Computer Architecture


computer architecture is a set of rules and methods that describe the functionality, organization, and implementation of computer systems. Some definitions of architecture define it as describing the capabilities and programming model of a computer but not a particular implementation

The interactions between the design of a computers instruction set and the design of compilers that generate code for that computer have serious implications for overall computational cost and efficiency. This article, which investigates those interactions, should ideally be based on

BEE3: Revitalizing computer architecture research
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In recent years, advances in computer architecture have slowed dramatically with most simulation results demonstrating only incremental architectural innovation. This is further exacerbated by increased processor and system complexity spurred by a seemingly The literature on computer architecture is extensive and diverse, hence I viewed the words A Modem Synthesis in this books title with a certain skepticism. The author, however, delivers on the titles promise: the book is modem and it is a synthesis. Although a number of

An abstract machine based execution model for computer architecture design and efficient implementation of logic programs in parallel
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Embedded computer architecture and automation
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ABSTRACT Exploring the emergence of embedded computing, the authors predict that the computer industry will develop significantly different computer architectures at the system and processor levels as well as a wide range of off-the-shelf (OTS) and custom designs

The architecture of computer hardware and systems software: an information technology approach
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A Register is a single, permanent storage location within the CPU Registers be small as a single bit or wide as several bytes Registers are used to hold data, instructions, I/O address, or special binary codes Registers inside the CPU are called: General-Purposes Registers

Pendulum–a reversible computer architecture
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Energy dissipation in modern microprocessors is rapidly becoming a primary design concern. Microprocessors containing a few million transistors and dissipating tens of watts are commonplace, limiting their usefulness in portable applications and making heat AIthough the term computer architecture has been used for many years, its definition is still vague. For some, computer architecture is the interface seen by the machine language programmer, namely, the instruction set. For others, computer ar-chitecture is a subset ofDirect-execution computer architecture can make programming truly interactive, offer a means for a com- plete programming language definition, and provide a measure of programming language complexity. Before examining in detail these three relationships between the architecture and T his article presents techniques for managing a very large data/knowl-T edge baseto support multiple in-ference-mechanisms for logic programming. Because evaluation of goals can require accessing data from the extensional database, or EDB, in very general ways

Special computer architecture for pattern recognition and image processing-An overview
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It has been recognized for a long time that a conventional sequential processor is inefficient for operations on pictorial data where relatively simple operations need to be performed on a large number of data elements (pixels). Though many parallel processing architectures for

Computer Architecture and Organization
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Positive logic: truth, or assertion is represented by logic higher voltage; falsity, de-or unassertion, logic 0, is represented by lower voltage. Negative logic: truth, or assertion is represented by logic 0, lower voltage; falsity, de-or unassertion, logic is represented by

An interactive web-based simulation of a general computer architecture
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This paper describes a web-based simulation based on a conceptual paradigm used to introduce computer architecture and assembly language programming to undergraduate students. An application has been developed using Java and made available on the web In any age, education is important, no matter what our fields of interest. It be even more important in an age when research and development activity becomes an important part of commercial ventures or when national policy is concerned. Such an important topic usually

Computer architecture support for database applications
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Commercial applications are an important class of applications with a large installed base. According to Dataquest, commercial server applications, such as database service, file service, media and email service, print service, and custom applications, were the dominant

Trace driven simulation in research on computer architecture and operating systems
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Trace driven simulation (TDS) is a widely used and important technique in computer architecture and system research. Conventional (random number driven) discrete event simulation uses implicit or explicit models of external processes to provide the events to

An integrated microcontroller-based tutoring system for a computer architecture laboratory Course
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This paper presents the framework of a microcontroller-based approach for a computer architecture laboratory course intending to reinforce the educational level of non- electrical/electronic students, placing the emphasis on hardware and software design issues

CSCI 320 Computer Architecture Handbook on Verilog HDL
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Verilog HDL is a Hardware Description Language (HDL). A Hardware Description Language is a language used to describe a digital system, for example, a computer or a component of a computer . One describe a digital system at several levels. For example

Neuromorphic processing: a new frontier in scaling computer architecture .
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Page 1. Neuromorphic Processing : A New Frontier in Scaling Computer Architecture Jeff Gehlhaar Vice President Technology, Qualcomm Research March 2014 Page 2. 2 The desire to build brain-like computers is as old as the computer itself ENIAC 1946 IAS 1945 1958 Page 3. 3