cloud financial management solutions

Cloud financial management is managing the organization’s financial planning on the cloud. It arms businesses and finance teams with an ecosystem of connected tools to manage accounts, create financial reports, process payments, handle payroll, and manage budgets

Apptio Cloudability

Apptio Cloudability is a cloud financial management solution that helps companies monitor, manage, and right-size cloud expense across any size business. The platform offers teams full visibility into cloud costs so they can reduce waste, optimize for efficiency, and bring solutions to market faster. Our enterprise-scale analytics engine delivers real-time spend data and powerful recommendations that are easy for anyone to use.

Cloudability’s Optimization Platform features include:

EC2 Reserved Instances (RI) purchase recommendations
Dashboards and Reports
Cloud efficiency scores
Container Cost Allocation
Tagged and untagged resource identification
Alerts for anomalous activity
Workload specification and recommendations


Atlassian went through an intense period of growth and its cloud infrastructure became increasingly complex. This meant maintaining optimal RI coverage at scale was a key challenge. To maximize RI coverage, Atlassian adopted the Cloudability Platform to create a “waterline” of when RI coverage becomes high enough to yield significant savings. Atlassian took a goal of 90% coverage on their aggregated RIs. They used this waterline report to achieve savings as their cloud usage scaled.

The power of setting your usage rate in Cloudability is that you are in control of the recommendations Cloudability provides. This includes setting the trigger point on which you purchase RIs for your Amazon EC2 instances. We use this feature to validate the RI purchases Atlassian makes. This assists Atlassian in maintaining an RI utilization at or above 90% so we achieve great savings.
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The power of setting your usage rate in Cloudability is that you are in control of the recommendations Cloudability provides, setting the trigger point on which you purchase RIs for your Amazon EC2 instances. We are able to use this feature to validate the RI purchases Atlassian makes, assisting Atlassian in maintaining an RI utilization at or above 90% and by result achieving great savings.
Mike Fuller, Principal Systems Engineer, Atlassian

CloudCheckr’s enterprise-secure cloud management platform (CMP) makes the most complex cloud environments easier to manage. CloudCheckr customers deploy their platform to secure, manage, and govern the most sensitive environments in the world. Federal and local agencies as well as large enterprises, distributors, and MSPs all use CloudChekr for rapid return on investment.

CloudCheckr’s Cloud Management Platform features include:

Cost Optimization
Total Compliance
Cloud Billing
Finance Management
Cloud Automation
Detailed billing analytics
Proactive budget alerts
Automated invoicing


Siemens’ Railigent Application Suite helps rail transportation companies optimize their infrastructure and assets through proactive monitoring and data analysis. A security breach at Railigent would increase clients’ maintenance costs and cause delays or reduced train availability. CloudCheckr streamlined Railigent’s security protocols, ensuring developers can easily identify the most urgent security issues, and reduced cloud costs by up to 20%.
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As soon as it’s set up, you have immediately all the CloudCheckr security recommendations. The cool thing is it gives you a checklist, and this is combined with reporting functionality, and you can prioritize security problems and say yes, we definitely need to work on this problem first. This is exactly what we did, and that helped us to improve the overall security of our ecosystem.


CloudHealth simplifies cloud financial management in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The platform enables you to categorize and view cloud costs by department, project, environment, application, or workloads to drive chargeback. CloudHealth’s flexible policy engine drives cost savings, improves agility, and reduces complexity so you can focus on accelerating business transformation and driving innovation.

CloudHealth Cloud Service Management features include:

Convertible Reservation Exchanger
Savings Plans and Reserved Instance (RI) amortization and waste analysis
Customizable automated workflows based on guidelines you define
Reporting, forecasting, and advanced budgeting
Tag management


During their migration process, Secureworks sought to provide education around cloud financial practices to its business units. With CloudHealth, Secureworks was able to automate execution of their cloud strategy and monitoring of resource utilization metrics to optimize spending. Now Secureworks can create reports with robust data to help leadership teams make informed cloud financial decisions.
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We’ve been able to not only educate our users, but really start changing the way Secureworks thinks about designing and deploying its workload in the public cloud.


Cloudwiry optimizes AWS resources by finding underutilized or obsolete Convertible Reserved Instances and exchanges them for new Reserved Instances (RIs). Businesses using Cloudwiry see a reduction in costs by up to 11%. Managed services customers using Cloudwiry achieve up to 50% long-term savings across their AWS landscape.

Cloudwiry features include:

Automatic identification of inefficiencies across the AWS landscape using recommendation engine
Automatic curation and execution of RI conversions based on corporate strategy and policies
Automatic calculation of potential cost savings and roadmap to achieve them


Alkami wanted to maximize their investment in AWS migration while improving internal financial efficiencies. They chose Cloudwiry for its automated financial reporting functions. After using Cloudwiry, Alkami committed to over 95% coverage for a 3-year convertible RI plan on AWS.

Cloudwiry’s autopilot saves us money and time every day – what used to be a monthly chore now happens daily on autopilot, simplifying cost management and reporting significantly for us. This is truly hard dollars and time saved for our team.


CloudZero Cloud Cost Management is a cloud optimization platform designed for engineering teams to reduce spend and proactively build cost-efficient architecture. Driven by machine learning, CloudZero automatically detects and remediates cost anomalies, surfaces relevant insight, and delivers up-to-the-minute cost data directly to development teams.

CloudZero Cloud Cost Management features include:

Cost mapped to products and features
Machine learning driven tagging assistance
Automatic cost anomaly alerts
Context for engineering teams to connect cost and cause


1NCE needed a scalable cloud cost management solution. Their engineers spent considerable time each month struggling with Excel spreadsheets to align cloud costs to the relevant business model. 1NCE turned to CloudZero and was able to produce actionable insights within minutes, saving two weeks of annual productivity. By gaining rapid visibility and understanding of their cloud cost, 1NCE can focus on getting products to market to propel their future growth.
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CloudZero doesn’t just help you get control of your AWS spending. It gives you cost understanding—so you can see where your costs go and what they map to .CloudZero helps educate our engineers about what changes every time they run something on the cloud and the fact that it costs our company real money.
Jan Sulaiman, IoT Product Manager, 1NCE

Taloflow is an activity-based costing (ABC) platform that enables teams to deeply understand the link between their business activity and cloud spend. Taloflow detects spend patterns, irregular trends, and anomalies in real-time, resulting in significant time and cost savings for DevOps engineers. With Taloflow, teams can correlate their engineering activity and resource usage to their cloud costs without complex alert rules, tagging, or maintenance.

Taloflow Cloud Cost Management features include:

Trend and anomaly detection via Taloflow AI
Marginal and activity-based cost correlation via machine learning (ML)
Cost and engineering efficiency monitoring
Tailored recommendations and bill workshops
Customizable dashboard and alerts
Spot management
Reserved Instance (RI) and savings plan recommendations


ModusBox needed a cloud cost management solution that was real-time, actionable, and scalable to match their fast-growing engineering and business operations. Taloflow’s efficiency monitoring and anomaly detection provided tailored recommendations that allowed ModusBox to identify opportunities and optimize their costs and performance with actionable insights. This resulted in new opportunities that saved money and 40 hours of time every month manually building reports analyzing costs and infrastructure metrics.
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Taloflow’s summaries and alerts allow me to get unique insights about our cloud footprint and costs. There was no need to spend much time or effort configuring dashboards, alert rules, or going through spreadsheets.
Patrick Lewis, IT Operations Manager, ModusBox