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computer is a machine or device that performs processes, calculations and operations based on instructions provided by a software or hardware program.

Users manual for SAFIR 2019 A computer program for analysis of structures subjected to fire
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SAFIR is a special purpose computer program for the analysis of structures under ambient And elevated temperature conditions. The program, which is based on the Finite Element method (FEM), can be used to study the behaviour of one, two and three-dimensional

Geometry and Uncertainty in Deep Learning for Computer Vision
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Deep learning and convolutional neural networks have become the dominant tool for Computer vision. These techniques excel at learning complicated representations from data Using supervised learning. In particular, image recognition models now out-perform human

How the Nanoarchitecture of Cardiac Muscle Mitochondria Affects Function: Lessons from Computer Simulations
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68-Plat How the Nanoarchitecture of Cardiac Muscle Mitochondria Affects Function: lessons from Computer Simulations Carmen

Computer Networks Title: Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach
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Students who have issues with the conduct of the course should discuss hem with the instructor first. If these discussions do not resolve the issue, then students hould feel free to contact the Chair of the Department by email or the Chairs Assistant to sethe research related to the analysis of living structures (Biomechanics) has been a source of recent research in several distinct areas of science, for example, Mathematics, Mechanical engineering, Physics, Informatics, Medicine and Sport. However, for its successful

15-year computer -record study of adolescents exposed to peer suicide
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Exposure to suicide is associated with an increased risk of suicide because of imitation behavior. 1 Suicide prevention programmes for young people are based on the Assumption that imitation plays a role in self-harm/suicidal behaviour. 2 Adolescentsn recent years, advanced mathematical theories have been utilized in computer graphics And have enabled richer visual expression. In turn, problems in computer graphics have seen one of the driving forces for the emerging fields in mathematics such as discretehe use of general descriptive names, registered names, trademarks, service marks, etc. in his publication does not imply, even in the absence of a specific statement, that such names re exempt from the relevant protective laws and regulations and therefore free for general

Critical Factors for Human Computer Interaction of eHealth for Older Adults
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the percentage of older adults increases globally with an increased need for medical care. o support the idea of successful active aging, e-health seems to be an interesting concept. his study was conducted as a systematic literature study, with the aim to identify and

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Innovative technologies, computer equipment make it possible today to put into practice Artificial intelligence systems. There are control systems for airplanes and locomotives on ailways, and at last real automatic control systems of modern cars began to appear. The era

Syntax, Semantics, and Computer Programs: Comments on Turners Computational Artifacts
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Turner argues that computer programs must have purposes, that implementation is not a ind of semantics, and that computers might need to understand what they do. I respectfully isagree: Computer programs need not have purposes, implementation is a kind of Istimation of surrogate models for computer experiments leads to nonparametric regression Istimation problems without noise in the dependent variable. In this paper, we propose an mpirical maximal deviation minimization principle to construct estimates in this context and

Towards More Individualized Interfaces: Automating the Assessment of Computer Literacy
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computer Literacy is an important predictor for how proficient a person is in its interaction With computers, which can determine whether a person is motivated and able to use specific oftware. Measuring Computer Literacy or its constituent elements (Skills, Attitude

Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science
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A Framework for the Experience of Meaning in Human- Computer Interaction
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the view of quality in human- computer interaction continuously develops, having in past ecades included consistency, transparency, usability, and positive emotions. Recently, eaning is receiving increased interest in the user experience literature and in industry

Computer Aided Small Molecule Modulation of Pancreatic Cancer Mechanobiology
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ancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is the third leading cause of death from cancer. Because most patients are not diagnosed before the cancer has reached a metastatic state, fter cells have acquired an altered mechanobiome, finding ways to lessen the cells abilityhis index covers all technical items papers, correspondence, reviews, etc. that ppeared in this periodical during 2018, and items from previous years that were ommented upon or corrected in 2018. Departments and other items may also be covered ifComputer vision and image retrieval and classification are a vital set of methods used in Various engineering, scientific and business applications. In order to describe an image, isual features must be detected and described. Usually, the description is in the form ofAdvances of traditional CMOS devices may be hitting a bottleneck soon due to electrostatic ontrol, power, device density, and variability limitations. It may be necessary to complement ilicon transistors with beyond-CMOS counterparts in integrated circuits. Yet, a

A Computer -Aided Tool to Predict Dental Crown Prosthesis Surface Integrity after Milling
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the roughness of dental prostheses surfaces, manufactured by CAD/CAM, is one of the ajor components of surface integrity (SI) to insure clinical success. This article aims at valuating and quantifying the influence of the milling process characteristics on the

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