In this paper we present a platform that enables users to collaboratively teach a chatbot responses, using natural

Nurturing the Companion ChatBot
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ABSTRACT Although recent technical progress of artificial intelligence is impressive, the affective effect of intelligent agents has not been investigated sufficiently. My research focuses on this problem. I start with the audio analysis using brain imaging method and my

A Dataset of Topic-Oriented Human-to- Chatbot Dialogues
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V Logacheva, M Burtsev, V Malykh, V Poluliakh 2018 ABSTRACT This document contains the description of dataset collected during the first round of Conversational Intelligence Challenge (ConvAI) which took place in July 2017. During this evaluation round we collected over 2,500 dialogues from 10 chatbots and 500 volunteers

Review on Mood Detection using Image Processing and Chatbot using Artificial Intelligence
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ABSTRACT -Human gesture is the thing which plays a very interesting role in general life application. It can be easily recognize using image processing. Let us consider an example of drivers gesture who is currently driving the vehicle and it will be quiet useful in case of

A ChatbotBased Robot Control Architecture for Conversational Human-Robot Interactions
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we propose a method to integrate reactive chatbots with a flowchart-style service scenario to enhance the interaction capability of social robots that provide dialog-oriented services. First, we propose a simple way to convert key components

Chatbot implementation with Microsoft Bot Framework
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Insinrity n tavoitteena oli kehittää chatbotsovellusta projektitiimin Slack-kanavaa varten ja tutustua Microsoft Bot Framework ja Azure Cloud-teknologioihin. Chatbotprojekti suunniteltiin yhteisty ssä projektitiimin jäsenten kanssa. Projektin tavoitteena oli saada

Context-Uncertainty-Aware Chatbot Action Selection via Parameterized Auxiliary Reinforcement Learning
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ABSTRACT . We propose a context-uncertainty-aware chatbot and a reinforcement learning (RL) model to train the chatbot . The proposed model is named Parameterized Auxiliary Asynchronous Advantage Actor Critic (PA4C). We utilize a user simulator to simulate the

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ABSTRACT Human-Computer Interaction that characterizes dialogue between man and computer is gaining momentum in computer interaction techniques. This type of program is called a Chat-bot. This paper presents a survey on the techniques used to design a Chat