Face Recognition Technology is the future generation recognition system that provides an incredibly versatile human verification process.

Illumination-robust face recognition based on deep convolutional neural networks architectures
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In the last decade, facial recognition techniques are considered the most important fields of research in biometric technology. In this research paper, we present a Face Recognition (FR) system divided into three steps: The Viola-Jones face detection algorithm, facial image

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Face recognition has been a quickly developing, testing and intriguing region with regards to constant applications. The errand of face recognition has been effectively inquired about as of late. With information and data gathering in plenitude, there is a pivotal requirement for

Face Recognition by Cognitive Discriminant Features
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Face recognition is still an active pattern analysis topic. Faces have already been treated as objects or textures, but human face recognition system takes a different approach in face recognition . People refer to faces by their most discriminant features. People usually

A Study of 2.5 D Face Recognition for Forensic Analysis
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In this paper, we have introduced a specific study on 2.5 D face recognition methodology to deals with the forensic analysis. The study suggested to use AAM technique in feature extraction stage while the OPSO-SVM in the classification stage. We expect that the

Surveillance Robot with Face Recognition using Raspberry Pi
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International border security has become a very challenging task for any country. It is not always possible for border security forces to monitor long borders round the clock and in all seasons. Deployment of technology in the form a robot for intruder detection at the border

Neuro-fuzzy inference system based face recognition using feature extraction
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Human face recognition (HFR) is the method of recognizing people in images or videos. There are different HFR methods such as feature-based, eigen-faces, hidden markov model and neural network (NN) based methods. Feature extraction or preprocessing used in first