Cloud Computing Applications

Synthetic Workload Generation for Cloud Computing Applications

We present techniques for characterization, modeling and generation of workloads for cloud
computing applications. Methods for capturing the workloads of 

Customer relationship management from the business strategy perspective with the application of cloud computing
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CRM and cloud computing application processes that help identify and target their best customers, generate quality sales leads, and plan and implement marketing campaigns with clear goals and objectives; It processes that help form individualized relationships with

Cloud computing: A cost effective approach to enterprise web application implementation (A case for cloud ERP web model)
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In this work, we present Google App Engine (GAE): a scalable and high performance cloud computing application framework that uses computational and storage infrastructure commonly available to enterprise web developers to provide a platform that is modular and open to

A Metadata-driven Cloud Computing Application Virtualization Model.
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In order to meet the requirements of standardization of virtualization in cloud computing platform, improve the flexibility and expansibility of the system and enhance the capability of management-control of the platform, by means of introducing the features of decoupling and

Principles of cloud computing application in emergency management
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Recent emergency situations in the world show the tendency that the occurrence frequency of natural disasters is expected to increase in future. Therefore new approaches for emergency management need to be elaborated based on the latest IT developments. Cloud

Application processing approach for smart mobile devices in mobile cloud computing
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Application Processing Approach for Smart Mobile Devices in Mobile Cloud Computing Keywords Mobile Cloud Computing , Application Processing Approach, Application Offloading, Elastic Applications

Application discussion of cloud computing in hospital information construction
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This article will discuss the cloud computing application in hospital information construction, and provide planning and implementation plan for the hospital information construction through analyzing the current condition of hospital information construction

Cloud computing services and its application
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Application Services provided E-learning E-mail, simulation tools, files broadcasting, class recording, virtual classrooms, virtual labs, surveys, education forums ERP Cloud Supply chain and vendor, project and HR Management, customer Relationship management, finance

Utilization of cloud computing application
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In this technology era, educational institution heavily avail the technology for teaching, learning and researching across the world. The aim of the study is to describe the development of Cloud Computing Application Scale for its use and to verify the Utilization of

Mobile multimedia storage: A mobile cloud computing application and analysis
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During the last few years, there is a revolutionary development in the field of mobile computing, multimedia communication and wireless technology. In this paper, we present study and comparative analyses of different technologies used for mobile multimedia

Online Rapid Prototyping of 3D Objects Using GPU-Based 3D Cloud Computing : Application to 3D Face Modelling.
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An on-line web application that interacts with an Internet users 3D webcam (eg Minoru stereo webcamera) is described. The application instantly captures and processes stereo images to retrieve 3D object coordinates for further 3D modelling tasks. It offers on-demand

Time Based (TB) Application model for Mobile Cloud computing
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II. RELATED WORK All the research works done on mobile cloud computing application model involves the process of computation offloading. The main objective behind offloading a mobile application is to save energy, to improve computational performance or both

Cloud signature: An application to detect cloud-computing applications artifacts
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research provides the necessary information needed to create a tool capable of detecting and parsing any of the supported cloud computing application on the computational device are the desirable characteristics for a cloud computing application detection tool. Page 13. 4

Implementing SAAS: Cloud Computing and Android Based Application Framework for C Programming
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development. Designed and developed a Cloud Computing Application for Java program creation, compilation and execution on the cloud using lean mobile computing systems like smart phones, ipads and netbooks. Through

Cloud Computing And Its Application In Libraries
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11 . 6. Cloud Computing : Application In Libraries There are some organizations and business houses who functions as cloud computing vendors for library softwares, search engines and digital libraries etc and offer the use of cloud computing platform for these purposes

Application of cloud computing in the defense industry: An academic and practical viewpoint
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The review of the literature reveals that a comparison of the cloud computing application in the different modes has not been carried out yet although the use of a broader perspective could contribute to raising the quality of the individual studies

Application scheduling in cloud computing environment with the consideration of performance interference
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The experiments show the better performance of our methods. Index Terms Performance interference, virtualized environment, cloud computing , application scheduling I. INTRODUCTION Recently, cloud computing has received much attention

Application Method-based Efficient Offloading Scheme in Mobile Cloud Computing
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Application Method-based Efficient Offloading Scheme in Mobile Cloud Computing Ahmed AA Gad-ElRab Department

Application Optimization in Mobile Cloud Computing: Motivation, Taxonomies, and Open Challenges
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Page 1. Application Optimization in Mobile Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Application in Building Monitoring System
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Article Preview Article Preview Article Preview Popularization of the building monitoring system requires huge data storage, information management and computing services. However, the analog signal transmission cannot meet the requirements anymore, therefore

Cloud Computing : Application , Impact and Prospects for Libraries
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This research paper is used to throw the light on how Cloud Computing is used in library systems and its application, Impact, prospects for libraries. Cloud computing is a new technology for IT services which many businesses and organization are adopting. This
in two different models benchmark application and workload models are described. We