agricultural cloud computing


Cloud computing can be used to aggregate data from tools like soil sensors, satellite images, and weather stations to help farmers make better decisions about managing their crops. … In recent years, agricultural companies have been harnessing the power of the cloud to create solutions

Use of Cloud Computing in Agricultural Sector, a Myth Or Reality
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Abstract In recent years, Information Technology is being implemented in every sector of the developing nations like India, China whose primary source of income is Agriculture. Use of Cloud computing technology in agricultural sector has greater opportunity in the over all

Application of cloud computing in agricultural sectors for economic development
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In recent years, new ICT technologies are being implemented in every sector of the developing nations. The principal source of income of these countries is agriculture. So, the development of the ICT is basically focussed on the agricultural sector. But the significant

Research and application of agricultural greenhouse intelligence platform based on IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud computing
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Agricultural modernization is an important guarantee for the agricultural development in China. On the basis of deeply researching relevant technologies, the article aims at independently developing an innovative agricultural network platform based on IoT and

Agricultural Updates via SMS Using Cloud Computing Approach
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Indias economical benefaction of agriculture to GDP is reducing with the overall economic growth. Some real time challenges that are faced by the Farmers due to much less knowledge about Weather Forecast, Efficient Crop-Production, Sales and regular Market

Agricultural Data Security and Privacy Issues in Cloud Computing Environment
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Cloud computing is a modern technology that gives access to the network upon request to required computing resources such as to network, servers, storage, applications and services. Agricultural data is massive data that belongs to certain country which has to be

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ABSTRACT Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has forced the libraries to change in its functioning and processing of the information. Libraries have witnessed automation, digital library, open source management, institutional repositories and so on

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Abstract Decision Support Systems (DSS) are Information Systems (IS), whose main function is to provide technical decisionsupport information needed to solve specific problems. This research proposes an IS developed in Personal Home Page (PHP), JavaScript, Application

Information Sharing Incentive Model of Ganzhou Agricultural Product Supply Chain under the Background of Cloud Computing
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Agricultural product informationization is an important part of agricultural informationization, but also a difficult and complex project, including the production, processing, transportation, sales, supervision and other whole process management of agricultural products. In order to

Original Paper A Logistics Information System Model of Agricultural Product Based on Cloud Computing
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Cloud computing technology can play an important role in the various links of agricultural products logistics system, and provide strong technical support for the development of logistics management. The system architecture of agricultural product logistics information

Using Multimedia in Teaching Agricultural Machinery Subject through Cloud Computing : A Case Study of Sot Technical Training Institute Bomet County, Kenya
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The main aim of the Project was to incorporate ICT concepts in teaching Agricultural Machinery subject through Cloud Computing . The project entailed e-content development in line with the established curriculum for training Diploma level students in Technical

Smart Tunnel Farming Model: An Inculcation of Cloud Computing with Cortex for Reliable Agricultural Production
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Agriculture is the backbone of a country particularly in South Asia because of excessive agrarian land resides there. It is beneficial for human growth and the States emerging Gross Domestic Product (GDP). South Asia particularly Pakistan is facing severs challenges of

Prospects of Cloud and Mobile Computing Adoption for Dissemination of Agricultural Information in Developing Countries
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Within the past two decades there has been a burst of research activities in the area of agriculture in Nigerian universities and agricultural research centres. Far reaching innovations that are capable of boosting the small scale farmers agricultural production and