computer and automation

Automation has been achieved by various means including mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic devices and computers, usually in combination. Complicated systems, such as modern factories, airplanes and ships typically use all these combined techniques.

Computer systems for automation and control
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Computer Systems for Automation and Control deals with the principal aspects of computer applications in system control, with particular emphasis on industrial and process automation . The description is not limited to the hardware and software components of

Computer methods for design automation
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Abstract Design automation requires reliable methods for solving the equations describing the performance of the engineering system. While progress has been made to provide good algorithms for polynomial systems, we propose new techniques for the solution of general

CEDAR–An approach to the computer automation of short-period local seismic networks
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ABSTRACT A real-time detection and recording system (CEDAR) is developed as a means of automating the acquisition and processing of data from short-period local networks. This system has been used for the past two years for the analysis of data from 150 stations in

Operator versus computer control of adaptive automation
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Adaptive automation refers to real-time allocation of functions between the human operator and automated subsystems1. It has been proposed for some time that automation that is implemented dynamically, in response to changing task demands placed upon the operator

Embedded computer architecture and automation
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ABSTRACT Exploring the emergence of embedded computing, the authors predict that the computer industry will develop significantly different computer architectures at the system and processor levels as well as a wide range of off-the-shelf (OTS) and custom designs

The automation of sight: from photography to computer vision
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Nothing perhaps symbolizes mechanization as dramatically as the first assembly lines installed by Henry Ford in US factories in 1913. It seemed that mechanical modernity was at its peak. Yet, in the same year the Spanish inventor Leonardo Torres y Quevedo had

Impact of pharmacy automation on patient waiting time: an application of computer simulation
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Introduction: This paper aims to illustrate the use of computer simulation in evaluating the impact of a prototype automated dispensing system on waiting time in an outpatient pharmacy and its potential as a routine tool in pharmacy management. Materials and

Computer aspects of technological change, automation and economic progress
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The art ofprogress Is to preserve order amidchange and to preserve change amid order. Alfred North Whitehead ScopeandLimitations of theStudy This report consists of (1) a survey of important trends in the computer field;(2) alook at the implications of these trends for

Public-access computer systems: The next generation of library automation systems.
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Historically, library automation has focused attention on the automation of internal library processes, such as cataloging; however, a new generation of library automation systems intended for direct use by library patrons is emerging. These publicaccess computer systems

Scmm-Tool-Tool for Computer Automation of the Information Security Management Systems.
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For enterprises to be able to use information technologies and communications with guarantees, it is necessary to have an adequate security management system and tools which allow them to manage it. In addition, security management system must have highly

Computer automation for malaria parasite detection using linear programming
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In this project, we introduce a new approach to represent a mathematical modeling technique by means of linear programming as an efficient tool to solve problems related to medical imaging problems related to Malaria Diagnosis through Microscopy Imaging

Role of computer and automation in design and manufacturing for mechanical and textile industries: CAD/CAM
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Luckily, the times when we needed to explain why we need a COMPUTER CAD are history. Manufacturing industry witnessed not only a tremendous modernisation in technology but also adoption of information technology computer science in massive

Optimization of brazil-nuts classification process through automation using colour spaces in computer vision
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The Brazil-nuts classification is a process where the brazil-nuts that do not present damages are classified according to its size: Large, Medium, Small and Tiny, prior to its exportation. The current method used for this process is a manual one, presenting several deficiencies

Computer automation of STR scoring for forensic databases
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Forensic databases are becoming an increasingly valuable law enforcement tool for convicting repeat offenders and exonerating the innocent. However, constructing such databases is quite laborious. After generating STR profiles in the lab, people expend even It is our pleasure to welcome you to the proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Computer , Communication, Control and Automation (3CA 2011) which was held in Zhuhai, China. 3CA was started in 2008. The previous conferences were held in Wuhan

Quantitative reliability assessment in the safety case of computer -based automation systems
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An essential issue in the construction of new or in the replacement of the old analogue automation applications in nuclear power plants is the reliability of computer -based systems, and especially the question of how to assess their reliability. The reliability issue is

Implementation of computer vision based industrial fire safety automation by using neuro-fuzzy algorithms
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A computer vision-based automated fire detection and suppression system for manufacturing industries is presented in this paper. Automated fire suppression system plays a very significant role in Onsite Emergency System (OES) as it can prevent accidents

Design automation by the computer design language
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Abstract A Computer Design Language (CDL) has been developed for facilitating design automation of digital computers. When the functional organizatl. on and sequential operation of a digital computer are conceived and specified by the CDL, this CDL description is called

Human-aided, computer -based design paradigm: the automation of conceptual process design
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Conceptual process design is the synthesis of a process tlowsheet from given design speciļ¬cations. Conceptual design is an early stage of the overall design project. Conceptual design usually takes 10-20% of the cost for the total design projects. However, the decisions

A review automation and computer control in Dyeing machinery
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Dyeing in the early stages of textile production is least costly and requires a low level of control; additionally, problems such as unlevelness which occur during coloration can be corrected during the later stages of the textile production sequence by means of

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