Computer power consumption

Computer power consumption benchmarking for green computing


A complete picture of the energy consumption of a portable computer
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Each of them works as an engineer or researcher at Apple Computer , Inc. and uses his or her own PowerBook. Because power consumption is largely unimportant when running on wall power , most re- sults presented in this paper use only data collected while users were

Computer power consumption benchmarking for green computing
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As population has increased, energy use has also increased. The widespread use of technology, particularly computers, means that computer power consumption is becoming a more important topic as the cost of energy rises and pollution, together with its side-effects, is

Overview of the K computer system
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of view. This paper describes the K computer system and the measures taken for reducing power consumption and achieving high reliability and high availability. It also presents the results of implementing those measures

Survey on power management techniques for energy efficient computer systems
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OH 44115 Abstract In this paper we describe different power management techniques aiming to reduce power consumption in computer systems. On one hand, static techniques, applied at design time, have been presented

Low- power CMOS design
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LOW POWER CMOS DESIGN summarizes the key low- power contributions through papers written by experts in this evolving field. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Anantha P. Chandrakasan received the BS, MS and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from

Understanding and abstracting total data center power
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power consumption continues to grow at an alarm- ing pace; it is projected to reach 100 billion kWh at an annual cost of $7.4 billion within two years [18], with a world-wide carbon-emissions impact similar to that of the entire Czech Republic . In light of this trend, computer

Power efficient design of multiplexer using adiabatic logic
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In todays world of portable devices such as laptops, cell phones, computer power consumption has become major concern in VLSI design. Due to the limited power supplied by the batteries, the circuitry involved in these devices must be designed to consume less power

Review of computer energy consumption and potential savings
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This document reviews studies on computer energy consumption and usage patterns. All of these studies indicate that effective power management significantly reduces the energy consumption of computers and monitors. We

Energy consumption of Apple Macintosh computers
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3 Methodology There are two aspects to measuring the breakdown of power consumption on a portable computer : measuring how much power is consumed by each component in each state, and profiling how often each component is in each state

Improved carry select adder with reduced area and low power consumption
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Power dissipation is one of the most important design objectives in integrated circuits, after speed. As adders are the most widely used components in such circuits, design of efficient adder is of much concern for researchers. This paper presents performance analysis of

Using IPC variation in workloads with externally specified rates to reduce power consumption
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Page 1. Using IPC Variation in Workloads with Externally Specified Rates to Reduce Power Consumption Soraya Ghiasi, Jason Casmira, Dirk Grunwald University of Colorado Department

An integrated framework for power -performance analysis of parallel scientific workloads
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is a concurrent scientific application, instrumented with the pmlib software, that runs on a parallel target platform (eg, a cluster, a multicore architecture, or a hybrid computer equipped with one or several graphics proces- sor units (GPUs)) yielding a certain power consumption

A Quantitative Analysis of Disk Drive Power Management in Portable Computers.
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is being consumed. Table 1 gives a listing of the major system components and their power consumption in a typical portable computer . At 68%, the display clearly dominates the system power consumption . However, we did

Statistical power consumption analysis and modeling for GPU-based computing
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signals of the chosen GPU, when each of the above eight programs was running on the test computer . The recorded data was used as the ground truth in our evaluation. We used our GPU power statistical model (described in Section 3) to predict the power consumption of all

Power management and dynamic voltage scaling: Myths and facts
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The experiments were performed on PLEB 2 [21], a power -aware computer based on ARM XScale processor running a standard Linux OS, augmented with current sen- sors to measure the power consumption of the CPU core, RAM, and I/O devices. 4.1 Hardware

Evaluation and reduction of power consumption in the navigator wearable computer
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The increasing density of integrated circuits has made it possible to design computers which are small and lightweight enough to be mobile. Mobile computers have constraints that their desktop predecessors do not, especially in the domains of size, weight, and power . The

A high-speed special-purpose computer for molecular dynamics simulations: MDGRAPE-3
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IBM has developed the Blue Gene/L which is the fastest in the world for the general-purpose computer with relatively small and low power consumption . We took another approach to reach the highest performance: Special-purpose computer for particle simulations

Power management for computer systems and datacenters
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2008 IBM Corporation ISLPED 2008 29 Basic Solutions Save Energy Function Definition: Reduce power consumption of computer system when not in active use. Conventional Implementation: >Exploiting architected idle modes of processor entered by executing special

Power -aware computing
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Intl Symp. Computer Architecture (ISCA 2003), IEEE CS Press, 200 pp. 2-13 3. SH Gunther et al., Managing the Impact of Increasing Microprocessor Power Consumption , Intel Technology J.; q12001/articles/art_4.htm

Managing power consumption and performance of computing systems using reinforcement learning
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and other vendors dedicated to improving data center power efficiency . Recent trade press articles also make it clear that computer purchasers and data center operators are eager to reduce power consumption and the heat densities being experienced with current systems