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CMOS complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor is the term usually used to describe the small amount of memory on a computer motherboard that stores the BIOS settings. Some of these BIOS settings include the system time and date as well as hardware settings

Photon-Free Calibration of CMOS Cameras for Precise Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Reconstruction
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scientific-grade CMOS (sCMOS) cameras have evolved into a preferred detector type for single molecule localization microscopy (SMLM). Compared to EM-CCDs, sCMOS cameras o not only feature potentially increased localization precisions and framerates, but also

High throughput Drug Testing of Transmitter Release Events in Chromaffin Cells with Surface Modified CMOS Ic
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spectrometry is an electrochemical method to measure the kinetics, quantal size and fusion ore properties of quantal release events. CMOS based electrochemical sensor array with surface-modified SU-8 microwell structures allow parallel recordings of multiple single cells

Widefield Multi-Frequency Fluorescence Life time imaging using a Two-Tap CMOS Camera Withlateral Electric Field Charge Modulators
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Widefield frequency-domain fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FD-FLIM) measures fluorescence lifetime of entire images in a fast and efficient manner. We report a widefield D-FLIM system based on a CMOS camera equipped with two-tap true correlated double

Which is the Best 10T Static CMOS Full Adder for Ultralow-Power Applications
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this paper presents the analysis of various 10-transistor CMOS 1-bit full adder circuits in terms of their output levels and finds out the suitable adder cell at 200 mV in subthreshold region at 16-nm technology node for ultra-low power applications. This paper also providesAdvances of traditional CMOS devices may be hitting a bottleneck soon due to electrostatic ontrol, power, device density, and variability limitations. It may be necessary to complement ilicon transistors with beyond- CMOS counterparts in integrated circuits. Yet, a

Comparison of the dark signal degradation induced by Gamma ray, proton, and neutron radiation in pinned photodiode CMOS image sensors
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CMOS image sensors (CISs) present numerous advantages and have become easible alternatives for CCDs (charge coupled devices) in satellite imaging system, nuclear Andustry, and particle detection [1 3]. However, CISs used in these applications are often

Hybrid CMOS -SET Inverter Design for Improved Performance using Tied Body-backgate Technique
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single-electron transistors (SETs) are an attractive candidate for future functional elements n LSIs, because of their low-power consumption and small size. Integration of current MOS technology with the emerging SET devices is an effective approach for improving

Dependency of well-contact density on MCUs in 65-nm bulk CMOS SRAM
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In custom static random access memory (SRAM) cell, radiation-induced single it upsets (SBUs) are considered as the main cause of soft error . Advanced technologies And scaling down of feature sizes have made single-event multiple cell upsets (MCUs) as

A 1-V 4.6-μW/channel Fully Differential Neural Recording Front-end IC with Current-controlled Pseudoresistor in 0.18-μm CMOS
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this paper presents a fully differential implantable neural recording front-end IC for Monitoring neural activities. Each analog front-end (AFE) consists of a low-noise amplifier LNA), a variable gain amplifier (VGA), and a buffer. The output signal of the AFE is digitized

Power Efficient Carry Skip Adder Based on Static 125nm CMOS Technology
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In a digital circuit theory, combinational logic is a type of digital logic implemented by oolean circuits, where the output is pure function of the present input. A carry skip adder Which is also known as carry by pass adder is an adder implementation that improves on the

Low Power and Area Efficient Carry Save Adder Based on Static 125nm CMOS Technology
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In a digital circuit theory combinational logic is a type of the digital logic implemented by oolean circuits where the output is dependent of pure present input. A Carry save adder is ne of the type of the digital adder that is used in the computer micro architecture to compute

Bidirectional Interfacing of Neurons with a 32k Pixel CMOS Multi-Capacitor-Transistor-Array (MCTA)
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We report on a closed-loop-experiment with an A-cluster neuron of a pedal ganglion from he pond snail . For that kind of experiments neurons with a soma diameter between 50-80 m were taken. A description of the preparation and the cell

A Full-Duplex Radio Using a CMOS Non-Magnetic Circulator Achieving+ 95dB Overall SIC
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Full-duplex (FD) wireless is an emerging wireless communication paradigm where the Transmitter and the receiver operate simultaneously at the same frequency. One major Challenge in realizing FD wireless is the interference of the TX signal saturating the receiver

Design of Area Efficient Delay Flip Flop based on Static 125nm CMOS Technology
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Sequential logic is a form of binary circuit design that employs one or more inputs and one r more outputs, whose states are related by defined rules that depend, inpart, on previous tates. In sequential logic the output depends on both present inputs and the past output

Overview of CMOS Annealing Machines
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method that has been proposed for efficiently solving combinatorial optimization problems involves using an annealing machine based on the Using model . Although annealing machines have been implemented in various different ways, we have proposed a

Simple Anti Capacitor Open-circuit Self-oscillation in a CMOS Schmitt trigger-invertor Oscillator circuit for a Fail-safe Relay Drive
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Oscillator circuits with a CMOS Schmitt trigger-inverter are commonly used in applications hat relate to relay driver circuits. It is possible to devise a fail-dangerous occurrence from the ircuit, in which an open fault happens at the input circuit between the capacitor and input

Epiretinal stimulation of retina with CMOS Multi-Capacitor-Array
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Methods We studied the stimulation of adult rabbit retina in epiretinal configuration using a 0x20 multicapacitor array. Each capacitor measures 50×50 μm with 1 μm spacing in etween and insulated by a thin layer of TiO2/ZrO2 with a capacitance of 2.7 μF/cm^ 2. The

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this project implements the design of Bandgap reference circuit using the conventional method and the gm/ID method in CMOS 180nm technology. The circuit is designed, simulated and output voltage reference is found to be 1.2 V at room temperature with the

Investigating neuronal networks dynamics in hippocampal cultures by means of high-density CMOS -MEAs
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Microelectronic CMOS technology was recently introduced for realizing advanced micro electrode arrays (MEAs) integrating thousand of electrodes, densely packed over large Recording area. Here, we adopt a CMOS -MEA platform (ie BioCam4096 from 3Brain) to

A 45nm CMOS Technology of Constant Current Source with Reduced PVT Variation
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Electronic Circuits, and it is a main building block of analog or digital or any mixed signals. his paper deals with the concept of constant current source with reduced in PVT (Process- voltage-Temperature) variation. The proposed architecture of constant current reference

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