ABSTRACT Using a novel embedded Markov chain, we model and analyze a cognitive radio performing full-duplex spectrum sensing which is being carried out imperfectlyie, with errorsand asynchronously with primary traffic, from the perspective of energy efficiency

Full-Duplex and Cognitive Radio Networking for the Emerging 5G Systems
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Full duplex and cognitive radio technologies have paved the way to enormous advances in wireless communications. Cognitive radio since 1990s, has predicted transceivers that can be aware of their surroundings and be able to detect and exploit underutilized frequency

CRITIC: A Cognitive Radio Inspired Road Traffic Congestion Reduction Solution
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ABSTRACT According to recent forecasts, constant population growth and urbanization will bring an additional load of 2.9 billion vehicles to road networks by 2050. This will certainly lead to increased air pollution concerns, highly congested roads putting more strain on an

A cognitive radio enabled smart grid testbed based on software defined radio and real time digital simulator.
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ABSTRACT With the development of Smart Grid, there is an increasing need for the inter discipline research, analysis and evaluation, especially in the joint research area of communication system and power system. In this paper, we propose a Cognitive Radio

Distributed Intrusion Detection System for Cognitive Radio Networks Based on Weighted Fair Queuing Algorithm
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ABSTRACT Reliable detection of intrusion is the basis of safety in cognitive radio networks (CRNs). So far, few scholars applied intrusion detection systems (IDS) to combat intrusion against CRNs. In order to improve the performance of intrusion detection in CRNs, a The available radio spectrum has been quickly filled up due to the continued rapid growth of wireless access demand in the past decades, raising to the community a severe problem of spectrum scarcity. One promising solution to this issue is the recently advocated cognitive

Wireless Multimedia Cognitive Radio Networks: A Comprehensive Survey
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ABSTRACT Time critical and delay sensitive multimedia applications require more spectrum and transmission resources. With the provision of cognitive radios (CRs), the underutilized spectrum resources can be exploited to gain more bandwidth for the bandwidth hungry

Compressive Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks
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Institut National des Postes et T l communications 2, av ALLal EL Fassi Madinat AL Irfane - Rabat MAROC T l: (212) 537 77 30 79 Fax: (212) 537 77 30 44, Of National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications Discipline: Telecommunications and In this article, we present a new design con-cept for a multifunctional antenna providing single/dual frequency-notched ultrawideband (UWB) capability and its complementary multiple narrow-band functionality from a printed coplanar waveguide (CPW)-fed annular

On the Probabilistic Model Checking of Cognitive Radio Networks and Cognitive Infocommunication Systems
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ABSTRACT We report on the usage of the probabilistic model checker PRISM to validate respectively falsify previously published results on the performance of cognitive radio networks and other cognitive infocommunication systems. For this purpose, we construct

An Improved Leader Election in Cognitive Radio Ad-Hoc Networks
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ABSTRACT In the field of wireless communication the importance of spectrum is well known. Spectrum is limited natural resource that governs all the wireless communications. Recently, more numbers of wireless devices are using the internet and it increases continuously day

Performance Evaluation of Cooperative and Non Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Schemes for Cognitive Radio
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A Kumar 2018 The infrastructural voids are keeping developing countries like India from providing network connectivity to their geographically dispersed rural areas. Although thorough work is being done to establish and maintain such network links based primarily on 802.11 hardware

Moment Based Spectrum Sensing Algorithm in Cognitive Radio Network for Future of 5G
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ABSTRACT : The cognitive radio is a smart wireless communication system that is aware of its adjacent environment and under a certain approach is capable of using the current available spectrum temporarily without interfering with the primary user. Cyclostationary

Spectrum-aware shared protection (SASP) algorithm for cognitive radio networks
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ABSTRACT Cognitive radio (CR) has become a key technology for addressing spectrum scarcity. In CR networks, spectrum access should not interfere the incumbent networks. Due to the requirement above, common control channel approaches, which are widely used in

Analysis of Medium Access Protocols with Channel Bonding for Cognitive Radio on TV bands
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ABSTRACT -Underutilized television (TV) channels, while potentially being fragmented, still offer a significant amount of idle bandwidth and great communication areas. Using cognitive radio (CR) technology with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) would

Review of Wireless Multimedia Communication in Cognitive Radio Networks
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Multimedia applications are regarded as the timecritical and bandwidth hungry applications. Support of multimedia application in cognitive radio networks (CRNs) has been studied from various dimensions. This paper has encompassed state-of the-art work related to the

Reduction of Ping Pong Effect In Cognitive Radio Spectrum Handoffs Using Fuzzy Logic Based Inference
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ABSTRACT The evolution in wireless communication and networking has increased the demand for the availability of extra spectrum bands. The spectrum is a scarce resource and requires to be utilized in an efficient way. Research in this domain has envisaged that the

Survey on challenges in Cognitive Radio
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ABSTRACT A cognitive radio is an adaptive, multi-dimensionally aware, autonomous radio system that learns from its experiences to reason, plan, and decide future actions to meet user needs. Due to the technological advancement in last few decades, we have a

Spectrum Sensing and Collision with Primary Users in MIMO Cognitive Radio
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ABSTRACT Cognitive Radio Network is a form of communication where licensed frequency band of the Primary users (PUs) are made available to the Secondary user (SU) with constraint interference to the PUs. In this work, we have investigated a novel model

Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks using Firefly Algorithm
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ABSTRACT The work presented in this paper is the Fusion technique for hybrid cooperative spectrum sensing using AND fusion of three secondary users for decision making. Energy detection based spectrum sensing method is the most common technique due to its simple

Analysis of Primary User ArrivalDeparture in Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Sensor Network
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ABSTRACT Wireless sensor network is used as wide area for communication technologies, Due to increasing the number of applications over the telecommunication network there is need of development of next generation wireless sensor network, which is used by the

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ABSTRACT In the wireless technologies there was an Exponential growth in the number of wireless subscribers and continuous demand for high data rates, where radio frequency spectrum is becoming increasingly crowded. To overcome this kind of circumstances

A Novel Chaotic Communication based Test Signal Approach for Identification of Primary User Emulation Attack in Cognitive Radio Networks
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ABSTRACT : In this paper, a novel method for detection of Primary User Emulation Attack (PUEA) by tagging (adding tag bits) a test signal in chaotic communication is proposed. The tagged test signal is masked by the secondary user using Lorenz chaotic attractor and sent

The Design and Implementation of the XWCETT Routing Algorithm in Cognitive Radio Based Wireless Mesh Networks
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ABSTRACT The Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) technology has recently emerged as a promising high speed wireless technology, which provides the last mile broadband Internet access and delivers integrated wireless communication solutions. Integrating the traditional

Effect of an Incumbent User on Unlicensed Users Channels in Cognitive Radio Networks: An Overlay Performance Evaluation
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ABSTRACT Cognitive radio network (CRN) is an established approach for solving the challenge of spectrum underutilization and scarcity respectively. This can be achieved through a dynamic spectrum access (DSA) policy. The incumbent user (Primary User), being ABSTRACT This paper proposes a multiple-ring model to characterize the distribution of heterogeneous cognitive radio (CR) users with a primary receiver locating at the center of the rings. The aggregate interference received at the primary receivers from heterogeneous

A Survey on Spectrum Sensing Algorithms for Cognitive Radio Networks
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ABSTRACT Cognitive radio (CR) has emerged as one of the most promising candidate solutions to answer the spectrum scarcity problem. Spectrum sensing is essential task in improving spectrum utilization efficiency. This paper constitutes a brief survey of CR sensing

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ABSTRACT : Cognitive Radios have become a key research area in communications over the past few years. They play an important role in dynamic spectrum management and interference identification. Automatic Modulation Classification is the automatic recognition

Stochastic models for Cognitive Radio Networks
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CR Eugui ABSTRACT During the last decade we have seen an explosive development of wireless technologies. Consequently the demand for electromagnetic spectrum has been growing dramatically resulting in the spectrum scarcity problem. In spite of this, spectrum utilization ABSTRACT This paper designs a robust single-fed electronically steerable parasitic antenna radiators (ESPAR) based beamforming for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) cognitive radio network (CRN) with single primary link and multiple secondary users (SUs). Due to the

Antenna System Combining Sensing and Communication Tasks for Cognitive Radio Front-Ends
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ABSTRACT :-This paper presents an antenna system combining sensing and communication tasks, to be implemented into the RF front-end for cognitive radio systems. The sensing task was performed by the means of an ultra-wideband quasi-omnidirectional antenna. Whilst ABSTRACT This paper investigates the utility-based resource allocation for cooperative spectral sharing in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)-based cognitive radio (CR) system. We study the multicarrier CR system with a primary user (PU) and multiple ABSTRACT In this paper, we investigate the power allocation problem for a point-to-point cognitive radio (CR) with the secondary user (SU) powered by both the renewable energy and the conventional energy. In particular, the transmission of the SU is assumed to be ABSTRACT In this paper, we demonstrate a high security subcarrier shifting chaotic orthogonal frequency domain multiplex (OFDM) cognitive radio (CR) system using universal software radio peripheral (USRP) platform. Using the energy detection method, the bands

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ABSTRACT . Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks (CRAHN) is the infrastructure-less network model of Cognitive radios developed in an ad hoc manner. Regulating resource allocation in CRAHN is considered to be an energy constrained problem. Many researches have been ABSTRACT Interference-tolerant cognitive radio (CR) networks are emerging as a long-term solution to CR spectrum-sharing between licensed primary users (PUs) and unlicensed secondary users (SUs). Moreover, the networks allow PUs and SUs to coexist in so far as

Secrecy Outage Probability in Cognitive Radio Networks Subject to Rayleigh Fading Channels
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ABSTRACT Wireless communication systems are vulnerable to eavesdropping attack in which the attacker overhear the transmitted data in the network. Hence, the physical-layer security is of utmost importance to protect the wireless communications against the eavesdropping

SDR Based Energy Detection Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio for Real Time Video Transmission
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From evaluation results, one can see that the proposed system can indicate the frequency band occupancy by setting the detection output. Detection output changes to one with start of video transmission. Motivation behind this work is design of a spectrum sensing method

Optimization of Cognitive Radio Secondary Information Gathering Station Positioning and Operating Channel Selection for IoT Sensor Networks
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ABSTRACT The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of different objects through the internet using different communications technologies. The objects are equipped with sensors and communications modules. The cognitive radio network is a key technique for ABSTRACT In compressive sensing (CS)-based cooperative spectrum sensing (CSS) network, due to the varying of the secondary users (SUs)deployment environments and fading effects, not every SU could produce informative sensing result. Moreover, as the