devops tools

software development operations
open-source software platform for configuring and managing computers. It combines multi-node software deployment, ad hoc task execution, and configuration management

A cambrian explosion of DevOps tools
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ANY DISCUSSION OF how to scale the benefits of DevOps invariably lands on tools . The planning, tracking, automation, and management tools we use define the ground truth of where and how work happens. One of the most interesting, and at times challenging

Analysis of devops tools using the traditional data mining techniques
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DevOps -a portmanteau of Development and Operations is a set of practices focused on using latest generation tools to automate the configuration process for system resources and application components . Process efficiency improves from hours and days to seconds

DevOps : Concepts, practices, tools , benefits and challenges
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DevOps , originated in the context of agile software development, seems an appropriate approach to enable the continuous delivery and deployment of working software in small releases. Organizations are taking significant interest in adopting DevOps ways of working

Evaluation of articles for DevOps tools in cloud
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This paper is about comparison of three research papers in the theme Execution of DevOps in Cloud processing . We investigate these three papers in light of how they are composed and what techniques are utilized. We study the problem area in these papers and how the

Analysis of DevOps Tools to Predict an Optimized Pipeline by Adding Weightage for Parameters
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Now-a-days more than ever, DevOps [Development+ Operations] has gained a tremendous amount of attention in software industry. Selecting the tools for building the DevOps pipeline is not a trivial exercise as there are plethoras of tools available in market. It requires thought

DevOps , value-driven principles, methodologies and tools
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DevOps and what are its value-driven principles, methodologies and tools . DevOps combines operations and development while extending agile methodologies and principles outside development . It adds a more value-driven and customer centric approach on

Adopting DevOps Principles, Practices and Tools . Case: Identity Access Management
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1.1 Background We are living in a world were technology and speed dictates our lives on a daily basis. Companies have come to realize that regardless of the industry, technology could be used to differentiate and acquire new customers or markets.(Haffke et al. 2017

Implementation of DevOps Architecture in the project development and deployment with help of tools
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Abstract- DevOps is the portmanteau of development and operations. In recent times, the agile transformation was adopted in IT organizations for continuous integration principles in software

Introduction to the Minitrack on Architectures, Tools , and Methods for Safe and Secure DevOps Software Engineering
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DevOps is recently emerging as a disruptive series of principles and practices that reduce the amount of time between software refactoring and operationally deploying changes. DevOps principles and tools also primarily aim at strengthening the continuity, social