APEX, the APL parallel executor
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The former class is exemplified by conventional languages, such as FORTRAN and C, which were primarily designed with an eye toward machine efficiency Creation of a high-performance APL compiler requires an integrated approach to design in which dl performance

A Compiler Design for the Agent-Based Programming Language.
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By constructing the compiler we have a really executable APL program that can run on the We also need to develop a new runtime system solely for APL that can support The BDIM Agent Toolkit Design Technical Report 97/1 Department of computer Science, The University

A compiler for computer hardware expressed in modified APL
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The high-level language chosen for this disserta tion is based upon APL (A Programming Language). Because excellent introduction to AHPL, The language actually compiled by the hardware compiler differs only in a few The general approach or philosophy of design em

APLc-An APL Compiler Version 5.09
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This is a brief discussion of aplc, a program to translate APL into c, and hence (given ac compiler ) to compile APL . I wont discuss the APL language here. In 198 T. Budd ( ) designed an APL compiler and wrote some experimental code. He released this code on the internet

Compiling APL : The Yorktown APL Translator
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Design of the translator Writing a compiler to translate APL to Assembler would have been a very substantial job for us, and much of the effort would have duplicated work that has already gone into other compilers. So, to make A compiler option enables creation of an error trap for each statement (using the OEA operator Solving such a problem require a three-statement APL program, invoking in turn three In addition to flexible con- trol strategies, we designed several APLPIE features to enhance

A primitive-based strategy for producing efficient code for very high level programs
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The back end design of each compiler is the same. Many components are common. The main function in each back end is called TREELIST. This function generates code for each source line in accordance with the execution order mandated by the semanties of APL

ASP: an interactive APL circuit simulation package
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considered, followed by a review of some implementation considerations. Finally, some of the major design decisions made in ASP will be discussed and justified Because APL has no compiler execution times are relatively slow. To compensate, ASP has some

An APL Subset Interpreter for a New Chip Set
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a linearized form from which the source code can be recovered Another related field is the design of hardware architectures designed to support contamed In another APL workspace The compiler is stricter than the simulator about

A computer-aided design for digital filter implementation
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This necessitated efforts being spent in devising methods to verify the correctness of any hardware proposed or designed . Consequently, the emphasis of this research has gradually been shifted ware design and computer languages; in particular, the use of APL . To avoid

Object Specialization through Behavioral Reflection and Crosscutting
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Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos. November. 14. Pittman, T., Peters, J. The Art Of Compiler Design : Theory And Practice Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River. 15. Stroustrup, B. The C++ Programming Language Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., Julho. 16

ELI: a simple system for array programming
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Ching, The Design and Implementation of an APL dialect, ELI, APL Berlin 2000 Proc., Berlin, 2000, p69-76. W.-M. Ching, A Primer for ELI, a system for programming with arrays, preliminary version. W.-M. Ching and Alex Katz, The Testing of an APL Compiler ACM

INTEGRATED DATA ANALYSIS AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: An APLBased Decision Support System J. William Bergquist Los Angeles Scientific Center
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DAMS, some discussion of its design philosophy, and an illustration of a typical session at the terminal. AN OVERVIEW OF In addition to APL programs, non- APL programs also be inserted into the library by using the particular compiler required

APLGOL, an Experimental Structured Programming
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Programs designed and written using structured pro- gramming techniques have been demonstrated to be Thus it would appear that the expres- sion power of APL is complemented by has served as an excellent aid in teaching beginners the intri- cacies of compiler design

Design of a geophysical programming language
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163 Design of a geophysical programming language Ronald Ullmann Introduction In the middle 1950s, Fortran was not very simple, and APL programs are hard to understand because of APLs compact notation I did not use any features of the SEPs compiler that should be

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Abstract] The specifics of APL which prevent the production of an APL compiler are noted use of the precompilation method allows the construction of an optimizing APL interpreter, completely of a high-level language for a problem-oriented computer system designed to perform

Head tracking comparison methods for a display operation interface of a nuclear plant virtual control desk
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where the users are located within a VR space . Head tracking applications is designed to retrieve Runtime Required hardware Intel Core 2 Duo processor and SSE2 Compiler used Microsoft C/C++ Compiler Understanding virtual reality: interface, application and design

The design and implementation of the self compiler an optimizing compiler for object-oriented programming languages
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to non-object-oriented languages incorporating generic arithmetic or other generic operations, including Lisp, Icon, and APL Chapter 6 describes the framework in which the compiler functions, including the memory system architecture and (An early design and implementation

Agent-Based Programming
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AMT using UC) Wei Zhao ( APL Compiler ) Guobin Chen (Extending AMT with a diff. app.) Agent-based Software Engineering 2006 Chang-Hyun Jo 50 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS (Contd) Willy Tanimihardja (BDI Agent CASE Tool) Dongshi Zhang (A Compiler Design for

MAPLE: multiprocesor APL machinE
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and a long history of implementation. APL was designed to be consistent with existing vector and tensor theory while LISP The primary objective of this thesis is to reflect on the design of a memory architecture for a high performance multi-processor APL computer CSE PROJECTS