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Computer security, cybersecurity or information technology security (IT security) is the protection of computer systems from the theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data,

Computer -based Methods for Assessing Information Security Competencies
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With the growing importance of information security and cybersecurity, there is a widely recognized need for more security experts and a higher level of security education among all members of society. Effective methods for assessing information security competencies

Using Automated Prompts for Student Reflection on Computer Security Concepts
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Reflection is known to be an effective means to improve students learning. In this paper, we aim to foster meaningful reflection via prompts in computer science courses with a significant practical, software development component. To this end we develop an instructional strategyCritical infrastructure experienced a transformation from isolated towards highly (inter-) connected systems. This development introduced a variety of new cyber threats, causing high financial damage, threatening lives and affecting the society. Known examples are

Computer and Network Security : Ontological and Multi-agent System for Intrusion Detection
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Today the security aspect is a backbone of every computer system, particularly when this system contains sensitive information. When we use our computers and connect to the network or use web services, we trust that our personal and sensitive information (images

Computer Network Security : Risks and Protective Measures
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With the ushering in of the information age, a wide range of technologies in the field of computer science have emerged such that many network techniques are broadly utilized in different sectors of the society at large and in its wake not only have made great economic

The Complete Study Guide for DT145G Computer Security
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The purpose of this assignment is to get an idea of how security affects products, which in turn affects not only the companies behind them, but also the consumers and can have effects on a societal scale. Intended learning outcomes: The aim of this assignment is toWelcome to this book, The Art of War for Computer Security . Books on the ancient Chinese classic text The Art of War as applied to areas like politics and business have been written before, so why now one on computer security Is it even applicable to computer security I

CS 161 Computer Security Fall 2005 Joseph/Tygar/Vazirani/Wagner Notes 21
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It is easy to guess the value of the key. The seed is highly predictable, and anyone who can guess the seed can calculate the value of the cryptographic key. The algorithm that rand () uses for computing its outputs as a function of the seed is publicly known. Consequently

Computer Network Security Processing Technology in Big Data Environment
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With the continuous development of social development process and the open sharing characteristics of data presentation, it provides more efficient network information services for the majority of audiences, and also brings the security of computer network information

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Today botnets have become one of the biggest risks in the network and security world and have been an infrastructure to carry out nearly every type of cyber-attacks as they provide a distributed platform for different illegal activities like launching the distributed denial of

Side. In AsiaCCS 2019-Proceedings of the 2019 ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security (pp. 148-159). Association for Computing
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We consider the issue of securing dark pools/markets in the financial services sector. These markets currently are executed via trusted third parties, leading to potential fraud being able to be conducted by the market operators. We present a potential solution to this problem by