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Challenges for provenance in cloud computing
IM Abbadi ,in 3rd USENIX Workshop on the Theory and , 2011 ,
Abstract Many applications which require provenance are now moving to cloud
infrastructures. However, it is not widely realised that clouds have their own need for
provenance due to their dynamic nature and the burden this places on their administrators

The hybrex model for confidentiality and privacy in cloud computing
SY Ko,  Proc. HotCloud, 2011 ,
Abstract This paper proposes a new execution model for confidentiality and privacy in cloud
computing, called the HybrEx (Hybrid Execution) model. The HybrEx model provides a
seamless way for an organization to utilize their own infrastructure for sensitive, private 

On Economic Mobile Cloud Computing Model
H Liang, D Huang , Workshop on Mobile Computing , 2010 ,
Abstract. Cloud has become a promising service model for mobile devices. Using cloud
services, mobile devices can outsource its computationally intensive operations to the cloud,
such as searching, data mining, and multimedia processing. In this service computing

The economic consequences of the diffusion of cloud computing
F Etro ,the Global Information Technology Report, 2009 ,
Cloud computing is an emerging general purpose technology (GPT) that could provide a
fundamental contribution to efficiency in the private and public sectors, as well as promote
growth, competition, and business creation. It is an Internet-based technology through 

Cloud computing in higher education
R Katz, P Goldstein, R Yanosky ,2010 ,
Background At their January 22, 2009, meeting, members of the EDUCAUSE Board of
Directors advised the staff that:(1) they believed that the time was right for EDUCAUSE to
assume a more activist role in promoting higher education; and (2) the shift to above-

How to select a cloud computing infrastructure provider
L Leong ,Gartner Research, 2009 ,
While cost, operational stability and ability to scale are important when choosing a cloud
infrastructure service provider, base your selection on how well the solution suits your
application architecture, provides the level of customer support you want and meets your ..

Intensification of educational cloud computing and crisis of A cryptographic key generation scheme for multilevel data security
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In 1982, and Taylor proposed an elegant solution to rhe partially ordered multilevel key distribution problem, using a cryptographic approach. Since then, continuing research has been conducred to try to realize and simplify their scheme. Generally speaking, there are

Towards achieving data security with the cloud computing adoption framework.
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Offering real-time data security for petabytes of data is important for Cloud Computing. A recent survey on cloud security states that the security of users data has the highest priority as well as concern. We believe this can only be able to achieve with an approach that is

Data security model for cloud computing
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With the development of cloud computing, Data security becomes more and more important in cloud computing. This paper analyses the basic problem of cloud computing data security . With the analysis of HDFS architecture, we get the data security requirement of cloud

Data security in cloud computing with elliptic curve cryptography
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Cloud computing is one of todays hottest research areas due to its ability to reduce costs associated with computing while increasing scalability and flexibility for computing services. Cloud computing is Internet based computing due to shared resources, software and the protection of data from accidental or malicious modification, destruction, or disclosure (FIPS); the science and study of methods of protecting data in computer and communications systems against unauthorized disclosure, transfer, delay, modifications, or

Privacy and Data Security Risks in Cloud Computing.
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In recent years, cloud computing has emerged as one of the fastest-growing segments of the information technology industry. The ability to leverage economies of scale, geographic distribution,

Robust data security for cloud while using third party auditor
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Cloud computing has been envisioned as the next-generation technology of IT industries. The Cloud is a platform where data owner remotely store their data in the cloud to enjoy the high quality applications and services. The client or data owner send their data to data

Enhancing data security using video steganography
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Information security has become the area of concern as a result of widespread use of communication medium over the internet. This paper focuses on the data security approach when combined with encryption and steganographic techniques for secret communication
in public clouds

PS Bala ,International Journal on Computer Science and , 2010 ,
Abstract Cloud computing is an emerging technology that access remote servers through
Internet to maintain data and applications. It incorporates the advantages of grid and utility
computing. This paper expresses the importance of cloud computing and various security 

A Study on Secure Data Storage Strategy in Cloud Computing
D Chen ,Journal of Convergence Information Technology, 2010 ,
Abstract Based on fundamental theories of k equations in algebra, n congruence surplus
principle in elementary number theory, and the Abhishek’s online data storage algorithm, we
propose a secure data storage strategy in cloud computing. The strategy splits data d into 

CRM and cloud computing
J Nemecek , on Applied informatics and computing theory, 2011 ,
Abstract—The article deals with how selected companies doing business in the Czech
Republic are using information technology and business strategy Customer Relationship
Management (CRM). If they use complete solutions of CRM as purchase and installation 

Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing, 2011
overview of 5G
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Five disruptive technology directions for 5G
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New research directions will lead to fundamental changes in the design of future 5th generation ( 5G ) cellular networks. This paper describes five technologies that could lead to both architectural and component disruptive design changes: device-centric architectures The ever growing traffic explosion in mobile communications has recently drawn increased attention to the large amount of underutilized spectrum in the millimeter-wave frequency bands as a potentially viable solution for achieving tens to hundreds of times more capacity

Global glacial isostasy and the surface of the ice-age Earth: the ICE- 5G (VM2) model and GRACE
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Abstract The 100 kyr quasi periodic variation of continental ice cover, which has been a persistent feature of climate system evolution throughout the most recent 900 kyr of Earth history, has occurred as a consequence of changes in the seasonal insolation regime forced

Cellular architecture and key technologies for 5G wireless communication networks
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The fourth generation wireless communication systems have been deployed or are soon to be deployed in many countries. However, with an explosion of wireless mobile devices and services, there are still some challenges that cannot be accommodated even by 4G, such as

Scenarios for 5G mobile and wireless communications: the vision of the METIS project
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ABSTRACT METIS is the EU flagship 5G project with the objective of laying the foundation for 5G systems and building consensus prior to standardization. The METIS overall approach toward 5G builds on the evolution of existing technologies complemented by new

Network densification: the dominant theme for wireless evolution into 5G
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Mobile wireless communication has experienced explosive growth over the past decade, fueled by the popularity of smartphones and tablets. A broad consensus in the wireless industry anticipates a strong continuation of this trend for several years to come. The

Non-orthogonal multiple access for 5G : solutions, challenges, opportunities, and future research trends
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The increasing demand of mobile Internet and the Internet of Things poses challenging requirements for 5G wireless communications, such as high spectral efficiency and massive connectivity. In this article, a promising technology, non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA)

On the performance of non-orthogonal multiple access in 5G systems with randomly deployed users
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In this letter, the performance of non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) is investigated in a cellular downlink scenario with randomly deployed users. The developed analytical results show that NOMA can achieve superior performance in terms of ergodic sum rates; however As the deployment and commercial operation of 4G systems are speeding up, technologists worldwide have begun searching for next generation wireless solutions to meet the anticipated demands in the 2020 era given the explosive growth of mobile Internet. This

Cache in the air: Exploiting content caching and delivery techniques for 5G systems
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The demand for rich multimedia services over mobile networks has been soaring at a tremendous pace over recent years. However, due to the centralized architecture of current cellular networks, the wireless link capacity as well as the bandwidth of the radio access

Device-to-device communication in 5G cellular networks: challenges, solutions, and future directions
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In a conventional cellular system, devices are not allowed to directly communicate with each other in the licensed cellular bandwidth and all communications take place through the base stations. In this article, we envision a two-tier cellular network that involves a macrocell tierIn the near future, ie, beyond 4G, some of the prime objectives or demands that need to be addressed are increased capacity, improved data rate, decreased latency, and better quality of service. To meet these demands, drastic improvements need to be made in cellular

Mobile edge computing A key technology towards 5G
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Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is a new technology which is currently being standardized in an ETSI Industry Specification Group (ISG) of the same name. Mobile Edge Computing provides an IT service environment and cloud-computing capabilities at the edge of the

Living on the edge: The role of proactive caching in 5G wireless networks
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This article explores one of the key enablers of beyond 4G wireless networks leveraging small cell network deployments, proactive caching. Endowed with predictive capabilities and harnessing recent developments in storage, context awareness, and social networks, peak The vision of next generation 5G wireless communications lies in providing very high data rates (typically of Gbps order), extremely low latency, manifold increase in base station capacity, and significant improvement in users perceived quality of service (QoS), compared

The requirements, challenges, and technologies for 5G of terrestrial mobile telecommunication
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In this article, we summarize the 5G mobile communication requirements and challenges. First, essential requirements for 5G are pointed out, including higher traffic volume, indoor or hotspot traffic, and spectrum, energy, and cost efficiency. Along with these changes of

5G ultra-dense cellular networks
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Traditional ultra-dense wireless networks are recommended as a complement for cellular networks and are deployed in partial areas, such as hotspot and indoor scenarios. Based on the massive multiple-input multi-output (MIMO) antennas and the millimeter Self-interference cancellation invalidates a long-held fundamental assumption in wireless network design that radios can only operate in half duplex mode on the same channel. Beyond enabling true in-band full duplex, which effectively doubles spectral efficiency, self
28T-ZNM/hype_cycle_for_cloud_computi_214915.pdf” > FREE DOWNLOAD [PDF] 
DM Smith ,2011 ,
Cloud computing is maturing, but it continues to be the latest, most hyped concept in IT. As
we stated in” Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing, 2010,” it is simplistic to look only at the hype
around the high-level term. As aspects of the cloud move into mainstream adoption, each 

Cloud computing set to unleash a perfect storm in business
P Fingar ,Cordial Cloudburst, 2009 ,
Page 1. Cloud Computing Set to Unleash a Perfect Storm in Business Peter Fingar Page 2.  One
shared computer One shared information base Page 11. Cloud Computing makes it possible
to create new ?business operations platforms? that will allow companies to 

Implementation of Cloud Computing on Web Application
LR Rewatkar ,International Journal of Computer , 2010 ,
Abstract Cloud computing is a new method to add capabilities to a computer without
licensing new software, investing in new hardware or infrastructure or training new
personnel. Applications are purchased, licensed and run over the network instead of