content processing

Multimedia content acquisition and processing in the MIRACLE system
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video and multimedia information. The MIRACLE system is composed of three major components: content acquisition, content processing , and content server. In this paper, we will focus on the first two components. The details of

Audio content processing for automatic music genre classification: descriptors, databases, and classifiers
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This dissertation presents, discusses, and sheds some light on the problems that appear when computers try to automatically classify musical genres from audio signals. In particular, a method is proposed for the automatic music genre classification by using a computational

Foundations of musicology as content processing science
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This paper describes musicology as a science of musical content processing . It is argued that evidence-based research and computational modeling provides a methodological basis for understanding the human information processing mechanisms that transform physical

A scheduling framework for web server clusters with intensive dynamic content processing
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Clustering support with a single-system image view for large-scale Web servers is important to improve the system scalability in processing a large number of concurrent requests from Internet, especially when dynamic content generation using CGI or other protocols becomes

A semantic model for integrated content management, localisation and language technology processing
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translation, cross-lingual information retrieval, sentiment analysis and automatic speech recognition, all rely on high quality training content, which in turn must be continually harvested based on the human quality judgments made across the end-to-end content processing flow

Feacan: Front-end acceleration for content-aware network processing
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the wire-speed and low-latency requirement. Existing work focuses on algorithm- level solutions while lacking system-level design to meet the critical requirement for front-end content processing . In this paper, we propose a

Web Content Processing Method for Electronic Business Systems
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The given article is devoted to the development of standardized methods and software Web content processing in ebusiness systems. The model of electronic content commerce systems is developed. The models of commercial Web content processing subsystems are

Content-based melodic transformations of audio material for a music processing application
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Using and enhancing the current MPEG-7 standard for a music content processing tool, Proceedings of Audio Engineering Society, 114th Convention. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.