Early warning system using technology


An Early Warning System (EWS) represents the set of capacities needed to generate and disseminate timely and meaningful warning information that enables at-risk individuals, communities and organizations to prepare and act appropriately and in sufficient time to reduce harm or loss

Flood early warning system : sensors and internet
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The UrbanFlood early warning system (EWS) is designed to monitor data from very large sensor networks in flood defences such as embankments, dikes, levees, and dams. The EWS, based on the Internet, uses real-time sensor information and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Seismic early warning system for a nuclear power plant
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Reviews of several Soviet-built nuclear power plants have shown that most of them have an unknown earthquake safety or are under-designed seismically. In the cases where seismic strengthening of the buildings and equipment is not feasible due to economical, political and

Early warning system for oil spill using SAR images
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ABSTRACT A successful combating operation to a marine oil spill is dependent on a rapid response from the time the oil spill is reported until it has been fully combated. In order to optimize the decision support capability of the surveillance system for oil spill contingency

Speed-Breaker Early Warning System .
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There is evidence to support the claim that speedbreakers can cause accidents and injury. When a vehicle approaches a speed-breaker at a speed greater than some threshold velocity, the risk of accident or injury is substantial. Speed-breakers are inconspicuous in

SMS based flood monitoring and early warning system
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This paper demonstrates the design process, implementation and experimental verification of an SMS based Flood Monitoring and Early Warning system . With tools such as credit top- up and storing contact numbers will be done via SMS. Updates on the height of the water

Towards an early warning system to combat dengue
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Lanka due to the dramatic increase of dengue incidences. Objective of this research is to create a simulation model to predict the future dengue outbreaks, intensity of the disease, and the population at risk of having the fever. The proposed model uses three main

Earthquake early warning system in Taiwan
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Taiwan is located on the plate boundary where Philippine Sea Plate collides with Eurasian Plate with a very high plate convergence rate of 8.0 cm/year (Yu et al. 1999; Fig. 1). Nearly 1 000 seismic events occur around Taiwan and the vicinity every year (Wu et al. 2008)

Modelling an emergency vehicle early – warning system using real-time feedback.
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Emergency vehicles, while usually equipped with warning sirens and/or beacons, are still often impeded by other traffic and involved in numerous collisions. An effective warning system for alerting other vehicles that an emergency vehicle is approaching is therefore

A flood early warning system for Southern Africa
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Sizeable areas of the Southern African Region experienced widespread flooding in 2000. Deployment of hydrologic models can help reduce the human and economic losses in the regions by providing improved monitoring and forecast information to guide relief activities

Application of earthquake early warning system to seismic-isolated buildings
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The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has developed an earthquake early warning system to release information in the event of earthquake, and this system has been in practical use since 2007. Meanwhile, structural health monitoring technology has been

Comparing methodologies for developing an early warning system : Classification and regression tree model versus logistic regression
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Early warning systems provide opportunities for student interventions or differentiated instruction that prevent an anticipated negative outcome such as failing a state sum mative assessment. Negative outcomes often interrupt a students education progress. For