Gesture Based Home Automation System


Home Automation System Based on Gesture Recognition System
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Old aged or disabled persons who can t walk are most sensitive persons and they must be served in a systematic, quick, sophisticated and efficient manner by very little effort. The problem is that there is no anybody who is always with them for 24 hours. Speech

Voice and Gesture Integrated Home Automation System
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In this paper, we propose a Voice and Gesture Operated home automation system with a central controller that allows disabled people to manipulate household appliances with their own voice and gesture commands. The developed system consists of three main parts, such

A Gesture Controlled and Cost Effective- Home Automation System
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This paper presents a secure and reliable home automation system in order to make everyones life simpler and fulfil the needs of the disabled or the elderly. The paper proposes a system based on efficient smart watch that uses arduino microcontroller which is

Design of Communication System to Interact With the Dumb Deaf and Home Automation System Based On Hand Gesture Technology Using PCNN Algorithm
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In this paper, a gesture based sign language recognition system and a communication module is proposed using a novel technique for interacting with the dumb and the deaf. This system provides a two-way communication, where both the normal individual and the dumb

Implementation of Gesture Recognition System for Home Automation using FPGA and ARM Controller
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New natural methods of control are needed due to the increase in the number of industrial and home appliances that must be controlled. In this paper presents releasable fpga based hand gesture recognition system is proposed by using a method called artificial neural