High-energy environment of super-Earth 55 Cnc e I: Far-UV chromospheric variability as a possible tracer of planet-induced coronal rain
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ABSTRACT The high-energy X-ray to ultraviolet (XUV) irradiation of close-in planets by their host star influences their evolution and might be responsible for the existence of a population of ultra-short period planets eroded to their bare core. In orbit around a bright

Optimization of machining parameters of hard porcelain on a CNC machine by Taguchi-and RSM method
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ABSTRACT In order to build up a relationship between quality and productivity, the present work focuses an optimized approach to establishing the multi-objective machining parameters and mathematical models for Pressure and Voltage on CNC turning machine

An analytical 3 C continuous local corner smoothing algorithm for four-axis CNC machine tools
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ABSTRACT Linear motion commands of multi-axis computer numerical control ( CNC ) machine tools need to be smoothed at the transition corners, because the velocity discontinuities at corners can result in fluctuations on machine tool motions and lead to poor surface quality

Modeling and Optimization of Carbon Steel AISI 1045 Surface Roughness in CNC Turning Based on Response Surface Methodology and Heuristic
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ABSTRACT : Surface roughness or surface quality is considered to be one of the most crucial requirement of a machined part since it directly influences the mechanical properties of the part. However, the traditional method of choosing cutting parameters values to obtain a

The Variable Observer (Vol. 1): Multicolor (BVIc) Light Curves and Period Analysis of the Eclipsing Binary IL Cnc
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1 Methods Time-series images were taken (90-sec) in 2014 with an SBIG ST-8XME CCD camera mounted at the Cassegrain focus of a 0.28-m catadioptric telescope. This f/6.4 instrument located in UnderOak Observatory (UO; NJ, USA) produces an image scale of

CNC Milling Programming. LinearCircular interpolations for a workpiece
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Executive summary A combined 3D linear and circular interpolation principle is developed on the basis of the 3D linear and circular interpolation principles. The task was to choose and design a creative item to be machined using CNC machining, which then required to

Arduino Based Cost Effective CNC Plotter Machine
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ABSTRACT Due to the rapid growth of technology the usageutilization of CNC machine in industries are increased. The fabrication of low cost CNC machine is used to reduce cost and complexity of machine. This paper deals with the design of automatic mini CNC

Investigation of Mixing Time on Carrageenan-Cellulose Nanocrystals ( CNC ) Hard Capsule for Drug Delivery Carrier
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ABSTRACT Present global market demands for plant based capsule to replace the animal based product. However, plant capsule produces a lower mechanical strength in comparison to gelatin based capsule. In this work, at constant 65 C mixing temperature, the

3-Axial CNC Router to 3D Printer
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ABSTRACT Additive manufacturing is also known as 3D printing. 3D printing is achieved by translating the digital code into visible solid 3D model. Successive layers are printed one after the other by laying down the material this is called as Additive Manufacturing. The

nalysis and structuring of process planning logic for CNC machining: an education and training perspective
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ABSTRACT Programming of CNC machining centres using CAM software is efficient provided that machining operations and their sequence has been correctly determined by the user. Such decisions, however, are a largely matter of experience. If the user is inexperienced

Parametric Study of CNC Turning Operation using Taguchi Method
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ABSTRACT CNC machine tool is widely used by manufacturing engineers and production personnel to quickly and effectively set up manufacturing processes for new products. This study discusses an investigation into the use of Taguchi Parameter Design methodology for

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ABSTRACT Contemporary market must provide products that adapt to customer needs, which requires large investments and long-term employment. Producers have to take care of the buyers different way of thinking. The quality of products and services is an important CSE PROJECTS