ad hoc networking

Challenges in mobile ad hoc networking
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information technology will be mainly based on wireless technology. Future wireless is totally multidimensional, and wireless mobile and access will be converged to be more ad hoc and reconfigurable. Ad hoc will be onc of the

Ad hoc networking , Markov random fields, and decision making
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response to the challenge, we present a framework for distributed decision making that borrows heavily from the field of image processing and results in an elegant solution to the problem. Our central proposition is that by articulating

Cost metrics for decision problem in wireless ad hoc networking
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The main contributions of the presented paper are an in-depth discussion of the special conditions existing for multiple wireless connection scenarios. We evaluate reasonable structures for cost functions and optimized decision processes and present a simulation to

Mobile Ad Hoc Networking
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Global or decentra lized information Global: r all routers h ave complete topolog y, link cost info r link statealgori thms Decentralized: r router knows physical lyconnected neighbors, link costs to neig hbors r iterative pr ocess of computation, exchange of info with neig hbors r

Ad hoc networking in the ietf
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# RREQs~ linearly with the node population Lines slope changes depending on strategy At 10,000 nodes, most packets are control traffic (in one case, ratio was 5000 to 1) End-to- end delay wasnt outrageously terrible (150ms) even at high node populations AODV

Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networking
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The growing interest in mobile ad hoc network techniques has resulted in many routing protocol proposals. Scalability issues in ad hoc networks are attracting increasing attention these days. In this article a survey brings out the different routing protocols that address