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 Agent Based Framework for Scalability in Cloud Computing
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A Singh, M Malhotra ,International Journal of Computer Science, 2012
Abstract: Cloud computing focuses on delivery of reliable, secure, faulttolerant, sustainable,
and scalable infrastructures for hosting internet-based application services. These
applications have different composition, configuration, and deployment requirements. 

 Secure Computing in the Cloud
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Com- puting in the Cloud. Cloud Computing offers a lot of benefits for end customers:
high-end machines, incredible amounts of storage, high availability and everything
available at the touch of a button. In this seminar we concentrate 

 The Value of Green IT: a Theoretical Framework and Exploratory Assessment of Cloud Computing
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M Scott, R Watson ,2012 ,
Abstract The phenomenon of climate change and the resulting focus on energy consumption
has created a consensus among businesses about the need for a collective reduction in
carbon emissions. A range of new Green technologies, such as Cloud computing, provide 

 Analytical Study of Agile Methodology with Cloud Computing
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A Jain, R Rani , on National Workshop-Cum-Conference on , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Agile development methodologies are very promising in the software industry.
Agile development techniques are very realistic in understanding the fact that requirement in
a business environment changes constantly. Agile development processes optimize the 

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