face recognition 2019


Custom silicone Face Masks: Vulnerability of Commercial Face Recognition Systems Presentation Attack Detection
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The vulnerability of face recognition systems towards evolving presentation attacks has drawn significant interest in the last decade. In this paper, we present an empirical study on both vulnerability analysis and presentation attack detection for commercial face recognition

UniformFace: Learning Deep Equidistributed Representation for Face Recognition
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In this paper, we propose a new supervision objective named uniform loss to learn deep equidistributed representations for face recognition . Most existing methods aim to learn discriminative face features, encouraging large interclass distances and small intra-class

The Effect of Broad and Specific Demographic Homogeneity on the Imposter Distributions and False Match Rates in Face Recognition Algorithm Performance
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The growing adoption of biometric identity systems, notably face recognition , has raised questions regarding whether performance is equitable across demographic groups. Prior work on this issue showed that performance of face recognition systems varies with

A joint deep neural network model for pain recognition from face
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Pain is a primary symptom of diseases and an indicator of a patients health status. Effective management of pain is important for patient treatment and well-being. There are some traditional self-reported methods for pain assessment, and automatic pain detection systems