cloud computing research papers 2012-7

Security in Cloud Computing
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TJ Madavi, YV Gawande, MB Kale ,International Conference on , 2012 ,
Abstract—In cloud computing the security facts including storage security, A cryptographic key generation scheme for multilevel data security
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In 1982, and Taylor proposed an elegant solution to rhe partially ordered multilevel key distribution problem, using a cryptographic approach. Since then, continuing research has been conducred to try to realize and simplify their scheme. Generally speaking, there are

Towards achieving data security with the cloud computing adoption framework.
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Offering real-time data security for petabytes of data is important for Cloud Computing. A recent survey on cloud security states that the security of users data has the highest priority as well as concern. We believe this can only be able to achieve with an approach that is

Data security model for cloud computing
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With the development of cloud computing, Data security becomes more and more important in cloud computing. This paper analyses the basic problem of cloud computing data security . With the analysis of HDFS architecture, we get the data security requirement of cloud

Data security in cloud computing with elliptic curve cryptography
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Cloud computing is one of todays hottest research areas due to its ability to reduce costs associated with computing while increasing scalability and flexibility for computing services. Cloud computing is Internet based computing due to shared resources, software and the protection of data from accidental or malicious modification, destruction, or disclosure (FIPS); the science and study of methods of protecting data in computer and communications systems against unauthorized disclosure, transfer, delay, modifications, or

Privacy and Data Security Risks in Cloud Computing.
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In recent years, cloud computing has emerged as one of the fastest-growing segments of the information technology industry. The ability to leverage economies of scale, geographic distribution,

Robust data security for cloud while using third party auditor
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Cloud computing has been envisioned as the next-generation technology of IT industries. The Cloud is a platform where data owner remotely store their data in the cloud to enjoy the high quality applications and services. The client or data owner send their data to data

Enhancing data security using video steganography
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Information security has become the area of concern as a result of widespread use of communication medium over the internet. This paper focuses on the data security approach when combined with encryption and steganographic techniques for secret communication
, and
network security and how to handle encrypted data. Then we select some topics and
describe them in more detail. In particular, we discuss a scheme for secure third party 

 The Formal Description Based on p-calculus for Verifying the ATN in Cloud Computing?
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S YANG, S WANG ,Journal of Computational Information Systems, 2012
Abstract This article is composed to solve the formal verification of the access control
process in cloud computing. By analyzing the present trusted security model, it propose a
service security model based on the automated trust negotiation (ATN). At running time, 

 The Comprehensive Approach for Data Security in Cloud Computing: A Survey
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NN Kumbhar, VV Chaudhari ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Cloud Computing is becoming next stage platform in the evolution of the
internet. It provides the customer an enhanced and efficient way to store data in the cloud
with different range of capabilities and applications. The data in the cloud is stored by the 

 Conceptualised View on: Can Cloud Computing Improve the Rescue Services in Finland?
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Abstract: The Rescue Services in Finland have a significant problem of communication with
other authorities who also participate in the rescue process. The greatest challenge is a lack
of shared programs, applications or any other e-services which they can use to 

 Cloud Computing Security Issues in Infrastructure as a Service
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P Arora, RC Wadhawan, ESP Ahuja ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract—Cloud computing is current buzzword in the market. It is paradigm in which the
resources can be leveraged on per use basis thus reducing the cost and complexity of
service providers. Cloud computing promises to cut operational and capital costs and 

 Use of Digital Signature and Rijndael Encryption Algorithm to Enhanced Security of data inCloud Computing Services
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P Rewagad, MY Pawar ,IJCA Proceedings on Emerging , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Cloud computing is an amazing technology above all other types of computing.
Cloud computing implies sharing of computing resources rather than having local servers or
personal individual devices to handle the applications. The goal of cloud computing is to 

 Research on Comparison of Cloud Computing and Grid Computing
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L Yuxi, W Jianhua ,Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 2012 ,
Abstract: The development of computer industry is promoted by the progress of distributed
computing, parallel computing and grid computing, so the cloud computing movement rises.
This study describes the types of cloud computing services, the similarities and differences 

 An Anti-cheating Bidding Approach for Resource Allocation in Cloud ComputingEnvironments?
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H HU, Z LI, H HU ,Journal of Computational Information Systems, 2012
Abstract Cloud computing is a large-scale distributed computing paradigm, which uses a
usage-based pricing model to deliver various services and resources on demand to
participants globally distributed over the Internet. Cloud computing systems incorporate 

 Secure Storage in Cloud Computing
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A Amini ,2012 ,
Summary In this Master’s thesis a security solution for data storage in cloud computing is
examined. The solution encompasses confidentiality and integrity of the stored data, as well
as a secure data sharing mechanism in the cloud storage systems. For this purpose, 

Cloud Computing in Education: The Intersection of Challenges and Opportunities
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II Ivanov ,Web Information Systems and Technologies, 2012 ,Springer
In the last few years, in spite of concerns about the hype, cloud computing has expanded
steadily both horizontally–across industries, and vertically–in organizations’ technology
stacks. Most technologies that enable cloud services existed prior to cloud computing’s 

 Cloud computing issues for legal practices
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Coralie Kenny is a councillor of the Law Society of New South Wales; Tahlia Gordon is
research and projects manager with the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner. ment
systems that offer document management and storage platforms, secure document and 

 Fault Tolerance-Challenges, Techniques and Implementation in Cloud Computing
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A Bala, I Chana ,2012
Abstract Fault tolerance is a major concern to guarantee availability and reliability of critical
services as well as application execution. In order to minimize failure impact on the system
and application execution, failures should be anticipated and proactively handled. Fault 

 Cloud computing security with Steganography and Cryptoghrapy AES algorthm Technology
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MPU Wawge, AR Rathod ,World Research Journal of Computer , 2012
Abstract-The growth of high speed computer networks and that of the Internet, in particular,
has increased the ease of Information Communication. Ironically, the cause for the
development is also of the apprehension-use of digital formatted data. In comparison with 

 Modern Encryption Techniques for Cloud Computing
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S El-etriby, EM Mohamed, HS Abdul-kader ,2012
Abstract—Cloud computing has to become the next-generation architecture of IT Enterprise.
Clouds are massively complex systems. They can be reduced to simple primitives, that are
replicated thousands of times, and common functional units. The complexity of cloud 

The impact of cloud computing on businesses
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S Aslanzadeh, Z Chaczko ,1st Australian Conference on the , 2012 ,
Abstract Investigating through the business world, organizations are applying new
technologies to improve their business to compete with other competitors. Minimizing the
costs while gaining the most benefits from the business are the main goals of all the 

 Overcoming Barriers to Entry into the Cloud Computing User Marketplace for Small and Medium Enterprises
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CJ Latham ,2012 ,
Page 1. Page | 1 Overcoming Barriers to Entry into the Cloud Computing
User Marketplace for Small and Medium Enterprises A  Enterprises ..
18 Table 2: Cloud Computing Taxonomy .. 33 

 Security And Privacy Issues Of Cloud Computing; Solutions And Secure Framework
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A MATHEW ,International Journal of Multidisciplinary , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defined cloud
computing as a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool
of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with 

 Cloud Computing and the World of Social Media
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VM Luoma, M Luoma, P Herickhoff ,International Magazine on , 2012
Abstract Cloud Computing refers to the use of third-party servers by millions around the
world for data storage and processing. Anytime an individual or company is engaged in a

 Cloud Computing Implementation in Indonesia
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M Dachyar, MD Prasetya ,International Journal of Applied, 2012 ,
Abstract Cloud Computing is one of the emerging technology in the world of information
technology. Technology acceptance model is strongly influenced by the recommendations
of the decision makers in companies, which are influenced by their perception of new 

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V Kamra, K Sonawane, P Alappanavar ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract Cloud computing is a rapidly emerging technology which involves deployment of
various services like software, web services and virtualized infrastructure, as a product on
public, private or hybrid clouds on lease basis. These services are charged by the 

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K Vats ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract—This is an age of vibrant and rapidly evolving communication technologies,
internet have shaped and changed society dramatically and technically, a ‘network
society’has been developed as in which work and do business. It’s the era of facebook 

 An Efficient and Secure Nonlinear Programming Outsourcing in Cloud Computing
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M Madhura, R Santosh ,International Journal, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Cloud Computing provides a appropriate on-demand network access to a
shared pool of configurable computing resources which could be rapidly deployed with
much more great efficiency and with minimal overhead to management. This paper deals 

CP3109: Introduction to Cloud Computing
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M TY ,2012 ,
–Actors in cloud computing–Interactions between the actors–Usage scenarios–Cloud
consumer: available services Cl d id j iii–Cloud provider: major activities–Cloud broker: key
services–Scope of controls between provider and consumer Service orchestration and 

 Fault tolerant workflow scheduling based on replication and resubmission of tasks in Cloud Computing
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SK Jayadivya, S Jaya Nirmala ,International , 2012
Abstract—The aim of workflow scheduling system is to schedule the workflows within the
user given deadline to achieve a good success rate. Workflow is a set of tasks processed in
a predefined order based on its data and control dependency. Scheduling these