fuzzy load flow


Fuzzy logic is used to solve the load flow problem, so decreasing computing time. Consequently, the repetitive solution of the proposed fuzzy load flow (FLF) method requires only 2 m calculations per iteration, where m is the number of buses of the system.

Fuzzy load flow -new algorithms incorporating uncertain generation and load representation
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Fuzzy modelling of power systems can take in account the qualitative aspects and vagueness or uncertainty that have not a random nature and therefore cannot be modelld by a probabilistic approach. This paper presents new fuzzy load flow analysis tools which

A fuzzy number based methodology for harmonic load – flow calculation, considering uncertainties
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Abstract Nonlinear devices are being increasingly used in power systems and, as a consequence, harmonic distortion is a continuously growing phenomenon. Since linear and nonlinear loads are usually uncertain variables that, in addition, vary constantly, probabilistic

A fuzzy based efficient load flow analysis
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Load flow calculation is one of the most basic problems in power engineering. The repetitive solution of a large set of linear equations in load flow problem is one of the most time consuming parts of power systems simulations. Load flows are calculated using the

fuzzy modeled load flow solution for unbalanced radialPower distribution system
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Instability and voltage collapse problem are two common problems in modern distribution systems. The most important task for distribution system is to efficiently simulate the system, identify the sensitive nodes and address the uncertainty using a suitable mathematical

Solution of load – flow problem using fuzzy linear regression approach
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This paper presents a new approach to solve the load – flow problem using Tanakas Fuzzy Linear Regression formulation (FLR). The load – flow model is formulated as a fuzzy linear optimization problem, where the objective is to minimize the sum of the spread of the states

Analysis of radial distribution system load flow under uncertainties with fuzzy arithmetic algorithm
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This paper proposes the application of the fuzzy arithmetic algorithm (FAA) in the analysis of radial distribution system power flow in the presence of uncertainties. FAA takes care of the uncertainty in the input parameters and provides strict bounds for the solution of the

Load Flow Analysis Uncertainty Treatment Via Fuzzy Arithmetic
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Load flow analysis uncertainty treatment via fuzzy arithmetic is a method which applying fuzzy arithmetic to model vagueness, ambiguity and uncertainties in power system analysis. In this study, trapezoidal method and transformation method have been employed to solve

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There is no enough real-time information on the electrical distribution systems because there are too many lines and components and it is not economically justifiable to put real- time monitoring and control devices everywhere along feeders and laterals. Normally the

A neuro fuzzy model of an induction motor for voltage stability analysis using continuation load flow
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This paper uses the concept of the continuation power flow analysis used in voltage stability analysis. It uses the continuation load flow to plot the PV (pressure-volume) curves of an induction motor load . A neuro- fuzzy model of an induction motor load is used to represent an