common symmetric encryption algorithms

A Comparative Study of Six Most Common Symmetric Encryption Algorithms across Different Platforms

The cryptography algorithms are divided into two groups: symmetric-encryption algorithms and asymmetric-encryption algorithms. There are a lot of symmetric-encryption algorithms used in WLAN, such as DES, 3DES,RC6,UMARAM,RC2 and UR5. In all these algorithms, both sender and receiver have used the same key for encryption and decryption processes respectively. The outside attackers use the fixed plaintext and encrypted text to obtain the key used in the WLAN. Asymmetric encryption techniques are almost 1000 times slower than Symmetric techniques, because they require more computational processing power . This paper examines a method for evaluating performance of most common symmetric encryption of various algorithms on Encryption speed for wireless devices. In this paper we do the comparative analysis of RC6,UMARAM,DES,3DES,RC2 and UR5 on different latest platforms like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows7. This analysis shows which algorithm is best suited in which environment.

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