data compression techniques


Data compression is the process of modifying, encoding or converting the bits structure of data in such a way that it consumes less space on disk. It enables reducing the storage size of one or more data instances or elements. Data compression is also known as source coding or bit-rate reduction.

There are two kinds of compression: Lossless and Lossy. Lossy compression loses data, while lossless compression keeps all the data. Lossless compression allows the potential for a file to return to its original size, without the loss of a single bit of data, when the file is uncompressed.

Compression frees up drive space and closes up memory gaps, reducing the time needed to locate data on a drive. Speed up backups. Compressed files transfer faster and use less bandwidth than their uncompressed counterparts. A good compression strategy thus supports an effective backup plan

Many data processing applicatiors involve storage of large volumes of alphanumeric data such as names, ad- dresses, inventory item descriptions, and general ledger chart-of-accounts descriptions. Documents for text ed- itors and for legal, medical, and library applications also

Comparative study between various algorithms of data compression techniques
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The spread of computing has led to an explosion in the volume of data to be stored on hard disks and sent over the Internet. This growth has led to a need for data compression , that is, the ability to reduce the amount of storage or Internet bandwidth required to handle this

Data compression techniques in wireless sensor networks
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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) open a new research field for pervasive computing and context-aware monitoring of the physical environments. Many WSN applications aim at long- term environmental monitoring. In these applications, energy consumption is a principal

Analysis ECG data compression techniques -a survey approach
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Electrocardiogram (ECG) plays a significant role in diagnosing most of the cardiac diseases. One cardiac cycle in an ECG signal consists of the P-QRS-T waves. Many types of ECG recordings generate a vast amount of data . ECG compression becomes mandatory to

Effect of Iossy data compression techniques on geometry and information content of satellite imagery
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The recording and transfer rates of digital imaging systems can not keep abreast of the actual captured amount of data . Because the compression rates of standard loss-less techniques are still too low, lossy techniques like the well-known JPEG or a new method

A Review on data compression techniques
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Data compression is a technique of reducing the size of original data and it involves encoding information using fewer bits than the original representation. In this paper, there are different basic existing data compression techniques are considered. We try to propose

Data compression techniques
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Data compression has important application in the field of file storage and distributed systems. It helps in reducing redundancy in stored or communicated data. This paper studies various compression techniques and analyzes the approaches used in data

A survey on different text data compression techniques
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Data Compression refers to the process of reducing the data size and removing the excessive information. The main objective of data compression is to reduce the amount of redundant information in the stored or communicated data . Data compression is quite useful

A review on various Lossless text data compression techniques
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Compression algorithms reduce the redundancy in data representation thus increasing effective data density. Data compression is a very useful technique that helps in reducing the size of text data and storing the same amount of data in relatively fewer bits resulting in

Implementation of data compression techniques in mobile Ad hoc networks
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ABSTRACT Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) are wireless infrastructure less networks can be easily formed or deployed due to its simple infrastructure. Since each node acts as a router, the nodes must assist in discovery and maintain the network routes for long standing

Simulation and comparison of various lossless data compression techniques based on compression ratio and processing delay
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With increasing need to store data in lesser memory several lossless compression techniques are developed. This paper intends to provide the performance analysis of lossless compression techniques over various parameters like compression ratio, delay in

Neural network-based prediction of the USD/GBP exchange rate: the utilisation of data compression techniques for input dimension reduction
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Financial prediction is a research active area and neural networks have been proposed as one of the most promising methods for such prediction. In this paper we simulate an MLP network in order to perform one step ahead prediction of the USD/GBP exchange rate. Four

Analysis of data compression techniques using huffman coding and arithmetic coding
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The aim of multimedia data compression is the process of saving storage space or packing more data into the same size space. Data compression involves not only compression techniques can work on different type of digital data , such as character or byte in data file or

An approach towards development of efficient data compression algorithms and correction techniques
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In chapter two universal data compression techniques are proposed. These are-Pivotal Difference Method (PDM) and Running Difference Method (RDM). Repeated use (cascading) of these thechniques over same file/input stream is also proposed to achieve

Study of LZ77 and LZ78 Data Compression Techniques
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Data Compression is defined as the science and art of the representation of information in a crisply condensed form For decades, Data compression is considered as critical technologies for the ongoing digital multimedia revolution. There are variety of data

A review of data compression techniques
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This paper presents a review kind of data compression techniques . Data compression is widely used by the community because through a compression we can save storage. Data compression can also speed up a transmission of data from one person to another. In

SAR raw data compression techniques
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The use of wavelet and wavelet packets basis for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) raw data compression is investigated. Moreover, the performance of signum coding (SC) techniques , advantageously adopted for real time processing, is presented in terms of bit rate reduction

Weighting techniques in data compression : Theory and algorithms
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SUMMARY THIS thesis is concerned with text compression . Text compression is a technique used on computer systems to compress data , such that the data occupies less storage space, or can be transmitted in shorter time. The compressor has to compact the

Analysis of ECG data compression techniques
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ECG (electrocardiogram) is a test that measures the electrical activity of the heart. The heart is a muscular organ that beats in rhythm to pump the blood through the body. Large amount of signal data needs to be stored and transmitted. So, it is necessary to compress the ECG

Packet level data compression techniques for wireless sensor networks
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Wireless sensor network consist of a set of sensor nodes. The processing capacity varies with each node. Sensors in it have storage capacity which is limited. The main challenge today in this field is to improvise the power and energy management of sensor network