android operating system-2020


Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software, designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

Understanding Privacy Awareness in Android App Descriptions Using Deep Learning
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Permissions are a key factor in Android to protect users privacy. As it is often not obvious why applications require certain permissions, developer-provided descriptions in Google Play and third-party markets should explain to users how sensitive data is processed

Using Android Media for Chemistry Learning Construction of Motivation and Metacognition Ability.
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The 21st century and industry revolution 4.0 has been technology used part of life. This research intended to understand the effect of android application for chemistry learning (reaction rate material) to construction of motivation and metacognition of high school

DroidSD: An Efficient Indexed Based Android Applications Similarity Detection Tool
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Recently, smart phones are incredibly popular and very widely used in modern life. Android is one of the main smart phone operating system used globally. As we know that android is an open source operating system for mobile phones, thats why it has been supported by

Time-travel Testing of Android Apps
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In this paper, we propose instead to evolve a population of states which can be captured upon discovery and resumed when needed. The hope is that generating events on a fit program state leads to the transition to even fitter states. For instance, we can quickly

Resource Race Attacks on Android
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Smartphones are frequently involved in accessing private user data. Although many studies have been done to prevent malicious apps from leaking private user data, only a few recent works examine how to remove the sensitive information from the data collected by

Design an Android -based Chemical Bond Application
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Chemical bonds are one of the basic materials and are important in understanding the mechanisms and chemical reactions and other materials such as stoichiometry and so on. Chemistry bonding material is studied and understood starting from junior high school up to

A Paravirtualized Android for Next Generation Interactive Automotive Systems
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Androids APIs, bluetooth support and smartphone integration provide capabilities for user interaction with In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) and vehicle control services. However, Android is not developed to interface with automotive subsystems accessed via CAN bus networks

A Framework for Identifying Obfuscation Techniques applied to Android Apps using Machine Learning
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Malicious app writers tend to employ code obfuscation techniques to prevent their malicious code from being easily reverse engineered and analyzed. In order to effectively analyze malicious Android apps, it is necessary to identify what code obfuscation technique is

Improving Australian Students Cognitive Critical Literacy through E-Bipa Based on Android
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120 conclusion the content material is very feasible, the media is viable and E-BIPA teaching media is effective in improving 75% the learning result and receives a response from the teachers and students. E-BIPA teaching media is able to help BIPA tutors in

An Android Mobile Application for Smart College Towards the Development of Smart Cities
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Digital College System is an android mobile application that has strong features to facilitates students, faculties, admins, parents and managers. It provides a comprehensive integrated solution to improve the overall performance of the college. The use of mobile applications is