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Using DEA measures of efficiency and effectiveness in contractor performance fund allocation
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T he Franklin County Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health (ADAMH) Services Board is the county agency charged with funding and oversight of the local community behavioral health services network in Columbus, Ohio. This network consists of more than 50 nonprofit

Analysis on cash waqf return fund allocation in Indonesia: A case study in Indonesian waqf deposit
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Cash waqf is one of the alternative solutions amid the inability of government in providing prosperity for Indonesian society. On the other side, the system of cash waqf return allocation need to be rejuvenated in a professional way. IWD (Indonesian Waqf Deposit) as

A framework for setting land conservation priorities using multi-criteria scoring and an optimal fund allocation strategy
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The California Legacy Project (CLP) mission is to enable the State and its partners in conservation to develop and implement a strategic and inclusive approach to conserving and restoring Californias lands and natural resources. In Spring

Cointegration and asset allocation : A new active hedge fund strategy
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The main objective of a hedge strategy is to generate positive returns irrespective of market conditions. This paper presents a classic hedge fund strategy: an investment vehicle whose key objective is to minimize investment risk in an attempt to deliver profits under all market

Dynamic asset allocation under uncertainty for pension fund management
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Decision making in managing the asset and liability structure of a pension fund can be supported by stochastic dynamic optimization. We discuss our model, which is based on data analysis and forecast for the asset-side as well as a simulation model for the liability

A two-fold optimization system for highway maintenance fund allocation
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Highway network is a vital asset and must be maintained to an acceptable level related to preset objectives. Todays economical restraints in most countries have led to putting more emphasis on maintenance of existing roads rather than building new ones. It is becoming

Accountability of planning on village fund allocation in osing community in Banyuwangi
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This study aimed to identify the model of accountability in the planning of the village fund allocation based on local wisdom that many applied in Indonesia. This study used a qualitative research method with phenomenological approach. Location survey respondents

Asset allocation dynamics in the hedge fund industry
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This paper examines asset allocation dynamics of hedge funds through conducting optimal changepoint test on an asset class factor model. Based on the average F-test and the Bayesian Information Criterion (BIC), we find that more dynamic hedge funds exhibit

Financial Accountability In The Management Of Village Fund Allocation
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The allocations of village fund are grants from the central government to village government. The purpose of giving the village fund allocation is to finance the implementation of governance and development, social development and empowerment of rural communities

The allocation of financial resources of the EU Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund during the period 2007-2013
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The article describes a model to predict the allocation of the EU Structural Funds and the cohesion Fund over the EU member states. By comparing the predicted allocation with the real allocation , it is possible to indicate which member states receive more and which

The management of the village fund allocation as an instrument towards Economic Independence Village (Case Studies in 2 villages in Siak Regency, Province
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National and regional development is inseparable part of village development activities, given the concentration of population is still dominant in the village; considering the concentration of the population still dominant located in the village, so that the village is the

Attention allocation over the business cycle: Evidence from the mutual fund industry
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The world of actively managed mutual funds, a multi-billion information-processing industry, provides a rich laboratory to study the link between information and investment choices. We develop a model that characterizes how investment managers ought to allocate their limited

Review of the KiwiSaver Fund manager market dynamics and allocation of assets
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Kiwisaver has grown at a rapid rate since its introduction and makes up a growing share of household financial assets. This review sets out to make observations about the competitiveness and efficiency of the market for fund managers in addition to documenting

Pension Fund Asset Allocation : A Mean-Variance Model with CVaR Constraints
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In this paper, we first review some important aspects of asset allocation for some typical large Social Security Reserve Funds (SSRFs) in the world. Then we present the mean- variance model with CVaR constraints as asset allocation methodology. Concerning the real

Asset Allocation and Fund Performance of Defined Benefit Pension Funds in the United States Between 1998-2011
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1 Executive Summary Of the $18.8 trillion of retirement assets in the United States at the end of the third quarter of 2013, $6.8 trillion was held and managed in traditional defined benefit (DB) pension plans, including endowments and foundations. 1 Millions of Americans rely on

Modalities of constituency bursary fund allocation and their effect on access and retention in Nairobi Country
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The provision of quality education in Kenyan has been a central policy issue since we attained independence. This has been due to governments commitment to provision of quality education and training as a basic human right for all Kenyans in accordance with the

Using equity duration in pension fund asset allocation
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The divergent fortunes of equities and bonds over the last few years, combined with the long-term trend of ageing work forces and increasing benefit costs, have led to serious rethinking of pension plan issues. Among the ideas being floated has been the radical

When Do Derivatives Add Value in Pension Fund Asset Allocation
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Recent surveys indicate that many pension- fund participants aim for higher retirement income security. We investigate the added value of including derivatives in the portfolio of pension funds to achieve this goal. To do so, we define preferences that incorporate specific

compensating fund allocation for indurstial sectors in gaza strip using AHP and goal programming
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The process of compensating the damages of industrial sectors in Gaza Strip resulted from the war 2008/2009 is considered at this research. The study goal is to identify the optimal amount of funds that should be allocated for each industrial sector in any future rehabilitation

The real effects of hedge fund activism: Productivity, asset allocation , and product market concentration
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CMF covers all manufacturing plants in the US (public and private) with at least one employee for years ending 2 or 7 (the Census years), including roughly 300,000 plants in each census. ASM covers about 50,000 manufacturing plants for the non-Census years

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