alert management system


An Alert Management System (AMS) is a real time system which maintains profiles about individuals, threats, or other entities and in real time processes events and returns alerts about profiles and their risks.

Examples: credit card fraud detection, threat assessment systems, intrusion detection systems, homeland defense, etc

Temperature and humidity monitoring and alert management system
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In the Temperature and Humidity Sensor Project, a solution is provided to monitor and get an alert of increase in temperature or humidity. This project is based on an Arduino and Ethernet Shield which communicates with DHT22 temperature sensor. The Data Center at

Using Learning Vector Quantization in Alert Management of Intrusion Detection System
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Intrusion detection system (IDS) is used to produce security alerts to discover attacks against protected network and/or computer systems. IDSs generate high amount of security alerts and analyzing these alert by a security expert are time consuming and error pron. IDS alert

An approach towards traffic management system using density calculation and emergency vehicle alert
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Now a days many of the things get controlled automatically. Everything is getting controlled using the mechanical or the automated systems. In every field machines are doing the human works. But still some area is controlled manually. For example traffic controls, road

TRINETR: an intrusion detection alert management and analysis system
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Intrusion detection system (IDS) is a software system or hardware device deployed to monitor network and host activities including data flows and information accesses etc. to capture suspicious activities. In recent years, IDS has began to gain wide acceptance as a

Alert Management System using K-means Based Genetic for IDS
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One of the most important tools in security field is Intrusion Detection System . The aim of the IDS is to monitor suspicious network traffic and generate alerts. These systems are known to generate numerousfalse positive alerts. Analyzing the alerts manually by security expert

Fingerprint based attendance management system with SMS alert to parents
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The system includes terminal fingerprint acquisition module and attendance module. It can realize automatically such functions as information acquisition of fingerprint, processing, and wireless transmission, fingerprint matching and making an attendance report. After taking

Tweet Alert : Effective Utilization of Social Networks for Emergency Alert and Disaster Management System
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Disaster Emergency Management and public safety requires an effective disaster alert system to mitigate the seriousness of disaster. The existing disaster alert system was static so it delays in locating the disaster place and there was no way to take immediate rescue

A Prediction and Early Alert Model Using Learning Management System Data and Grounded in Learning Science Theory
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Students experience considerable challenge in STEM coursework and many struggle to earn the grades needed to move forward in their majors. Interventions informed by prediction models can support learners to ensure successful completion of STEM courses

Enhancing online university class management system with instant Email feedback alert
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It is important to enhance learning support systems in line with current instant culture. This article presents the development of a more user oriented system which interacts with users in various instances with specific emphasis on the provision of instant email alert that notifies

Automatic alert system : improving information management on construction projects
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ABSTRACT A construction project has too much information for each team member to be aware of other members interactions with the information. Most information is contained in files. Despite file syncing, version control, and check-in/check-out technologies, complex

An Internet-and Knowledge-based Alert – system for Groundwater Disaster Management .
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To guarantee a continuous supply of drinking water, the resource groundwater is the most common in Germany (about 70%). According to this fact, the demands on water with unobjectionable quality properties are very high. The groundwater body is in particular at

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Introduction. Aiming at the seismic risk mitigation in the eastern sector of the Alps, since 2002 OGS (Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale) in Udine (Italy), the Agencija Republike Slovenije za Okolje (ARSO) in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and the

Intruder Detection System using Camera with Alert Management
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In the world of Internet of Things (IoT) when we have all the technologies to revolutionize our life, itsa great idea to develop a system which can be controlled and monitored from anywhere. There are many types of good security systems and cameras out there for

A Hazard Information Management Integrated Personal Hazard Alert System
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Due to the advances of Internet and mobile technologies, mobile phones with Internet connection and computation capabilities are widely used now a day. The purpose of this paper is to examine the proposed hazard warning mechanism using the Location Based

The Drought- Alert Decision Support System for water resources management
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Abstract This paper describes the Drought- Alert Decision Support System (DA-DSS), which is a solution developed by the SMEs Amigo srl and MaP Ld.t. within the Horizon 2020 cross-sectoral project named Cross-Climate. The solution proposes a prototype of WebGIS Application addressed