Smart IV fluid and oxygen control system
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ABSTRACT -During recent years due to the technological developments many sophisticated techniques has been evolved for assuring fast recovery of the patients in hospitals. For good patient care in hospitals, assessment and management of patients fluid and oxygen need is

The Development of the LLRF Control System for the New High Power Test Stand of Couplers
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ABSTRACT The procedure of room-temperature high power test or condition for couplers is very import, which can hardly be circumvented before they are assembled on the accelerating cavities. A new high-power test stand of fundamental mode power coupler is under

NobleControl and Noble LabData: a measurement control system and a sub-database system for the post-processing of noble gas measurements in water
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A flexible measurement control system was developed to control noble gas measurements on water samples. The steps involved are i) separating all dissolved gases from water; ii) separating the noble gases (He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe) from reactive gases (like N2, O2, CO2

Evaluation of Model Based Real Time Feedback Control System on Plasma Density
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ABSTRACT The KSTAR plasma control system has very powerful monolithic software architecture that has dedicated centralized system architecture. However, due to increasing of real time functionality on distributed local control system we need a flexible high

Level Control in a System of Tanks in Interacting Mode Using Xcos Software
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ABSTRACT The main objective of this project is to control the level of liquid in a systems of tanks in interacting mode using Xcos software for the process of learning of the course of process control . Initially, mathematical modeling in each tank was carried out by means of mass

Automatic Vehicle Beam Control System
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ABSTRACT -This paper describes a real-time means of accident prevention by using sensor that senses the incoming beam of the incoming vehicle. Here sensor is interfaced by using programming of the arduino by using programming software that senses the incoming

Robust multi-model predictive control of multi-zone thermal plate system .
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ABSTRACT A modern controller was designed by using the mathematical model of a multi zone thermal plate system . An important requirement for this type of controller is that it must be able to keep the temperature set-point of each thermal zone. The mathematical model

Stability Analysis of Network Controlled Temperature Control System with Additive Delays
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ABSTRACT : This paper presents, using Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional technique combined with reciprocal convex lemma is considered for a networked control temperature control system with additive time-varying-delays. In the stability analysis, a new LK functional is

Null-Controllability for Linear Control System using Fixed Point Theorem
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ABSTRACT Null controllbility of linear control system in this paper, was obtained by the help of Leray-Schauder fixed point theorem. To achieve this, sufficient conditions and assumptions which made the existence of at least a solution of the control system to be steered to zero in

The Impact of Interaction Between Enterprise Resource Planning System and Management Control System on Firm Performance in The Turkish Manufacturing Sector
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ABSTRACT : The developments of informafion and communicafion technology affect the way of data collecfing and storing for firms. This has also lead to improving informafion processing process and management control processes. The purpose of this study is to show whether

A First Investigation of Truck Drivers Preferences and Behaviors Using a Prototype Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control System
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Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC) is a driver-assist technology that uses vehicle- to-2 vehicle wireless communication to realize faster braking responses in following vehicles and 3 shorter headways compared to Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). This not only

Optimization of Three Level Inverter based on Fuzzy Logic Control to Improve the System Performance
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ABSTRACT This paper proposes a new approach for three-phase threethree level inverter to compensate all load voltage trepidations, and to mitigate harmonics. The traditional arrangement of system is based on the two-level voltage source inverter with classical

Synthesis of the Decentralized Control System for Robot-Manipulator with Input Saturations
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ABSTRACT It is discussed the problem of synthesis of the decentralized adaptive-periodic control system for two degrees of freedom robotic manipulator which have an input limitations. The solution of the problem is based on the use of hyperstability criterion, L

Modern traffic control system
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we introduce Fuzzy Logic in the solution of traffic control . Now-a-days, we are facing a lot of traffic problem due to increased number of vehicles. People are unable to reach their destination on time due to huge traffic. It happens that although there is no

Design of Optimal Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) Controller for Load Frequency Control (LFC) using Genetic Algorithm (GA) in Power System
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ABSTRACT Nowadays power demand is increasing continuously and the biggest challenge for the power system is to provide good quality of power to the consumer under changing load conditions. When real power changes, system frequency gets affected while reactive

Internet of Things Based Home Automation Control System Using Raspberry Pi
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ABSTRACT Smart home control device is an open-source Wi-Fi empower where every one of the machines (light, fan, air conditioning and so on.) are associated with the raspberry pi board, and this board is associated with the Wi-Fi by utilizing Wi-Fi module. We offer charge

IoT Automatic Control System Based on User Command Analysis
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ABSTRACT As the IoT (Internet of Things) has been commercialized recently, studies are underway for user-customized services. Accordingly, the service should be changed according to the characteristics of the user rather than the unified service. However, when

Vulnerability of Traffic Control System Under Cyber-Attacks Using Falsified Data
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ABSTRACT Existing traffic control systems are mostly deployed in private wired networks. With the development of wireless technology, vehicles and infrastructure devices will be connected through wireless communications, which might open a new door for cyber

Optimal PID Controller Design for DC Motor Speed Control System with Tracking and Regulating Constrained Optimization via Cuckoo Search
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ABSTRACT Metaheuristic optimization approach has become the new framework for control synthesis. The main purposes of the control design are command (input) tracking and load (disturbance) regulating. This article proposes an optimal proportional-integral-derivative

Dynamic Compliance and its Compensation Control of HIVC Force Control System
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ABSTRACT In this paper, the dynamic compliance and its compensation control of the force control system on the highly integrated valve-controlled cylinder (HIVC), the joint driver of the hydraulic drive legged robot, is researched. During the robot motion process, the outer

Online Ratio Ponderal Control and its Feasible Integration with Distributed Control System
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A Gupta 2018 ABSTRACT During the last two decades of advancement in factory automation, the modern industry has grown tremendously in the size. Now a large number of processes run at various levels of operation. These processes interact with resources and provide the desired

A fuzzy control system for reducing urban stormwater runoff by a stormwater storage tank
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ABSTRACT Stormwater storage tank (SST) is a popular low impact development technology for reducing stormwater runoff in the construction of sponge city. Most researches on SST were mainly the design, pollutants removal effect, and operation assessment. While there

Development of Hierarchical Control Logic for 2-Channel Hydraulic Active Roll Control System
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ABSTRACT In this paper, a hierarchical control logic for 2-channel hydraulic active roll control (ARC) system which includes vehicle level control and actuator level control is proposed. Vehicle level control consists of antiroll torque controller and anti-roll torque

Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control for Networked Control System
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Networked Control Systems (NCSs) are traditional feedback control loops closed through a real-time communication network. In other words, the exchange of information such as reference input or set point, plant output or sensor data and controller output between

Road Roughness Estimation and Quality Control System
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ABSTRACT -Threatening road surface conditions are the crucial obstruction for sheltered and pleasant traveling. Both drivers and road maintainers are interested in fixing them as soon as possible. However, these conditions have to be identified first. The Google maps are not

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ABSTRACT Generally, there are two types of brake systems in vehicles. One is disc brake and the other one is box brake. Both the types of brakes in the vehicle are controlled using the CAN Protocol. When the vehicles are moving in slope, its brake system is controlled

Design of an FPGA based Control System for Robot
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ABSTRACT -Robots save workers from performing dangerous tasks. They can work in hazardous condition, that human just cant do. Robots main position in society is to assist humans by taking on the jobs that are dirty, dull or dangerous. As the work done in the field

GSMGPS Based Vehicle Theft Control System
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ABSTRACT -Currently almost of the populace having an own fomite, larceny is happening from anywhere where public green the vehicle. The safe of fomite is extremely essential for public vehicles. Fomite trail ing and locking organisation of rules installed in the vehicle, to track the

Design and evaluation of a Microcontroller Sensor Based Traffic Light Control System at T-Junction in Okene, Kogi state, Nigeria
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ABSTRACT Vehicular travel is increasing in Kogi state as more people are going or coming back from Abuja being headquarter of the country, and this increase in the number of vehicle on the road especially during the weekends has lead to congestion at road-intersections

Fraud Detection and Control System in Bank Using Finger Print Simulation
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ABSTRACT The need to control access to certain information and resources has been taken seriously nowadays due to fraud and other threats to current security systems. The role of ATM in promoting, developing and expanding the concept ofAnytime Anywhere Anyplace

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A pilot study of 5 Adults Subjects using the embedded system was completed in December 2017 at the University of Virginia. System Components:ControlIQ algorithm embedded on Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pumpG6 CGM (Dexcom): 10 day wear sensorControl IQ: the algorithm

Designing and Development of PIC 18F4550 based Wireless Natural Light Intensity Control System for Polyhouse for Agricultural Applications
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ABSTRACT The Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a powerful technology for exchange information cooperatively for monitoring as well as controlling the various physical parameters of different sectors like industries, agricultural, medical etc. The WSN composed

New slow- control FPGA IP for GBT based system and status update of the GBT-FPGA project
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The GBT-FPGA, part of the GBT (GigaBit Transceiver) project framework, is a VHDL-based core designed to offer a back-end counterpart to the GBTx ASIC, a radiation tolerant 4.8 Gb/s optical transceiver. The GBT-SCA (Slow Control Adapter) radiation tolerant ASIC is also part

Modeling, Simulation, and Control of a Medium-Scale Power System
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61 Fig. 3.22 Values used with PSCAD windows in configuring Ac1A exciters .. 62 Fig. 3.23 Configuration of a tandem compound single-reheat steam turbine .. 65 Fig. 3.24 Control system of a single reheat tandem compound steam turbine as per [11] . 67 Fig. 3.25 Generic

The Basic Components of Software-Hardware System for Modeling and Control of the Toroidal Plasma by Epsilon-Nets on Heterogeneous Mini
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ABSTRACT . A significant step towards the comprehensive solution of the important new fundamental control problems of high-temperature plasma of toroidal configuration is made by utilizing heterogeneous mini-supercomputers of NIISI RAS (Scientific Research Institute

Computer based Drug Sales and Inventory Control System and its Applications in Pharmaceutical Stores
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a careful study and analysis of an existing manual sales and inventory control system of a pharmaceutical store and aimed at designing and developing a computer-based system in order to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the business

A Positioning Method of Distributed Power System by Considering Characteristics of Droop Control in a DC Microgrid
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ABSTRACT In this paper, a positioning method of distributed power system is proposed to minimize the average voltage variation of a DC microgrid through voltage sensitivity analysis. The voltage sensitivity under a droop control depends on the position of the ABSTRACT In this paper, the swing up and stabilization control problems for a rotary inverted pendulum (RIP) system are solved via new control schemes, in which the swing up strategy is designed by using trajectory planning and inertia effect such that the pendulum can be

Feedforward Feedback Linearization LQG/LTR Control of Piezoelectric Actuator in Active Vibration Isolation System
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ABSTRACT Hysteresis exists widely in intelligent materials, such as piezoelectric and giant magnetostrictive ones, and it significantly affects the precision of vibration control when a controlled object moves at a range of micrometers or even smaller. Many measures must be

Active and Reactive Power Control of Single Phase Transformerless Grid Connected Inverter for Distributed Generation System
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a novel approach by which enhancement in power quality is ensured along with power control for a grid interactive inverter. The work presented in this paper deals with modeling and analyzing of a transformer less gridconnected inverter with