data centre security

Data center security refers to the physical practices and virtual technologies used to protect a data center from external threats and attacks. … Because data centers hold sensitive or proprietary information, such as customer data or intellectual property, sites have to be both digitally and physically secured.

Placement of security devices in cloud data centre network: analysis and implementation
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Due to extensive use of Cloud services and newly evolving security threats, most cloud service providers (CSP) deploy varieties of security devices such as, firewalls, IPSec, IDS, etc. for controlling resource accesses based on the data centre security requirements. Today

Improving the Physical and Environmental Security of a Data Centre : Case Study of a Hong Kong Wines and Spirits Distribution Company
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The purpose of this paper is to provide solutions to improve the physical and environmental security of a data centre for a Hong Kong wines and spirits distribution company. Documentation method was employed. Finally the physical environment of the data centre

Data Centre vulnerabilities: physical, logical trusted entity security
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Data centres are often the hub for a significant number of disparate interconnecting systems. With rapid advances in virtualization, the use of data centres have increased significantly and are set to continue growing. Systems hosted typically serve the data needs for a

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Network security is of immense priority today for organizations large and small. It is also important for independent internet users to understand the basics of securing their data over the internet and prevent hacks into their information systems. The process of securing your

A Framework for Multipurpose Cloud Based Data Centre Network Security
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In the recent history of computing, the cloud computing is the biggest milestone achieved the researchers and industry. The advancements gained by the paradigm shift with cloud computing made significant enhancements in research, education and consumer

Deploying File Based Security on Dynamic Honeypot Enabled Infrastructure as a Service Data Centre
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This paper is about deploying Distributed Honeypot System that captures and analyze the attacks on different operating system on Eucalyptus Iaas cloud. The file based security is proposed and implemented on data to make data access secure on virtual machines and